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Singer Lee Sang Min and Reckless Family Star Lee Hye Young’s Divorce: What Really Happened? [2022]

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Here’s everything you need to know. Plus, their relationship status now. The star of Reckless Family Lee Hye-young and Singer Lee Sang-min’s marriage turned into divorce has been a hot topic in Korean showbiz world. So what really happened between the two? What led them to a divorce?

Lee Hye Young

The two married in 2004. Since both of them are famous Korean celebrities, the wedding was quite sensational. Lee Hye-young, aside from being a famous actress, is also a businesswoman and a singer. Her recent project was Reckless Family which aired in 2012.

Her then husband, Lee Sang-min is a singer, songwriter and record producer. Lee Ming-san is also a member of Roo’ra, a famous hip-hop and dance group in South Korea. And despite their age gap, the two made their vows on each other to live in peace and harmony.

A news broke that Lee Hye-young sued Lee Sang-min for fraud. She filed a lawsuit and accused Lee Sang-min of infidelity. According to Lee Hye-young’s accusation, Lee Sang-min also took around 2.2 billion during their marriage until their divorce.

According to the lawsuit filed by Lee Hye-young, Lee Sang-min forced her to pose as a nude model for business purpose. He allegedly took 50 million won from the said project, aside from the 30 million won contract. Lee Hye-young also added that Lee Sang-min did not return the money she had borrowed in her name. In addition, Lee Hye-yung also accused Lee Sang-min of asking her to borrow money from her friends so that Lee Sang-min could support one of his friend’s business.

Lee Sang-min denied all the accusations, saying that everything was just a misunderstanding and that everything could be settled had they only communicated with each other peacefully.

The two filed a divorce in August 2005.

Their Relationship Status Now / Reckless Family Star

In 2001, Lee Hye-young married her boyfriend of two years. The two wed in Hawaii. In a recent interview with the actress, she was asked about her divorce from Lee Sang-min.

According to her, her now husband doesn’t even know she was divorced. She added she’s afraid he might get hurt once he knew. But when she told him to read the news and see his reaction, nothing has changed and so the couple still got married.

When asked about her message to Lee Sang-min, the Reckless Family star stated that “I want Lee Ming-san to continue to be good friends and to remember all the happy moments we had together.” She also mentioned that she hope Lee Ming-san will be able to finally meet someone whom he can live with happily.

Reckless Family is one of Lee hye Young’s latest show. It features impromptu skits which basically revolves around the topic of family. During the airing of Reckless Family, the Lee hye Young and Lee Sang Min were already separated.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-min gained his popularity back and began filming several variety shows. In an interview with him of TVN’s Baek Ji-yeon’s People Inside, Lee Ming-san said that their divorce was all his fault. He also mentioned that he is the one responsible for everything and that he should care more the next time.

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