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Top 10 Historical Korean Drama Review & Ranked 2019 Updated

The Historical Korean Drama is not boring like your lesson in history class and actors and actresses are not boring in delivering their emotions and excitement like your history Teacher. According to some researches, any activity that has a strong relativeness to History was quite so boring.

But, not them all because there is still a one thing that will never be boring, even though it sets in the different era. these chills will give you good satisfaction and change your perspective in History to their jaw-dropping plot and great storylines, we begin with…

List of Best Historical Korean Drama

1. Mirror of the Witch

best historical korean drama

Looking for a mysterious and temperamental drama? Mirror of the witch could be the best for you! Just an ordinary drama blended with some sweet romantic korean drama, it’s a fairy tale concept in a forest can hook your sparkling eyes through its marvelous acts.

In the beginning, there are two cursed babies and twin crowned Prince and Princess that brings death to anyone who they love and who loves them. Sadly the mother should sacrifice one for the sake of another. The girl was the one who chooses, for that reason she couldn’t be the heir of the throne. Instead, she grows up in a forest for 17 years filled with Talismans

2. Iljimae

historical korean drama

This was inspired by Robin Hood, a hero that robs from the government to help others. But in this case, Yong transforms himself as a Robin Hood every night, not to Robb but rather to search the owner of a sword whose responsible for killing his family.

Along with his way under the moonlight, his heart falls into a girl who admires him also. More so, this drama deals with actions and not that much of romance between the characters.

3. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

historical korean drama

This drama centers around Hwarangs, a group of young men in the Silla Kingdom.

They were expected to defend their beloved kingdom as they possess all the rightful skills and expertise in the battlefields.

This is focusing on the daily routine of a young Man back to 6Th. Century wherein they prioritize friendships and loves.

4. The Scholar Who Walks in the Night

best list of historical korean drama

This is a fusion of Historical Korean Drama and filled with fictitious acts. This story revolves on a scholar who revealed the untold truths about the evil vampire in the Royalty.

In his desire to free his countrymen, dedicating his life by finding the mysterious creature passionately is actually what he did. Some men join him with his dangerous walks at late nights and eventually, he accidentally turned himself into a vampire.

5. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

sungkyunkwan scandal

This story eyes the era called the Joseon era a period wherein schools aren’t accepting girls. This story started with a brave girl that disguised herself as a boy to attend school and uses his sick Brothers name.

This girl takes risks for her to attend a prestigious school. It requires a strong sense of humor to catch up the revelation and untwist the plot twist, however, a bunch of funny moments is waiting and the overflowing romance excitement.

6. Ruler: Master of the Mask

top 10 historical korean drama

This revolves in a Prince that face always covered in a mask to prevent from seeing his face by the Puunsoo Group, a separate and hidden group that tries to control the era by holding Joseon’s water.

Even though the Prince is guarded securely and extremely forbidden, he takes risks and escapes many times to experience the outside world. While mediating himself, he meets there a girl who caught up his heart midst.

7. Dong Yi

dong yi

This drama narrates the story of a widow named Dong Yi, a woman who comes from extreme poverty and a slave from the past. She surprisingly becomes the Top Ranked concubine in her period despite her dark past, she still becomes the best person she can be.

This drama tells about more on successfulness and will certainly entertain your eyes and makes you laugh sometimes with the playing chemistry between the leading characters.

8. Moon Lovers

moon lovers

This story is all about in a 21St. A century girl that travels in the past thousand years ago unforeseen. And she suddenly finds out that she trapped in the other woman’s body and as usual, her heart falls to Wang So, a violent Prince.

This drama might not receive the biggest eating in South Korea, but it captures the elusive heart of viewers overseas as it was successfully flowing in an epic and tragic Historical Korean Drama that will set your heart beats fast.

9. Moon Embracing the Sun

list of historical korean drama

The drama centers a love story between a figment King and a shaman that are forcefully separated by the dark magic but they were destined to meet once again.

This Historical Korean Drama has both touches romance and politics. You’ll surely enjoy this drama if you’re eyeing in a heartbreaking moment, little bit actions and suspense.

10. Empress Ki

empress ki

It is actually based and inspired in real Historical Korean Drama. Seung Myang a slave in Goryeo, pretending as a masculine man for her not to force to go in China.

She goes up a strong and activist independent woman that tends to save girls from forcing to dend them in China. She later falls in love with the King of Goryeo and in the Prince of Magnolia.

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