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The Top 15 List of Best SBS Dramas Reviewed RANKED



Best SBS Dramas [2020] Updated

SBS never fails to give its audience the feels when it comes to Korean dramas. Here is the list of the Best SBS dramas you need to watch.

15 Best SBS Dramas and All time Favorite 2020 Updated

1. My Love From The Star (2013)

My Love From the Star

The story is about an alien that lands on Earth in the year 1609 during the Joseon dynasty. While trying to help a girl from falling off a cliff, the alien missed his trip back to his planet and got stranded on Earth for four centuries.

The alien managed to adapt to Earth including a near-perfect human appearance and overall physical human abilities. He was forced to take on a new identity as Min-joon (played by Kim Soo-hyun) and take on a new name every 10 years to hide his real identity.

Min-Joon now works as a college professor in the present when he met a popular Hallyu actress named Cheon Song-yi (played by Jun Ji-hyun). The two eventually find each other entangled in crazy and unpredictable situations that will lead them to fall in love with each other.

However, with only a few months left before Min-joon’s return to his own planet, will the two be able to do so knowing that he fell in love with a human? Also, Min-joon discovers something behind Song-yi’s past that makes the story even more interesting.

2. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)

The Gumiho is a traditional Korean legendary fox with nine tails. Cha Dae-woong (played by Lee Seung-gi) accidentally releases a gumiho (Shin Min-ah) and since then, his normal life becomes an adventurous one.

According to mythologies, a gumiho eats men’s livers, this is why Dae-woong is scared of it and Gumiho will take advantage of it.

The two strike a deal that in order for Mi-ho to become more human, she will lend Dae-woong her mystical fox bead which will increase Dae-woong’s speed and strength, allowing him to do more difficult stunts as an actor. As the story progresses, the two will get to know each other and falls in love with each other.

When another half-human, half supernatural being named Park Dong-joo enters (played by No Min-woo). Park Dong Joo will tell Gu Mi-ho that there is a possibility for her to become a human if she happens to drink Dong-joo’s blood and place her bead inside Dae-woong’s body. Both Mi-ho and Dae-woong agreed to do so.

However, the consequence of this action would be the entire process will result in the human body’s death. Now, with only 100 days left, Dae-woong will eventually die once Mi-ho will become a full-fledged human. On the other hand, Mi-ho will die if the bead won’t be returned to her.

Other casts of the best SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho includes Park Soo-jin as Eun Hye-in, Dae-woong’s first love before meeting Mi-ho, Sung Dong-il as Ban Doo-hong, a stunt director and Yoon Yoo-sun as Cha Min-sook, Dae-woong’s aunt.

Other characters include Cha Poong, played by Byun Hee-bong, as Dae-woong’s grandfather. Kim Ho-chang is also part of the cast as Kim Byung-soo, Dae-woong’s best friend.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho aired on SBS from August to September 2010 with 16 episodes.

3. Brilliant Legacy (2009)

Brilliant Legacy (2009)

Brilliant Legacy is about two people who accidentally met because of an exchanged baggage.

Geun-sung (played by Han Hyo-joo) is having her vacation back in Korea and Sunwoo Hwan (played by Lee Seung-gi) was ordered by her grandmother to return to Korea to manage their food company. When their luggage accidentally exchanges, this will lead to misunderstandings between the two.

Brilliant Legacy is among one of the Best SBS Dramas of 2009.. It has maintained its number one spot for more than 20 weeks straight and has climbed a peak rating of 47.1% on the last episode.

SBS drama Brilliant Legacy aired on the network from April up untilJuly 2009 with 28 episodes.

4. Hot Stove League (2019)

Hot Stove League (2019)

One of the best SBS dramas in 2019, Hot Stove league is about a fallen baseball team with only one goal in mind. That is to make their team reach the top league baseball team in South Korea. The cast includes Nam koong Min as Baek Seung-soo.

He is the manager of the said team. Baek Seung-soo is determined to reach the goal of his team. Lee Se-young (played by Park Eun-bin), a hardworking manager in their team.

She will also do everything to help Baek Seung-soo reach their dream of becoming the top team in the entire South Korea. As the story progresses, the team faces various experiences that will test their bond, friendship and faith with each other.

Aside from the two main characters, other casts of the drama include oh Jung-se as Kwon Kyeong-min, director if Jaesong Group and Jo Byung-gyu as Han Jae-hee, Se-young’s co worker.

Other supporting characters include Son Jong-hak as Go Kang-seon, the chief executive operations officer of Dream team, Lee Jun-hyeok, scout leader named Go Se-hyeok, and Yoon Byung-hee plays as one of the scouts named Yang Won-seop.

The drama Hot Stove League aired on SBS network from December 2019 to February 2020 with 16 episodes.

5. Doctor Stranger (2014)

Doctor Stranger (2014)

Doctor Stranger is about two medical doctors who try to escape North Korea but lose contact with each other as they flee.

Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong-suk) is a South Korean who was raised and trained to become a doctor in North Korea.

He meets the love of his life Song Jae-hee (to be played by Se-yeon) and the two planned to flee to South Korea to live a better life. During their escape, the two lost contact with each other and eventually Park Hoon became the only one who managed to flee to South Korea alone. 

A few years later, while park Hoon works as a doctor in South Korea’s top hospital, he meets a woman who looks exactly like the girl he loves Song Jae-hee. However, the woman denies that she knows Park Hoon.

Other casts of the drama include Park Hae-jin as Han Jae-joon who is Park Hoon’s rival and Kang So-ra as Oh Soo-hyun, a heart surgeon.

SBS drama Doctor Stranger aired on SBS from May up until July 2014 with 20 episodes. It is considered as one of the best SBS dramas as it received numerous awards from different award giving bodies as well as the performance of the actors.

6. Secret Garden (2010)

Secret Garden (2010)

The story follows a stuntwoman named Gil Ra-im (played by Ha Ji-won) who meets a CEO of a top department store named Kim Joo-won (played by actor Hyun Bin).

When they meet each other, Joo-won was stunned by Ra-im’s cool personality and confused why she was constantly on his mind. The story gets even more dramatic and even more complicated when the two main characters magically switch bodies.

Aside from the two main characters of the drama the show also include Yoon Sang-hyun as Choi Woo-young (Oska), a popular Hallyu star and Joo-won’s cousin and Kim Sa-rang as Yoon Seul, Oska’s first love.

Secret Garden became one of the best SBS dramas of all time because of its huge success with a net worth of more than 20 billion won. Aside from its over the top ratings, Secret Garden also won numerous awards including grand prize award for Hyun Bin in the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Best SBS drama Secret Garden aired on SBS from November 2010 up until  January 2011 with 20 episodes.

7. City Hunter (2011)

City Hunter (2011)

Starring Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon-sung/Poochai, City Hunter follows the story of a man code named as “City Hunter” with only one goal and that is to avenge his father’s death.

He will use a Korean-American identity to fake a double life as he tries to hunt for his father’s killers.

The  hunter will then meet Kim Na-na (played by Park Min-young), the girl he falls deeply in love with. Kim Na-na works as a presidential security with exceptional skills in martial arts.

The two then fall in love with each other and suddenlyKim Na-na discovers Lee-Yoong-sung’s true identity.

Aside from the two main characters, other casts include Lee Joon-hyuk as Kim Young-joo, an intelligent prosecutor and Kim Sang-joong is Lee Jin-pyo, the one who pretends to be an investor to use Lee Yoon-sung as the agent of vengeance.

Other supporting characters include Kim Sang-ho as Bae Man-duk, Hwang Sun-hee as Jin Sae-hee, Goo Ha-ra as Choi Da-hye and Chun Ho-jin as Choi Eung-chan, the incumbent South Korean president.

SBS drama City Hunter aired on SBS from May to July 2011 with 20 episodes.

8. Yong Pal (2015)

Yong Pal (2015)

Considered as one of the best SBS dramas, Yong Pal follows the story of a young and very talented surgeon named Kim Tae Hyun (played by Joo Won), who uses his tough medical skills to those who are in need of medical attention or serve as a mercenary doctor for hire.

He hides himself under the identity of Yong Pal. Kim Tae Hyun joins a team of corrupt physicians in order to rescue Han Yeo Jin, a chaebol heiress who just came from a medically induced coma.

The events lead to unintended consequences which makes the story even more interesting. Yong Pal became one of the top rated Korean drama primetime miniseries of 2015.

Aside from the two main stars, other casts of Yong Pal include Jo Hyun-Jae as Han Do-joon, Han Yeo-jin’s half brother and Chae Jung-an as Lee Chae-young, Han Do-joon’s wife.

Other cast members of the drama include Jung Woong-in, Stephanie Lee, Song Kyung-chul, Min Jin-Woong, Ahn Se-ha, Jo Bok-rae and Bae Hye-sun.

Young Pal reunited Jo Hyun-jae and Kim Tae-hee who first worked together in Forbidden Love, a 2004 drama. Young Pal aired on SBS from August to October 2015 with 18 episodes.

9. Angel Eyes (2014)

Angel Eyes (2014)

Angel Eyes tells the story of a legally blind woman named Soo-wan (played by Ku Hye-Sun) and Korean actor Park Dong-joo (played by Lee Sang-yoon) who were each other’s teenage first love.

The two have been separated because of an unexpected painful and crucial family situation. When Soo-wan underwent a painful eye transplant, she promised to work as an emergency rescue agent.

After more than 10 years, the two met each other but only this time, Park Dong-joo decides to hide his true identity to Soo-wan. Soo-wan is now soon to marry a neurosurgeon.

Will Soo-wan be able to find out park Dong-joo’s real identity? How will the two end up with each other despite all the circumstances they will face?

Aside from the two main characters in the story, other cast members include Kim Ji-seok as Kang Ji-woon, Soo-wan’s fiance and Jung Jin-young is Yoon jae-bum, Soo-wan’s father.

Seungri is also part of the cast where he plays the role of Teddy Seo, he is a Korean-American who works as an emergency rescue agent and falls in love with Park Hye-joo.

Other supporting roles in the story are Jung Ae-ri named Oh Young-ji, Kim Ho-chang named Moon Je-ha, Park Jin-joo named Kim Yoon-jung and Kim Seung-wook named Joo Jin-sang.

SBS drama Angel Eyes aired on SBS network from April up until  June 2014 with 20 episodes.

10. Master’s Sun (2013)


Master’s Sun is about an unemotional department store owner named Joo Joong-won (played by So Ji-sub) who meets a pessimistic girl named Tae Gong-shil (played by Gong Hyo-jin).

She used to be a jolly person but because of an unexpected accident, she started seeing ghosts which made her become an outcast. Tae Gong-shil eventually finds out that every time she touches Gong-shil, all the ghosts that surround her suddenly disappear.

Because of this, she always makes sure to stay by Joong-won’s side. In return, Tae Gong-shil needs to help Joong-won regain an amount of money that was stolen from him a few years ago.

Other cast members of the drama include Seo In Guk. He plays the role of Kang Woo. He is an ex-South Korean Army and soon becomes hired as the security head of Jong-won’s department store. He develops feelings for Gong-shil and eventually admits his feelings for her.

Kim Yoo-ri is also part of the cast. She plays the role of Tae Yi-ryung, a top star supermodel who plans to seduce Jong-won as part of her revenge on Gong-shil.

Other casts of master’s Sun include Han Bo-reum as Cha hee-joo, Jong-won’s ex girlfriend, Hwang Sun-hee as the role of Hanna brown, Hee-joo’s twin sister and Kim Mi-kyung as Joo Sung-ran, Joong-won’s aunt.

Master’s Sun aired on SBS network from August to October 2013 for 17 episodes.

11. Rooftop  Prince (2012)

Rooftop Prince (2012)

One of the best SBS dramas in 2012, Rooftop Prince tells the story of a Joseon crown prince named Prince Lee-gak (played by Park Yoo-chun) who mysteriously time travels to the future and encounters modern day Korea. He falls onto Park ha’s (played by Han Ji-min) rooftop house.

Prince Lee-gak now tries to impersonate a man named Tae-yong so that he’ll be able to solve his wife’s death. Park Ha helps Prince Lee-gak and his whole court  live in the present day-era while trying to solve the sudden and strange death of his wife.

Aside from the two main characters, other casts of the drama include Jeong Yu-mi to play Hong Se-na, Park-ha’s ambitious older stepsister. Lee Tae-sung is also part of the cast and plays the role of Yong Tae-mu, Tae-yong’s cousin as well as Se-na’s secret lover.

Lee Tae-ri, Jung Suk-won and actor Choi Woo-shik are both part of the cast. They will play the roles of Song Man-bo, Woo Yong-sool and the role of Do Chi-san, respectively, as part of Prince Lee-gak’s entourage.

Rooftop Prince gained numerous awards from different award giving bodies such as Best Korean Drama in 2012 and People’s Choice during the 7th Seoul International Drama Awards.

Rooftop Prince aired on SBS network from March up until May 2012 with 20 episodes.

12. Faith (2012)

Faith (2012)

Faith follows the story of a modern-day plastic surgeon named Yoo Eun-soo (played by Kim Hee-sun) who is kidnapped and time travels to Goryeo period.

Her kidnapper is a leader of the royal guard named general Choi Young (played by Lee Min-ho). The two fall with each other.

Yoo Eun-soo is an overworked plastic surgeon who dreams to put up her own hospital. One day, a strange man suddenly kidnaps her and takes her back in the Goryeo period because she is said to be the apprentice of Hwata, a popular Chinese surgeon sent from heaven. Her kidnapper is a loyal and brave royal guard to King Gongnim.

Some of the supporting characters in the drama include Yoo Oh-sung as Kim-chul, Ryu Deok-hwan as King Gongmin, Park Se-young as Queen Noguk, Sung Hoon as Chun Eum-ja and Shin Eun-jung as Hwa Su-in.

Faith aired  on the network SBS from August up to October 2012 with 24 episodes.

13. Jang Ok-Jung (2013)

Jang Ok-Jung (2013)

One of the best SBS dramas in 2013, Jang Ok-Jung made its mark on its viewers heart for its heavy drama and good plot.

The story is about Jang Ok-Jung’s life story  (played by Kim Tae-hee). She is also recognized as the famous and notable Lady Jang Hui-bin.

Being among the famous royal mistress during the Joseon period, Jang Ok-Jung’s life as a teenager has been rough. Her mother had been brought as a slave while her father had been beaten to his death.

Dang Ok-Jung’s teenage life and her entire family went on the loose away from servant hunters. She meets a crown prince Lee-soon (played by Yoo Ah-in) who falls in love with her..

The two were separated from each other because both of them need to fulfill their own ambitions in life. Dang Ok-Jung became a notable and popular fashion designer while crown prince Lee-soon scuffles to find power from his nobility.

Eventually, the two then meet each other again while Jang Ok-Jung awaits to take measurements of crown prince Lee-soon’s body. However, Jang Ok-Jung denies that she knows Prince Lee-soon because she’s afraid her love for him will hinder her from reaching her ambitions in life.

Aside from the main characters in the story other casts of the drama include Jae Hee as Hyun Chi-soo, Lee Sang Yeob as Prince Dongpyung, Han Seung-yeon as Sook Bin-choi, Lee Hyo-chun as Queen Jo and Lee Dong-shin as Kim Man-ki.

14. It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014)

It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014)

It’s Okay, That’s Love is a romance melodrama that tells the story of Jang Jae-yeol (played by Jo In-sung) who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder.

He grew up to be a famous best selling mystery fiction author and a radio DJ.

She meets an ambitious psychiatrist named Ji Hae-soo (played by Gong Hyo-jin) who has a negative attitude towards love and relationships. The two eventually fall in love with each other but later on, Ji Hae-soo will learn about Jae-yeol’s undiagnosed schizophrenia.

Dubbed as one of the best SBS dramas in 2014, It’s Okay That’s Love’s screenwriter and director states that the aim of the drama is to address the discrimination issues and social stigma attached to people with mental health issues.

Sung Dong-il plays the role of Jo Dong-min. He is Hae-soo’s senior hospital associate who is her first love. Lee Kwang-soo plays the role of Park Soo-kwang, a coffee shop waiter having Tourette syndrome.

Do Kyung-soo is also part of the cast where he plays the role of Han Kang-woo, an aspiring author who is a big fan of Jae-yeol. Other supporting characters include Jin Kyung is Lee Young-jin, Lee Sung-kung is oh So-nyeo and Yang Ik-june as the role of Jang Jae-beom.

It’s Okay, That;s Love aired on SBS from July to September 2014 with 16 episodes.

15. 49 Days (2011)

49 Days (2011)

49 Days is about a woman who has 49 days left before she finally goes back to her own body. Shin Ji-hyun (played by Nam Gyu-ri) lives a happy and ideal life. She is now set to be married to Kang Min-ho (to be played by Bae Soo-bin) for about a few weeks.

However, a tragic day occurs when a woman named Song Yi-kyung (played by Lee Yo-won) tries to end her own life by suddenly walking into an approaching traffic. Shin Ji-hyun tries to save Song Yi-kyung from her suicidal attempt, yet the two both suffer from coma.

Shin Ji-hyun eventually meets a grim reaper named Song Yi-soo (played by Jung II-woo) or also known as the Scheduler. The strange person states that in order for Shin Ji-hyun to go back to her own body, she must accumulate three teardrops straight out of pure love by people who are not her relatives or not blood related to her.

While completing the mission, Shin Ji-hyun must take on the physique of Song Yi-kyung and try to live a normal life as a waitress in a coffee shop owned by one of her former high school friend Han Kang (played by Jo Hyun-jae).

Shin Ji-hyun eventually painfully realizes the people who deceit her and the ones who truthfully love her, including her friend Han Kang.

When it comes to Korean dramas, every K-drama lover surely won’t need to run out of some shows to watch, especially on SBS network. If you’ve finally chosen which Best SBS dramas you want to watch first also we write about Best OCN Dramas, Best tvN Dramas, Best jtbc Dramas and Best KBS Dramas.

We can’t wait to find them out! Write them all below in the comment box section.

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Series review

Hello? It’s me! will be a mind-blowing series with the twists of its reality in 2021




Hello It’s me Series Review

A relatable, heart provoking Korean drama series is just right in the corner of January 2021. KBS2 TV will be offering us this fantasy, romantic comedy series that most women will enjoy watching while relating to its character. Hello? It’s me! is based on the book ‘fantastic girl’. A woman who thought that there were only aging in her late 30s but the universe says otherwise. Hello? It’s me! focused around the growth of its character. One of the most interesting about this series is it will involve time traveling.

In Hello? it’s me!, Choi Kang-Hee, who played in Good Casting as Baek Chan-Mi is playing the lead role of this series named Ban Han-Ni.

Ban Han-Ni is a negative and timid kind of woman who works as a contract worker at a confectionery company. With her unstable job, this always makes her uneasy and worried that she might get fired anytime soon. Yet her family and people around her don’t pay any attention to her.

Despite her situation, she works very hard at her job. Ban Han-Ni is a woman in her 37 years of age and single. Even though Ban Han-Ni is single, she does not want to stay that way. But not having male companions around her made that kind of difficult for her to NOT stay single.

Ban Han-Ni looks like she is living a non-stable and boring life, so the universe made it a little interesting for her.

Hello Its Me 2021

The twist in this series, while Ban Han-Ni is living her uneasy life, that was when she will meet herself in the brightest and younger days. 37-year-old Ban Han-Ni will be facing herself in her 17-year-old age like she was just looking in the mirror. This also explained the title Hello? It’s me! because of its twist reality of meeting her younger self.

Lee Re, the young girl who played the young Seo In-Jae in Start-Up will be playing the role of 17-year-old Ban Ha-Ni.

The 17-year-old Ban Han-Ni is a happy young girl who lives a positive and vibrant life. She has a bright and optimistic personality but 20 years later, she leads a timid life. Yes, the 37-year-old Ban Han-Ni is the exact opposite of her younger 17-year-old self.

Kim Young-Kwang who played on On Your Wedding Day the movie as Hwang Woo-Yeon and The Secret Life Of My Secretary as Do Min Ik, is going to be playing the male lead role as Han Yoo-Hyun. He is the second generation son of a chaebol family (a family-owned large business) who suddenly became deeply in debt overnight.

Hello its me 2021 series cast full actors and actresses

Along with Eum Moon-Suk, a rising star who played at the Backstreet Rookie will be playing the role of Ahn Ha-Mu/Anthony. He a famous Korea’s top star in dramas and advertisements that will be going to be forming a love triangle with Han Yoo-Hyun.

The two characters in Hello? It’s me! which is the two Ban Ha-Nis, will give you this fun and exciting series that you will surely relate to as they will exist as a separate person at the same time. Ban Han-Ni is going to learn how to forgive and love herself from the wounds of her past.

This series will deliver a deep healing message to most women who are struggling with self-confidence and a bad experience in life.

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review korean dramas

“If I Cheat I Die” Will Definitely Play with Your Emotions this Winter




If I Cheat I Die

This December, we have a new and interesting Korean drama series that you wouldn’t want to miss. KBS 2TV finally announced in October, if i cheat i die airing in December this 2020 and who wouldn’t be excited for a new and interesting series in this cold weather right?

This series is a mystery thriller with a mix of comedy which most people will see it an interesting series because of its genre. Thriller and comedy? This series looks like it’s gonna play with our emotions giving us that mystery and comedy vibes.


In if i cheat i die, Cho Yeo-Jeong and Go Joon will be portraying the role of a married couple. Cho Yeo-Jeong as Kang Yeo-Joo and Goo Joon as Han Woo-Sung.

Kang Yeo-Joo (Cho Yeo-Jeong) is an author, a best-selling writer who usually writes novels about crime stories of murder cases.

Her novels are quite popular because of her ways of writing. She usually ends her stories by killing her male characters for being unfaithful to their partner. Kang Yeo-Joo constantly thinks about how to murder people, or in other words, unfaithful people.

if i cheat i die korean dramas series profile go joon

Han Woo-Sung (Goo Joon) on the other hand, is a lawyer, specializing in divorce. Han Woo-Sung is the kind of man who is overly passionate about his work.

He usually gets emotionally involved with his work and getting too close with his clients he should only be defending as their lawyer.  Because of this, he often ends up being reported for his actions. Han Woo-Sung is the one who wrote if i cheat i die in an agreement with his wife that obviously made the title.

If i cheat i die new series kdrama upcoming

In this agreement, it says that from the date of Han Woo-Sung’s (Goo Joon) wedding pledge with Mrs. Kang Yeo-Joo (Cho Yeo-Jeong), if he ever had an affair with another woman, every right to his entire body will transfer to Mrs. Kang Yeo-Joo.

This means because Han Woo-Sung signed this agreement, if he ever cheats on Kang Yeo-Joo, she has every right to do whatever she wants with his body, even put an end to it. It’s kind of creepy, but interesting. On the top of this agreement, it shows the title which says if i cheat i die.


In if i cheat i die trailer, you can see Kang Yeo-Joo here gardening. Some of you will think she’s normally gardening like a normal woman, but if you watch more further, you will see a hand coming out from under the ground that looks like a man’s hand who is reaching out for help. But of course, I think you can already guess the man’s situation why he ended up under the ground with Kang Yeo-Joo gardening around it.

Here’s the trailer, watch it and it will give you the vibes I’m talking about.

So as you see, these two married couples are not your usual romantic and fun type of couple. Yes, there might be a comedy inside this series, but their relationship is quite odd, or should I say very unique but a little kind of cute and creepy series that you should look forward to.

If i cheat i die korean drama 2020 full cast
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Top Korean Celebrity Who Donated A Large amount of money to fight Covid19



Korean Celebrities Who Donated for Corona Virus 2020

More and more Korean celebrity are making donations to help fight the spread of the pandemic corona virus.

Everyone from Kpop singers, solo artists, bands, actors and actresses are pitching in to help people fight against the virus outbreak.

In South Korea alone, COVID-19 cases are extremely rising and the disease shows no sign of slowing down. Daegu City is one of the most affected cities.

South Korea has apparently become the most recorded COVID-19 cases outside China, with over 4,000 cases affected. 90% of which comes from the most affected city of Daegu. Daegu is now considered as the center of the virus outbreak .

To support the South Korean government in the fight against the deadly outbreak, numerous celebrities are now making their move to aid those who have been badly affected.

Top 30 Korean Celebrity and their donation to fight the Corona Virus 2020 Updated

01.Lee Min Ho350 Million Won
02.IU315 Million Won
03.So Ji Sub300 Million Won
04.Kim Hee Sun200 Million Won
05.Hyun Bin200 Million Won
06.Kim Woo Bin199 Million Won
07.Park Ji Eun [Writer of CLOY & Legend of the Blue Sea]130 Million Won
08.Suzy100 Million Won
09.Gong Yoo100 Million Won
10.Son Ye Jin100 Million Won
11.Kim Soo Hyun100 Million Won
12.Kim Go Eun100 Million Won
13.Park Seo Joon100 Million Won
14.Shin Min Ah100 Million Won
15.Lee Byung Hun100 Million Won
16.Kim Jong Ki100 Million Won
17.Song Joong Ki100 Million Won
18.Lee Seunggi100 Million Won
19.Suga BST100 Million Won
20.Irene Red Velbet 100 Million Won
21.Song Hoon100 Million Won
22.Yoona100 Million Won
23.Lee Jong Suk100 Million Won
24.Jun Ji Hyun100 Million Won
25.Jung Hae in100 Million Won
26.Ji Chang Wook100 Million Won
27.Eunhyuk Super Junior100 Million Won
28.Han Hyo Joo100 Million Won
29.Tip Big Bang100 Million Won
30Bong Joon Ho100 Million Won

One of the Korean celebrities who made a quick response against the deadly virus is the globally acclaimed actor Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho

According to reports, the Legend of the Blue Sea and The Heirs actor donated 350 million won to eight organisations.

These include Community Chest of Korea, Save the Children, Good Neighbours, Fruit of Love, Green Umbrella, Hope Bridge and two other organisations.

Train to Busan and Goblin star Gong Yoo also reportedly donated 100 million won to the Community Chest foundation. The 40-year old global actor reportedly asked for his donation to be used for medical staff and low-salary families affected by the virus outbreak.

Several actors and actresses have also made their move and donated to different organisations.

These include Shin Min Ah from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Kim Woo Bin from Uncontrollably Fond and Jung Woo-sung from the hit movie A Moment to Remember have also given 100 million won each to different charity organisations.

Bae Suzy

The hit Korean series vagabond star Bae Suzy and Netflix’s Kingdom Joo Ji Hoon have also donated 100 million won and 50 million won, respectively.

Kim Go Eun from the upcoming series The King: Eternal Monarch also donated 100 million won to the organisation Good Neighbors. The donations will be used to help those who belong to the lowly communities who can’t obtain masks because of the virus outbreak.

Aside from Korean actors and actresses, even Kpop celebrities also donated to help fight the spread of corona virus.


Among the top list is the Kpop superstar IU and star of hit series hotel del luna who reportedly donated 100 (350) million won each to organisations Good Neighbours and Korean Medical Association.

The donations given to the Korean Medical Association is said to be used for the purchase of masks and protective suits for their medical staff.

In addition, the popstar again donated another 20 million won to Yangpyeong County which is in  the province of Gyeonggi.

The said province currently has no COVID-19 confirmed cases, but many of the people living there are elderly who are more vulnerable to the said disease.

Popular Kpop boyband EXO members Suho and Kai also donated 50 million each to organisations Community Chest of Korea and Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association.

Kpop stars from JYP Entertainment 2PM, GOT7, TWICE and DAY6 also donated a total of 500 million won to the organisation Community Chest of Korea.

Numerous Korean celebrity covid19 donations are also on their way to help those in need including the popular TV personality Park Ayung Soo. He reportedly donated 20,000 masks to the Daegu Metropolitan Government.

These masks will soon be delivered to disabled and senior citizens of Daegu City, the most affected city in South Korea.

BTS member Suga

BTS member Suga, who’s hometown is in Daegu City, also donated to the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association to aid his homegrown city.

BTS group reportedly cancelled their Map of the Soul Tour concert in Seoul because of the viral outbreak.

Instead, the fans have decided to donate their ticket refunds to different organisations to aid in the prevention of the corona virus outbreak.

Couple Kim Moo Yeol and Yon Seung Ah, also donated 10 million won to the Beautiful Foundation and another 10 million won to the Community Chest of Korea.

Celebrity Go Ara also reportedly donated 100 million won to Good Neighbors.

Also Korean celebrity Covid19 donations include Han Ji Min who donated worth 100 million won or equivalent to 3000 packages of protective clothing for workers in healthcare facilities in Daegu City.


Another source confirmed that the famous celebrity personally helped deliver the donations to the Daegu City Society.

Popular comedian Lee Young Ja also donated 50 million won to help aid in the prevention of the spread of the virus outbreak.

Married couple Jason and Hong Hyun Hee reportedly donated 10 million won and Kim Sook donated 30 million won to the Miral Welfare Foundation to help the assistance of more vulnerable persons such as disabled children and elderly.

Members of several popular groups such as Poona from Girls Generation, Cha Eun woo from Astro and Son Na Eum from Apink also gave back to foundations to assist in the viral outbreak.

According to reports, these artists and Kpop idols, along with other artists, lent their helping hands to assist non-government organisations and offered masks  and monetary assistance to those who have been badly affected.

Parasite director Bong Joon Ho also made his way to help those who are in need. He reportedly donated 100 million won to the organisation Hope Bridge Disaster Relief under the name of his hit movie.

BI, IKON’s former leader also donated over 100,000 masks to those who don’t have enough masks in their area.

The said masks have been distributed not only in Korea but also in different countries such as Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Korean Celebrity

Other Korean celebrity covid19 donations include Ji Chang Wook, Kim Go Eun, Lee Young Ae, Song Joong Ki, Song Kang Ho, Park Shin Hye and Yum Jung Ah.

They are among the numerous list of Korean celebrity covid19 donations who contributed monetary assistance to help those who have been affected and those who still continue to fight the outbreak such as medical staff, doctors and private organisations.

As the deadly corona virus spread, more and more Korean celebrity covid19 donations are also on their way to help fight the said pandemic. With donations coming from these Korean celebrities, many people have also come forward to offer their assistance.

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