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The Top 15 List of Best tvN Dramas Review RANKED [2021]

89 / 100

Below are some of the greatest best tvn drama that gives us different emotions and let us feel that we are on the character’s shoes.

tvN is a well known nationwide general entertainment network in South Korea owned by CJ E&M, It provides a quality program and great series to its viewers and audiences.

Our Best Check List of The Best tvN Dramas of All Time [2021] UPDATED

1. Queen In-Hyun’s man

best tvn dramaThis drama is one of the best tvn drama talking about Kim Boong Do from the Year 1696 and Choi Hee Jin in the year 2012.

It is a unique love story between the past and present which will bring complications because of their differences, not just time but also the situation they are in.

It’s not just a typical love story that we usually watch, every episode has a scene that unexpectedly happens and gives us the excitement to watch more. You don’t have to force anybody to heed with this drama since every episode speaks for itself.

From the beginning up to the final episode, it will keep you interested. This series will motivate us to keep believing that happiness and things that seem to be impossible will be possible.

2. Another Miss Ohtvn drama

One of the craziest and best tvn drama I have ever watched from the It’s pilot to the last episode.

At first, I dislike Lee Jae Yoon and Seo Hyun Jin characters breaking up because they really look good together, however, Eric Mun change that Changed that vibe because of his hot and sexy character. The story did not focus on just one occupation.

Thumbs up for giving credit and importance to all. It tells the ridiculous thing that can be done by a person who was hurt by their loved ones. What I really love about this drama is that it promotes not only loving others, but also acknowledging, respecting, and loving yourself instead of comparing yourself with other people.

3. Oh My Ghost (2015)

tvn drama best

Are you into horror? Well, if yes, I would say that Oh My Ghost is the best tvn drama (Horror Romance) it is you because it is not only focusing on the horror but also offers a variety of genres.

We normally hear about possession by a ghost that is quite creepy, but series added an excitement buy putting a twist and instead of being afraid of getting possessed you might wanna ask to experience it. You will always look forward to wondering what will happen next.

Your questions will be boundless, but it will be answered in the end and you’ll never get bored because of the twists in every story which makes it fascinating.

The storyline fits with NaBong Sun (Park Bo-young) and Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk) acting ability. Your time will never be wasted once you started watching this drama.

4. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God 2016

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God is also known as Goblin really catches all ages.

The Directors and the writers provided a good story that gives interest to all viewers. Your time of watching will not put into waste instead it will keep heed with every episode.

This drama is one of the best tvN drama list. I’ve never seen a drama like this, that from the music to the storyline, it will give you a roller coaster emotions up to the end.

It is heartbreaking when Gong Yoo left Kim Go-Eun but it was a relief when they see each other again at the end. This is one of the dramas that give way not only for the main character to shine but also for the others like with Lee Dong-Wook and Yoo In na to take the spotlight.

5. 100 Days My Prince

100 days with my Prince

Unlike its title 100 days my prince will give you thousands of emotions in each situation this tvN drama gives a different emotions in different situations.

The crown prince Yul played his part well just like Hoo Shi, whose talent is also overflowing. I’m not really into historical drama, but this one caught my taste buds. It over exceeded my expectations and I was over satisfied with every single episode.

All the cast did well in portraying their characters. Thumbs up to the production team and the musical team that really did great until the end. I also love the way they give emphasis to the traditional dressing. The best drama I ever watched.

6. Cinderella with Four Knights

Cinderella with Four KnightsWhat a roller coaster ride this drama has. There’s a lot of twists from the beginning until the end.

The four knights are hot. I hope I also end up staying with them, in my dreams.

I just hated the fact that Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam) end up with Kang Ji-Woon (Jung ilwoo) and not with Kang Hyun-min (Ahn Jae-Hyun). Well, that’s a real love story, not everything we wish for will end up to be ours but sometimes the best one comes unexpectedly.

Just like in a fairy tale Cinderella leaves happily, after all the disasters and not so good incidents that happened in her life, with the man she loves and loves her the most.

7. Marriage Not Dating

Marriage Not Dating

This drama is a very complicated drama I’ve ever seen. It is not that interesting, but somehow it pictures out how complicated and connected all the relationship could be in real life.

If I will be asked about the rate of this drama I would give 8 out of 10. It’s normal to have an annoying second lead actress otherwise the story will be empty and blunt.

If you are interested in a romantic comedy drama you will love it. Of course, the story got even better because of Yeon Woo-jin’s presence. This drama will give an open eye to all the girls out there. Even if some scene it predictable, it will still provide a good mark in the end because of the cast acting skills.

8. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

tvn dramasNot an ideal relationship, but then nothing is impossible once love started to grow between a man and a woman, whatever position or disposition they may have love will keep them together.

This is a romantic comedy that will take away your boredom. The story is very light to handle and the chemistry between Min Young and Seo Joon works so well.

If you are not a K-drama, it will completely change your perspective once you started watching it, not to mention the acting skills of Min Young that will amaze you until the end and of course not to mention with the unending charm of Seo joon.

9. Cheese in the Trap

best tvn drama

The story is really interesting just as the relationships of Jung Yoo (Park Hae-jin), Hong Seol (Kim Go-Eun), and Baek In-ho(Seo Kang Joon) to each other and how and what they feel. At first, it was really like a puzzle, but then just like a puzzle all questions got the right answer.

Being misunderstood by other people is normal especially with Jung Yoo’s characteristics towards other people and even with Hong Seol that is really unpredictable. The drama is not just about the couple’s relationship, but also tackles the relationship between parents and child which is seldom to be good.

I like the way the writer indicates all possible issues among families and the ways things should be solved. If you have a family problem or any issues when it comes to relationships this drama will teach you and give a lot of ideas to handle things.

10. Touch Your Heart

Touch Your Heart

a soft and best tvn drama ROMANCE. I really waited for Lee Dong-Wook and Yoo In Na to be on screen again as main characters in a drama. They’re the awesome couple I ever watched.

The story is really funny and sweet, especially when Yoo In-Na’s character started to work with Lee Dong-wook’s character in the firmness he’s working with as an assistant. Dong-wook is hot his character fits him well it seems like it’s the real and natural him. The plot is quite interesting and fun and the characters really give justice to each role.

Yoo In na is really adorable and acts so well. I can’t say the exact word when Yoo In na admitted that Lee Dong-Wook’s and hers were dating. The excitement and fun never end.

11. Emergency Couple

Emergency Couple

From a medical perspective, the production gives well presented drama. I’m really a fan of K drama, especially if its genre is about medical they really give justice to the profession somehow and you will learn a lot of medical terms.

But for this drama its not just about your profession, but it’s also about being reunited with someone you loved in the past and hated in the long run. Thinking meeting your ex-lover whom hurt you the most is not advisable.

But working in the same Hospital oh my gosh, it’s a disaster. But then its sweet that they end up being together again and following what they really love the most, guys should follow how Oh Chang-min (Choi Jin-Hyuk) works for his love to Oh Jin-Hee (Song Ji-Hyo) and win her back.

12. Avengers Social Club

Avengers Social Club

This drama is one of the tvN drama the story of a not so normal friendship story will make you wanna see your friends.

The title itself is indeed exquisite just like the storyline that has been put all together to have the best drama ever. In the beginning, they met as strangers to have their revenge, but end up being a friend after all.

It’s more on hatred and revenge, but it provides a better understanding and idea about life and the things that surround us.

Better watch the whole drama to completely understand Hong Do-Hee (Ra Mi-ran), Kim jung Hye (Lee Yo-won) and Lee Mi-sook (Myung Se-bin) and why they decided to make a revenge. Once you watched this there will be a lot of realization in life that you will learn.

13. Signal 2016

Signal 2016

The drama exceeds my expectations. You created an awesome drama.

Well written and well produced. Just like how I love medical drama, the legal /crime genre is also on my list and because of this, it will always be on the top of watching priorities.

It nourishes me with a bunch of ideas that can be useful in real life. Rest assured once you started watching, it will keep you wanting to finish until you keep on watching it all over. The cast were well trained to the point that you will be attached and felt the exact emotion they felt.

14. Abyss

Abyss [2021]

I like this drama. I’m hoping to see what my soul looks like. It may sound funny and creepy, but it is really interesting, especially when reborn into different you. Park Bo-young is amazing when it comes to her acting.

I hated Ahn Nyo Seop when he mistakenly revived a serial killer that ends up killing Go Se-Yeon and reviving her into a different face. But then it makes the story really interesting.

It’s a crucial love story that they end up confessing their real feelings to each other with their new appearance.

In the end, I felt sorry for Go Se-Yeon for waiting for Ahn Nyo Seop after he disappeared.

It’s never easy to wait for someone, especially if there’s no assurance if he will be back, but in here it showed that if you really love someone just trust him and everything will end up as it should be.

15. Room No.9

Room No.9Just like the title itself, you will surely be hooked up with this drama.

It’s an unpredictable drama that will keep you asking what will be the next scene. Worth watching every episode.

Ki Yoo Jin (Kim Young-Kwang) is really cute in here. The character that he is portraying quiet fits to him.

It keeps you wanting to watch all over. It also gives an eye on the real-life situation of a prison man, not all prisons are criminal. I was saddened by Jang Hwa Sa (Kim hae Sook) pitiful situation she’s been through.

You will also find interest in the hate to live the relationship between Hae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) and Hwa Sa which is remarkable. You will find all the characters interesting with a story that is worth watching for.

In this review about best tvn drama, the writer focussed more on the real feeling that they felt while watching the mentioned series above. How about your thoughts and insights??

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