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Sub Zero Wind [2021] Play Hit Korean Movie? Reviewed

83 / 100

There are numerous issues that arise in society. Commonly, some of them who have a huge impact on jeopardy are those who are underprivileged who was not given enough attention. Sad to say, but its reality. They don’t have enough cash nor needs to survive a day. Sometimes, they have to skip meals because of life’s struggles.

The poorest moment is when a child having an innocent description turned out to be a victim of life’s inequality. “Sub Zero Wind” is another Korean movie that best explains these social issues.


This movie entitled Sub Zero Wind discussed the uncertain events of various issues starting from a broken family to housing rights, child abuse, and church.

The story started in a church sermon wherein the mother of young Young-Ha introduced her ‘new husband’ to her church mate. But behind those, her stepfather was still married to another woman. As a young one she became a teenager, she lived with her mother and stepfather in a tiny apartment.

Unfortunately, she experienced struggles about her mother and father’s unhealthy interaction with her over the years. As she studied at a university, her family experienced a financial problem. In the house, she always faces another hell.

She almost invests her time with her cousin, Mijin. Her mother was supposed to take care of Mijin. In fact, Mijin’s future was already planned. Even the money is settled for her, but her aunt draws out her money in order to fund her ambition becoming an ordained minister in their church. Mijin’s parents already died. Before she lived with her aunt, she was living with her ailing grandmother but unfortunately, she died. That’s the reason why she’s been put on the authority of her aunt.

Young-Ha looked out for her, but she is also experiencing conflicts at home. In fact, Young Han was already planned to be sent to his biological father. What was disappointing is that his father left without any trace that’s why she has to go back to her mother.

As they experience the financial problem, her mother thinks that if Young-Ha was not staying anymore, she can easily go back to the usual routine every day. It feels like they don’t belong to something nor have the right to become part of something. Due to uncertain events because of the behavior of her stepfather, Young-Ha runs away together with Mijin.


These teenagers don’t know where to go. As Young-Ha always put in, “There was a problem in getting the place to live, not getting a job.” Their innocence vanishes after dealing with the worst state of life. They’ve been staying in a place without roofs that could protect them from a plummeting winter.

They suffer to a Sub Zero temperature and the rest was told wanting to survive in that darkness. It simply shows how unprivileged happens to face a kind of cavalry; they have to survive while living in their current status. There are many characters that revolve around the story.

Young-Han was consecutively played by three actresses namely: Moon Sang-An, An Jin-Hyun, and Kwon Han-Sol. Mijin was also played by So Eu-Jin and Ok Su-Bon. Shin Dong Mi portrayed her character well for her convincing performance as the mother of Young Han.

Park Jong-Hwan‘s appearance was also been traced as the stepfather of Young Han. The film of Kim YU Ri was something very indescribable. It needs a depth understanding because it almost tackles one of the sensitive issues that happen in society.

Kim YU Ri aim flies to her debut during the festival for the film feature “Sub Zero Wind.” It is very challenging knowing she chose a topic that has a heavy load. For viewers who just timidly watch the movie who never intend to identify the true essence of this film, they’ll never get what it truly conveys.

However, through critical thinking, deciphering this movie Sub Zero wind will eventually give a point of view to someone who is a concern in terms of societal issues. If they stick to this movie, it a well rewarding experience because it has many surprises in the middle of the story. In all, the movie shows ambition. I mean, there’s nothing wrong being ambitious but somehow it may lead something very worst.


Just like what happened to Young Han. After her mother wanting to become an ordained minister, little by little Young Hans’s life turns out to be destroyed. It can be seen that teenagers having an innocent face changed into portrait suffering. Kim Yu Ri being part of the Korean Cinema has a Vision section at Busan. It is about recognizing the woman in their capabilities in directing films.

It reflects the growing number of female voices to be heard in the Korean industry and as such, it could attract attention among festival programmers both locally and internationally. It will create a chance to prove their specialty as professionals.

Sub Zero Wind was aired at the New York Asian Film Festival [2021] last July. It is a well-paid experience after watching the movie. It has a creative way of portrayals where time, situation, and characters were all coordinated for its successful triumph in the festival

Sub Zero Wind (2019) 영하의 바람 Movie Trailer

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