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The Top 15 List of Best KBS Dramas Review RANKED

92 / 100

1. Innocent Man

The Innocent Man, best kbs dramas

One of the great and best kbs dramas in the history it shows how parenting gravely affects a person completely, especially with abuse.

Although the show is rooted in revenge, betrayal, and pain it still ends with love or the progression toward love.

A sad story of being replaced by the one you love, not receiving justice from your sacrifices and trying to make ends meet in life.

Circumstances can change a person such as Kang Ma Roo especially being completely vulnerable and sacrificing toward someone like what he did for Jae Hee. Or even how Seo Eun Gi was seemingly emotionless still can fall in love with a man like Kang Ma Roo.

Even if Jae Hee is one of the worst characters in the show, she displayed desperation that would make you feel for her.

She entered into this decision of leaving Kang Ma Roo to marry a wealthy man because of the tough life she had always led. It’s about survival, poverty and even wealth.

Even those with little to no emotion or even a heart full of hatred can learn how to love or love again.

2. Mad Dog

Mad Dog

An interesting action-packed series with tons of revelations that would catch you off-guard. From the perspective of unknowing villains that would certainly impress you. The lead character, Choi Kang Woo is driven to find out what caused a plane crash that took his wife and child away from him. Coincidentally he also connives with Kim Min-Joon whose brother was also a victim of that same plane crash.

It’s a truly compelling series based on love for family and determination and creating a new family within the friendship they created as a team. The character development is great and you would definitely grow attached to them and come to love them.

They all made a great team together and were very talented which complemented the task at hand. It’s also refreshing to not have any romance or romantic scenes and mainly focused on loved ones or seeking justice and answers.

2. Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond was one of best kbs dramas in relatable story that takes you back to the memories of your high school sweetheart and what would happen next if you see each other again. It makes you giddy and curious to think about how it would turn out in a more opportune time when you are both successful and adults and what would happen if you could get back together.

Such is the story of Noh Eul and Shin Joon-young it shows you what it would be like after high school and how it would be to get back together with an ex. It was harder when they were younger where their parents have a big influence on their love lives. I love how they also share so much back-story on how their lives were hard and how they turned out to be in the present.

Now that they are adults and can make their own decisions, they can decide if being back together is worth a shot and if they are really meant to be. There is also a great moral to the story of how Shin Joon-Young seeks justice for the woman he loves and tries to do what is right even if it meant giving up his family.

It’s a love that has sacrifices and is unconditional through hardships and sickness, they were with each other until the end even if the end was bittersweet.

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3. Healer


A very engaging it shown exciting action and thriller show that really grasps your attention. I love that despite it being an action-packed show it still had deep relationships and characters portrayed.

There is such depth to the showcasing of the Healer, Jung-Hoo’s persona was shown. Even if he’s seemingly separate from the world, him being who he is and what his personality is, the character becomes warmer when he shows love for his mother and how he falls in love.

The series shows his sacrifice and how he does everything to protect the people he loves. His character continues to gain warmth as he shows his side that yearns for human connection.

The show has a great way of portraying a man who is distant from warmth to fall in love for the first time and that beyond that strong exterior is an innocent boy who wants to be loved in return.

5. Who Are You: School 2015

Who Are You School 2015

Twins from different households switch places in the most uncanny way possible and soon find their way to each other and the truth. It is a great representation and comparison of different lifestyles and school settings of being popular versus being bullied.

It also shows situations that can actually happen in real life such as a teacher turning a blind eye to a student being bullied which can also be related to by some. Being understanding towards people even bullies because the show also explains why So Young acts the way she does and how her parents had a big contribution to that.

It also shows that life can seem perfect from the outside, but we all have our own problems to face. It is very relatable to most students who have experienced being bullied one way or another and how to deal with it. It also shows unrequited love or being rejected by a crush such as Tae Kwang’s confession to Eun-Bi, which is common and relatable to the audience watching it.

6. My Father is Strange

My Father is Strange

This show is geared up of Best KBS Dramas toward the family side and is a great show to watch for the whole family.

It’s lovely how they also showed the dad and mother in a beautiful and happy relationship. And in the end, the dad and mother were able to reclaim the freedom that was lost which is a great happy ending.

There may be family drama, but it wouldn’t be realistic if it didn’t have any. They portrayed Hye Young as a woman who has both a strong and soft side. I like that they portrayed a woman this way and not just one or the other.

It’s a happy show, to begin with, great resolutions to problems and situations toward the end. It is a show that surely you would relate to at least one or more characters that embody you in your family or would remind you a lot of your own family!

7. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Top rated of Best KBS Dramas the story of Hwarangs tells the knights who pledge to protect the aristocratic royal family with revenge, leadership.

peasantry, familial love, and romance. It shows a deep loyalty purpose and responsibility and working together despite misunderstandings.

It has a great historical background to it which was exceptionally shown in the episodes and was certainly given justice with respect to how it was thoughtfully made and reenacted.

It is great to have a series based on something historic such as the Hwarangs. It’s also a nice sentiment that despite not knowing who the king is these warriors dedicated their lives to protecting their king.

I also liked that it was fun to think of strong men or warriors who love each other because of their very strong friendship. Despite the seeming seriousness of the setting of the show, it also had funny and romantic moments which were great additions to the story to give it life and interest to the audience.

8. Boys Over Flower

Boys Over Flowers

This  boys over flower’s series is a very light and funny Korean drama to look forward to.

It makes you smile and makes you giddy too! It teaches you important lessons about standing up to bullies, being brave and fighting for love. It has a sense of innocence in love, but also very real and from the heart.

It also shows that it doesn’t matter if you are well-off or not, and there shouldn’t be any stereotypes, either. Well-off people are not all arrogant and being unprivileged teaches you to fight and be strong.

Geum Jan-di is a great example for the teenagers of today with her purity, courageousness, and being able to stick to her own principles. The group of F4, with Yoon Ji-Hu, So Yi-Jung, Song Woo-bin, and Gu Jun-Pyo are fun and good examples of people who are most commonly stereotyped as arrogant and spoiled when in fact they can be sweet and kind-hearted too.

They can also be great examples to teens who are also from wealthy families to be like them, to be accepting and kind to others or at least to inspire them to change their ways.

9. Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moon Light

This is a fun and best KBS Dramas the story of a prince and a servant in whom in the latter the prince, Lee Yeong found out to be a girl and fell in love with her.

Hong Ra-on, known as a eunuch servant, was a daughter of a rebel which was one of the obstacles in their already uncanny relationship but still, their love prevailed.

A great part of the story was the friendship of the prince and the royal guard beyond their ideologies and differences, they continued to be good friends.

The guard was somewhat of a rebel, but they trusted each other dearly and he would give up his life for the prince, his friend. Love in the Moonlight a great story of love, loyalty, and friendship even found in the most unlikely of places and foundations. And despite the drama in the story, it still manages to be a fun and hearty show that is fun to watch!

10. Are You Human?

Are you Human Too

A Best KBS Dramas and innovative show with a fun and kind of edgy approach to a love story.

There were twists that were unforeseen which made it more interesting and definitely captivates its audience.

It shows a mother’s love and yearning for her son and also a new kind of love. I love how they put heart into a character that is a robot and how it had warmth, but also clearly displayed still not be exactly human.

He showed that he is still more exceptional and clearly not human, but growing human emotion. Such as So Bong transitioning to someone tough to a sincere protector and of course a more obvious one of Namshin turning more and more into a robot-human which was a slow and steady pace throughout the story.

The title also justifies the scenes in the show that characters within show how they are human through their experiences and feelings.

11. Fight For My Way

Fight For My Way

Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra blossomed from childhood friends turned into lovers. Choi Ae-ra started in a relationship with a man whom she provided for but cheated on her.

They both have big dreams for their careers and want to be successful.

It is a story of seeking happiness, success, and balancing it with your love life. Because of all the fights and bickering of the couple, you can learn what not to do in a relationship and you could also totally relate to them.

It is inspirational and motivates you to strive to make your dreams come true despite hardships and failures in the past.

Their group of friends is almost all on the same track in their lives. It is nice to follow the strength in their friendship and their growth as individuals.

It shows how friendship goes a long way and that we need the support of our friends sometimes.

12. Man of the Equator

Man of the Equator

A very intriguing koreanovela that begins with a man who gets into a fight with gangsters to protect someone he barely knows.

They become unlikely of friends, anyway. Unfortunate times came upon their friendship because of poverty.

A powerful businessman had instructed Jang Il to murder Sun Woo’s father. Sun Woo also has a special relationship with his father who was soon taken from him.

Even Sun Woo suffers from the attack and was under a coma for more than a decade.

Their fate still twists as they get to see each other again, now as adults, and now Sun Woo as a successful CEO.

There was so much clinging to the past, pain, and revenge-plotting and no matter how many years have passed the wounds are still very much fresh and betrayal is still very much evident.

13. Full House

Full House

I am truly fond of innocent kinds of love stories such as this and I love how they got married and then fell in love.

It is a light and funny story to follow that will make you laugh and make you giddy.

It will make you feel for the characters and also be frustrated at times and it only shows how much you are connected to the show.

It’s also great to see a relationship benefit Young-Jae for the better where because of Ji-Eun, he gets to reconnect with his family again.

Although their love story was a long process of ups and downs it shows that love has no shortcuts and that there will be hardships here and there.

Being attached to the characters also makes you appreciate their growth in the story and how they mature and change for the better individually and as a couple.

14. Autumn in my Heart

Autumn in my Heart

This is such a heart-wrenching and best KBS DRAMAS series,  A story of a boy and a girl that never knew they weren’t siblings or related at all but were raised that way.

It’s a beautiful unknowing love story rooted from childhood until they found out they weren’t siblings.

The two had to separate and the girls had to be switched back to their original families where Eun-suh goes to her poor family.

It had such a great basis of where Eun-suh’s and Joon-suh’s love for each other stemmed from and how they loved and protected each other from the beginning.

It also showed a few twists and turns where Joon-suh’s girlfriend was left heartbroken because of his strong connection with Eun-suh.

I love how they intwined the ending with their childhood and completely encompasses their love from childhood until the very end.

The ending is so striking and unforgettable and just very, very beautiful.

15. Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Angel’s First Mission Love

Angel last Mission of Love yet the name simply showing such a sweet mission of love, but actually apart from it, the drama also has very interesting love twists with deep and incredible fantasy-based story that will surely be a exclusive cause to make it super hit Best KBS Dramas.

It’s already an aspiring audience with the visuals and having steady social media traffic already.

The Korean Drama which actually throwing light on the inspiring first mission of Kim Dan- who’s a young optimistic and trouble maker angel arrived from heaven with a mission and he can return to Heaven only if he will succeed in completing his mission.

This also has a great role of Lee Yeon-Seo- who’s a ballerina a and she does not believe in love.

Dan came from Heaven with this mission to change Lee Yeon-See’s perception about love and to make her fall in love.

Thank you for reading our top 15 list of Best KBS Dramas hope you enjoy it.

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