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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Dramarun collects, uses, and may disclose personal and non-personal information about you. We also use and protect this information and your rights concerning this information.

By accessing the website as a visitor, guest, or a member, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy, including Dramarun’s policies regarding collection use and disclosure of personal and non-personal information described in this Privacy Policy.

Please read Dramarun’s Privacy Policy carefully.

Personal Information is non-public information that is personally identifiable to you. It may include information such as your name, email address, social media accounts, and other related information you provide us or we obtain about you.

Non Personal Information is the information not personally identifiable to you. These are information we automatically collect when you access the Dramarun website using a web or a mobile browser. Non Personal Information may also include publicly available information that is shared between you and other guests, visitors, members, or this website.


The information Dramarun collects from you ensures you can use Our Services in a safe environment. As part of our vision and mission, Dramarun may use your information for the following purposes:


Dramarun provides you with the services you requested. If you subscribe to any of Dramarun’s services, you also permit us to use your email address to send you a confirmation email noticing you about your subscription. Dramarun may also send you emails on special offers, services, and announcements related to our content.


Dramarun may use your information to market our website. We may create anonymous information from your non-personal information for the sole purpose of marketing our website to several business partners. For instance, we may partner up with other companies to provide useful content and target several advertising services. We use your non-personal information to third parties ( partners, affiliated links) by excluding your name personally identifiable to you at our sole discretion.


We may use your personal information to serve you with advertisements, emails, community forums, and responses to polls which may spark your interest. Dramarun may also use your personal information for editorial purposes by using the stories, feedback, and comments you shared with us on our website.


Dramarun may use the information you provide us to identify you as our guest, user, or member. We may also use all the information you provide us to contact you or respond to your requests, messages, concerns, questions, and issues.


We automatically collect information from cookies to recognize you. You, on the other hand, have the right to control the use of cookies on your browser. However, if you choose to disable cookies, your viewing may be limited to certain features or functions of our Dramarun’s services.


Dramarun may use your personal and non-personal information to comply with legal obligations to which we are subject. We will do so to protect our rights or rights of any third party and to cooperate with government authorities and other law enforcement bodies.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Dramarun may modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time without your consent.

Questions about our Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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