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First, I don’t have any good achievement in life, nor not a good looking, timid and lazy, I was graduated last 4 years ago in a simple schools and spending a lot of time. I hate learning, but I don’t have a choice.

Fast forward, My first ever Korean drama that I watch is Queen in Hyun’s man and I think this drama is one of the most popular time travel before, (I’ll try to watch) and OMG I was hooked from the fall. Honestly, I also hate-watching, but from this time I think it’s different. Way back in 2016 when the Descendants of the sun & Doctor stranger released. GOSH, what to do? From 2016 and current year 2019 I’m still watching KDRAMAS and to lead this conclusion.

I started and writing this blog in early this year 2019 (May 24, 2019) and I don’t have any idea if this blog would be successful or not. Now I’m still writing and paying for my writer for doing a good review for each drama. Anyway, this young man is one of the former fans of Kim tae hee, Kim So Hyun, Lee yo won and Yoo in na. Hopefully I wish I could see them in person. If you are interested to support this blog please email me [email protected] and I love to hear your thoughts about Kdrama. Thank you for staying here, No Hate Just Love.

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