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IU is Finally coming to Manila!

76 / 100


Those are commentary and reaction words that excites the crowd. IU is one of the most influential actress in South Korea, best-selling artist, a famous hit and chart maker; and the nation’s sweetheart.

Her fans were often called Uenas. What was exciting about her, this is the first time that she will meet her fans in the Philippines. According to the greeting message she just send that was featured in Myx Philippines, she is very nervous in performing in the Philippine stage knowing that it is her first but she will do her very best to give every Filipino citizens a wonderful seat experience throughout the show.

IU has many tours in different country that’s why Philippines is lucky enough to have her. She is going to have her concert in the Philippines. Her tour entitled, “Love, poem” will surely captivates Filipino Anuenas as she serenade each audience during her performance. IU already gathered a huge fandom base in the Philippines before anything else.

It is remembered that she already portray different character with opposite attitude, whether poor one or the most rich one.

She was applaud in her recent Korean episodes in the Philippines after the occurance of the trailer of the fantasy drama series on a network , Hotel Del Luna. Indeed, IU will visit Philippines for the first time!

The crowd will look forward to it especially now that there wish was granted as IU stays in Philippines in a short period of time. They even wait for the opening of every ticket outlets for the concert.

Being a fan really means a lot. In fact, they are going to do everything just to proved that there Bias is worth shipping for.

The said concert will happen on The Big Dome in Quezon City, Metro Manila. The awaited performance of our dear IU will be seen on the stage in December 13, [2022] at 7:00 pm.

The tickets for this concert will be fixed and happened to be available on November 17, [2022] @ 12:00 nn on different ticketing outlets. Half of the arena will be filled by the audiences that will surely make an impact in which they will hear the angelic voice of this actress and will be mesmerize once again in her performance as a solo artist.

Filipino fans were determined to get those tickets even it means spending the rest of the day outside the ticket outlets.

The price of these tickets depends on the seat plan. Near, middle and far away from center stage is an explicit plan. According to , tickets ranges from Php 2000-10000 depending to seats available.

You will attained the things you wanted the most not just by merely looking. It is about exerting much effort. Tickets can be reserved through online sites or ticket outlet in a trusted area.

This tour was organized and brought by Kakao M, Kong Yeomg Team, Dv Media Limited and Pulp Live World that made IU’s journey possible.

People having curiosity in this event is free to visit for further information of IU’s tour. For the fans, it is very rewarding for them to see IU for the first time. It is a great privilege to be part of that first ever visit of IU in the Philippines.

This is what the fans are waiting for; what they are dreaming for and finally, is happening on next month. After Singapore, it’s PH UAENAs’ time to spend a wonderful evening with IU or also known as Lee Ji Eun, on December 13 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum, granting their decade-long wish to finally see the singer-actress on the Philippine concert stage. Stay up to date for the [2022] IU TOUR CONCERT.