Partner for Justice Season 2 Korean Drama Reviewed

Every great series deserves to have another season and I’m sure you will all agree about it, Partner for Justice Season 2 Korean Drama One of the things that sadden me when watching a Drama is when it’s approaching the last episode or ending, the feeling of getting hooked is indeed normal,

All the emotions that you felt, the excitement in every episode, which blew our minds and every single scene and situation that leaves a special mark in our hearts. Eun Sol is a rookie prosecutor with a bright personality and she comes from a wealthy family.

The forensic doctor and warm-hearted prosecutor have joined their forces to catch a serial killer. Now be engrossed by the “Partner for Justice Season 2” as we were all captivated by the story of its first season, where Baek Beom is working as a forensic doctor for 10 years, and is extravagantly wonderful in his job but does not open his heart and mind for other people’s business and opinion. Behold before we further discuss, let’s have a glimpse of the main stars of this Drama and get to know them a bit.

Jung Jae Young, who is a part of the movie “Noir No Blood No Tears (2002)”, and in the same year, he also became part of the “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance as a supporting actor.

Partner for Justice Season 2 review

A year later his talent and passion was acknowledged and recognized as he won the Best Supporting Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for his role in the box office hit in (2003) and continues success happened to his career by becoming one the prominent artist of his generation and he is proving that age is just a number.

Another Lead actress is Jung Yoo Mi, who was born in Korean in 1983 and in 2003 Yoo Mi showed up and made her debut as an endorser of Lotte Xylitol chewing gum commercial from then on she also appeared in TV series and movies playing minor roles, Yoo Mi finally set her name on fire when she became a household name after portraying a gentle girlfriend in A Thousand Days’ Promise, and a scheming secretary in Rooftop Prince. In 2013, she joined the cast of the MBC TV‘s reality show “We Got Married” and is paired up with Jung Joon Young.

No Min-woo is also part of this tremendous series, He debuted with the stage name rose as a part of the band TRAX under S.M. Entertainment as a drummer in 2004 and he finally decided to leave the group in 2006, After leaving his group Min Woo decided to chase his other passion which is the acting, he pursued his acting career and has returned to the music scene,  only to promote the story of wine as the leader of 24/7.

Partner for Justice Season 2 kdrama

In 2009 the band 24/7 finally released their first single entitled “24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week”. He also became a successful actor and has played a different role both in movies and TV series. Now that we finally have an idea about the great cast of this drama, let’s continue talking about the upcoming season of the “Partner for Justice Season 2” The forensic doctor Bak Beom has doubts about the death of Oh Man Sang, now He is trying to unravel the mysterious death of Man Sang and wants to uncover the truth about it.

Meanwhile, Eun Sol became a tenured and well-established prosecutor and has grown from being a rookie. She still works with Baek Beom compared to the younger version of herself she is now more fierce and is showing braveness both in her career and in life,  another prosecutor named Do Ji-Han (Oh Man Seok) is also cooperating with Baek Beom and Eun Sol.  Be enticed once more with the greatness of their teamwork as they untangle the mysteries and complicated scenarios.

If there is one thing that I’m really certain about is that this series has mesmerized us already and will surely blow our minds again. Be part of the exhilarating unity and teamwork of our Doctor Baek Beom and Prosecutor Eun Sol, prepare your mind for the possibility of imagining what will happen next, every episode of this series is definitely worth watching, Surely you will be all thrilled and your a month of June will have a different punch!

Partner for Justice Season 2 Trailer

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