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Top 10 Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas 2019

Romantic Comedy Korean Drama is adored for their romance mixed with funny backdrops. The wide-spread of Korean entertainment has influenced many Asian people, for they have given noticeable ways and remarkable touches to their lives.

Best List of Romantic Comedy Korean Drama

One of the forms of Korean entertainment that has caught the attention, interest, support, and heart of many people is the Korean Dramas or well-known as “K-Dramas”.

Korean Dramas are eminent in Asia because of their impactful stories and diverse genres such as romance, thriller, action, mystery, comedy, and etcetera. As they tickle the hearts and minds of many individuals, they also give a blast of emotions and one of the genres that have been patronized and loved by several people in the Romantic Comedy Korean Drama.

1. Touch Your Heart

romantic comedy korean dramaTouch Your heart  is one of  best romantic comedy korean drama that talks about an actress named Oh Jin Sim (Yoon In Na), popularly known as Oh Yoon Seo, she’s been involved in a drug scandal once, which caused tremendous damage in Her career as the “Korean Wave Goddess”. After a couple of years of not having a job because of the said scandal, She finally had her first offer, but it’s in one condition, she has to work in the field of a Law Firm to gain new experiences and in order for her bad acting skills to be improved.

Oh Jin Sim went to the Always Law firm where she needs to work as the secretary of the cold-hearted Lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook). As time goes by Oh Jin Sim feelings towards Kwon Jung Rok began to bloom and her old personality who seemed to be foolish and clumsy has been stripped away and started developing a romantic feeling with the cold and rude Kwon Jung Rok.

The leading stars of Touch Your Heart did a great job since they have good chemistry that caused the cringes and bliss to its viewers.  Although some can say that the characters’ personalities are cliché in Romantic drama, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na still carried it out in a way that people could pin it as one of the best dramas that they’ve watched. Overall, this drama can really touch your heart!

2. He Is Psychometric

romantic comedy korean drama

He is a psychometric will give you a jealous feeling of having the same ability that Lee Ahn (Park Jin Young) who acquired special skill after an unfortunate fire that ruined his family that allows him to read the past of an object or person through physical contact.

Lee Ahn used his special ability to fight bad people and turn them down and while doing this he will meet Yoon Jae In who is concealing her hurtful and painful past, their lives will be connected and will help each other to resolves their conflicts in life, they will also find out the mystery that connects their lives and their supporting characters which are Kang Sung Mo (Kim Kwon) and Eun Ji Soo (Kim Da Som) from this moment the situation will flow differently but it will bring a great twist.

It cannot be denied that the series is one of the most favorite romantic comedy Korean Drama nailed the different types of emotions that the scenes are demanding, Each of the characters played well and it is truly admirable how they made the viewers feel the exact emotion that they portray on cam. To sum it all up, This series is undeniably great and must be added on your watch list, share it with your
friends and family as well.

3. Her Private Life

romantic comedy korean drama

One of best romantic comedy korean drama that i watched. Sung Deok Mi being played by Park Min Young and Ryan Gold being portrayed by Kim Jae Wook found their new art after going through sets of failure as an artist, through different circumstances they found their new medium which will add a twist to their path as a lover which will be all worth it.

Sung Deok Mi is a caretaker of an art gallery and an avid fan of a well-known artist named Cha Shi An. Ryan Gold is the Director of the art gallery who resigned and suddenly stopped doing paintings, he is a friend of Cha Shi An who will be the reason why Sung Deok Mi and Shi An met in person, Things will become different when an issue arises saying that Deok Mi and Shi An are in a relationship.

To tap the said issue, Ryan Gold offered Deok Mi to use him as a fake boyfriend and started acting like a couple, while they are in that set up the two fell in love with each other and their love story will start to bloom. Her Private Life is a sensational Romantic Drama that could make you scream in delight.

The jealousy, small arguments, sweetness, and the role of fans in an artist’s career were shown in a way that you can all relate to them. Also, the chemistry between the two leading roles matches and brings their versatility as an actor! All and all, this Drama is a must watch and it deserves to be mentioned and recognized because of its beautiful story-line.

4. Romance is a Bonus Book

Romance is a Bonus Book 2019

Romance is a Bonus Book is about Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) and Kang Dan I (Lee Na Young) who continuously cooped up with the adversaries in their life from their childhood days until they grew up.

Kang Dan I saved Cha Eun Ho from an accident when they were young and when she had an injury, Cha Eun Ho stayed by her side to help her recover. The Drama had a good flow and a good theme.

It showed a lot of lessons about the hardships of different relationships and the way it was carried out is undeniably awesome. Also, the chemistry between the two leading characters was enough to give romantic comedy korean drama needed in the story.

5. My First First Love

My First First Love

The story of My First First Love is a sure buzz to the teenagers who are wondering about their first love.

It is a very cute yet outraging story about the five adolescences who lived together because of the unpleasant situations in their lives. While living together, they also learned how to love and how to deal with their first first loves.

The Drama has a great blend of Romance, Comedy Korean Drama. The moments where they had their bond and cheesy scenes were undeniably good and well-cast. It has a simple yet quite realistic plot and although it is not too heavy, it has lessons, it can cause cringes, and it can surely satisfy a teenager who wonders about love.

6. Welcome to Waikiki 2

Welcome to Waikiki 2

Welcome to Waikiki has a very humorous, but inspiring story. It exhibited the dreams, friendship, and love of the three leading characters who wanted to revive the guest house ‘Waikiki’.

Lee Joon Ki (Lee Yi Kyung) is the one who really wants to save the guest house from its downfall.  Hence, he asked his high school friends Cha Woo Sik (Kim Sun Ho) and Kook Ki Bong (Shin Hyun Soo) to invest in the guest house.  As they do, their romantic partners went in and it gave the twist, the squeak, and the perfect chemistry of the drama. The comedy that it gave and the romance that was mixed with it is surely great.

Also, the dreams and the relationships that were shown and fulfilled were greatly unfolded and neatly carried out. This romantic comedy Korean Drama is really perfect for those who want to laugh, to dream, and of course, it’s perfect for those who value relationships.

7. Abyss

Abyss 2019

The leading characters were revived from their death because of the Abyss, which is a celestial object that can revive anything that has died.

As they were regained, they also had different appearances where Go Se Youn (Park Bo-Young) became a prosecutor and Cha Min (Ahn Hyo Seop) became a successor of a cosmetics company.

The chemistry of the two leading characters plus the comedy of their romance was really fun and lovely to watch.  Also, the mystery and fantasy that served as the twist of the drama tickled the hearts and minds of the viewers very well.

8. The Secret Life of My Secretary

The Secret Life of My Secretary

Do Min ik (Kim Young Kwang) is a cold-hearted boss who depends to his secretary. He had a tradition of firing his secretary after a year of service and one of the secretary that he fired was Gal Hee (Jin Ki Joo).

When Do Min ik went blind because of a mysterious attack, Gal Hee was the only person that he recognized when he woke up. The bond that Do Min ik and Gal Hee had was pleasant, romantic, and really fun to watch.

The leading characters performed their roles very well since they performed the dramatic and romantic scenes splendidly. The plot and the flow of the story were simple, but it can still melt and amuse you for it has a beautiful story and one the best romantic comedy Korean Drama.

9. My Absolute Boyfriend

My Absolute Boyfriend 2019

The story of My absolute boyfriend left us with a dropped jaw as it tackles Eom Da Da performed by Bang
Min Ah who is a make-up artist with a cold heart, she will meet the android who will turn her life upside down, Young Goo being played by Yeo Jin Goo who is designed to be a perfect boyfriend.

The story might be simple but surely the unique twist will amaze us all, Young Goo will eventually develop his feeling towards Da Da, However, a love triangle with Ma Wang Joon (Joon Hong Jong Hyun) will add a different flavor to the series. My absolute boyfriend offers a variety of flavoe, the romance, comedy and the Sci-Fi touch were all delivered well and portrayed.

10. Best Chicken

Best Chicken 2019

From being a dreamless girl who failed from being a manga-comic book artist, Seo Bo A (Kim So-Hye) met Park Choi Go (Park Sun Ho) who opened up his own fried chicken restaurant.

However, he wasn’t really good enough to make delicious fried chickens until he met an old man who was a former chef.

They worked together and he helped Park Choi Go in improving his fried chicken recipe. As they continue, they inspired Seo Bo A to dream again and improve herself. Best Chicken has a very unpredictable plot that has a fluffy but sweet romance. The romantic comedy Korean Drama that it had is also fun and although the scenes were quite cliché, they can still tickle hearts and squeeze a variety of emotions.

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