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Top 15 List of Best OCN Dramas [2021] UPDATED

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OCN DRAMA is considered as one of the most greatest Dramas in Korea and even in other countries, Korean series and dramas are indeed trendy nowadays because of the uniqueness and thrilling stories that they can offer.

Each episode is a bizarre yet interesting; and every series showcases the broad imagination of the writer. You will realize upon watching that K series is not exaggerated, but it can exceed the expectations of the viewers, In line with the best Korean Series, OCN DRAMA has the credibility to be suggested by people who are not yet into K Drama’s.

Below are some of my personal choices of best OCN Drama that I would recommend and would personally suggest to each of you who are just starting to watch Korean dramas, Most of these dramas became “Top-Rated” and made massive noises in the drama industry!

1. Local Hero

ocn drama

It is a story of the secret mission of Baek Shi-Yoon (Park Si-Hoo), A former perceptive agent who investigates crime and will find out the reason as to why his partner died three years ago after his unsuccessful mission that they had in Macau. After a long time of hiding, He decided to buy a bar and he named it “Neighborhood” He then met this person named Choi Chan-Gyu (Lee Soo Hyuk) who is very hopeful of becoming a great police officer someday.

Shi Yoon took time to train Chan Gyu secretly and that is where their journey to fight the evil starts.

2. That Man Oh Soo

ocn drama list

One the best OCN drama a fantasy-like series starring Lee Jong Hyun as Oh soo, who is a well-known business owner and a multi-talented engineer and Kim So-Eun as Seo Yoo-Ri, playing the role of simple lady police with a bunch of dreams to help her family and has a busy life of standing as breadwinner.

The comedy-drama-romance series catches people’s attention because the story of “That Man Oh Soo” is about two people who’s sharing different perspectives and attitudes towards life and will end up falling in love with each other due to circumstances which they did not expect. Who does not like to meet their love for life in an instant though???

3. Meloholic

best ocn dramas

This Best OCN drama is one of the rare Korean dramas which story is based One the comic. Viewers from all ages, we’re enticed by this romance-comedy-fantasy-mystery drama which became really trendy and it garnered a lot of praises from the viewers since the main character, Jung Yun-ho as
Yoo Eun-ho has this extraordinary capability to read a woman’s mind which made him really cautious to be in a relationship.

One ordinary day, Eun Ho accidentally bumped into this lady named Han Ye-ri / Han Joo-ri (Kyung Soo-jin) who made turned his world upside down by being perfectly honest to whatever things going on her mind. It didn’t come to Eun-ho’s mind that Ye-ri / Joo-ri has this strange secret to her personality as well.

4. Priest

top ocn dramas

This unique Medical-drama-thriller Korean series will surely mesmerize you and will encourage you to dream of becoming an exorcist. The series made a huge impact, especially it is being starred by Yeon Woo jin as Oh Soo-min, JeongYu Mi as Ham Eun ho and Park Yong Woo as Moon Ki Seon is a 3-man team of doctors and exorcists who’s doing their hardest to protect the people confined in a Catholic Hospital.

Oh Soo-min, who’s playing the main character became a catholic priest because of the help of his senior priest Moon Ki-Seon to help to save the people from the dark and evil spirit because his mom also died because of possession of the demonic spirits. The two priests met Ham Eun-ho, a doctor at Southern Catholic Hospital who has a twisted belief in God due to some unfortunate events happened in her childhood. After meeting the priest it made her question her belief.

5. My First Love

My First Love

A fantasy story that will bring romantic vibes to its viewers. Upon watching one episode you can’t help yourself from watching another one. This is also a comic based fantasy drama which tells the story of a man named Kang Shin-woo (Lee Jung-shin), a hardworking, good looking and famous mathematics high school teacher who was not able to forget his first love 10 years ago.

Unexpectedly, Shin-woo was given a chance to go back to his young, old self, which is 10 years ago for him to meet the younger version of himself and meet his first love. Han Ji-soo (Lee Yeol-eum) playing the role of a lovely and intelligent student from his school. During his stay in the past Shin-woo will find out that the first love of his life is keeping a deep pain from her childhood.

6. My Secret Romance

My Secret Romance

I’ sure each of us secretly loved someone and it also gave us tickling experience. The series is called “Secret Romance” which tells about two people who will have the chance to meet each other after 3 years. The two have shared “treasured moments” 3 years ago, unfortunately, Yoo mi left Jin-wook out of nowhere and was not seen for a long time.

It seems to be the game of destiny for them to meet again in a company owned by Jin-Wook’s father. Yoo mi is working as a Nutritionist at the cafeteria of the company. They have encountered a lot of things such as Dramas, Issues about their families, Struggles in their relationship and life twists, but they keep their love intact and alive.

The happy ending of this Drama-Series will give everyone a feeling to become part of the series, though in spite of the tough roads that they had before ending up together

7. Black


A lot of you may ask why this Another top-rated drama series in 2017 is called Black but by watching this series you will realize why. It circles a story of a grim reaper named Han Moo Gang who was assigned to investigate a series of murders and crimes over the years. This grim reaper will meet this lady named Kang Ha ram, she has this extraordinary ability to forecast and see someone’s death.

This series will prove to us that we can risk things in the name of love because the two will fall for each other and since they have different standing and far different from each other the grim reaper has to break a rule and just to love Ha-ram.

However, the two have these not so good memories from the past that they are not even aware of. The story has a lot of exciting and challenging twists and plots, but it is one of the “must watch” drama series

8. The Missing

The Missing

Prepare yourself because for sure this action-thriller-mystery Korean drama series will give you that “action star” feeling while watching. The story of this series is about the two individual journeys to fight for what is right and to serve the right justice.

The witty and brave individual named Gil Soo Hyun who is a former worker of FBI for 10 years before returning to Korea to lead a special task force to solve the tough cases.

His partner, Oh Dae-young, who can be trusted by his analytical skills and a detective for a long time. They will work as a team doing the same mission and will decide to combine their strengths to be more successful in their chosen field. Surely conflicts will arise in their series but aside from that, you will be inspired to work with unity. This series is one of the great choices of OCN Drama.

9. Squad 38

Squad 38

Squad Goals became a trending hashtag for people who’s posting about their friends and putting the #squadgoals! Be refreshed from the fantasy drama series, It’s time for you to watch something close to reality. This hidden gem crime Korean drama series by OCN aired in 2016 is about a group of people who worked together to expose the secret and crimes of tax evaders who have the habit of not paying their taxes as well as those troublesome taxpayers who work with fraudsters.

This team consists of a not so expected people who will work with the same purpose and will be able to resolve the big problem in the Government. Be reminded what unity in the squad can bring through this great series.

10. Vampire Detective

Vampire Detective

The vampire has been featured in different Movies and series from different countries. Surely you also thought of becoming a vampire who doesn’t get old. Here’s another fantasy-mystery-thriller-action Korean Series that talks about a smart private detective named Yoon San, who’s passionate about his work and is excellent in serving his clients.  But in just a glimpse he will find out about his real identity that he is a Vampire which he never imagined.

Things about him may seem to be different than how he used to have them, but he still continued to fulfill his duties as a private agent with his great partners, Yong Goo-Hyung and Han Gyeo Wool while he is trying to unfold the truth on his dilemma, issues and the mystery behind the surprising discovery.

11. Possessed


Possessed is a special comedy-thriller-supernatural Korean Drama series that has been aired in early [2021]. This nerve cracking series is about the two individual, who was given special abilities to solve cases in different ways. The main character Kang Pil-Sung (Song Sae-Byeok) is playing the role of a detective and his ability to having a strong instinct makes him different from others.

Along with his duty, he met Hong Seo-Jung (Koh Joon-Hee), she has an incredible physic ability but for some personal reasons, she is trying to conceal it. They will work together to solve different types of cases and will discover each other’s strengths that can help each other to work out the cases more effectively. While they are in the state of working together, they felt that they have something to talk about since their eyes meet with a spark.

12. Save Me

Save Me

Surely all of us had this “Save Me” moments which we all experienced due to unwanted circumstances that happened in our lives. Be fascinated by this thriller-mystery Korean Drama Series. This Series is one of the best OCN Drama. The story talks about the group of four teenagers who stumbled to a girl who whispers “Save Me” and that is where they will embark on the mystery in their lives.

Three years ago, the teenagers went to some sort of suicide issue in their childhood and they try to escape from it, but no matter how hard they try to run away from it, it keeps on haunting them by the society of the cult of the girl that they save consumed them whole. The story from the past reveals why is the current situation happening to them.

13. Life on Mars

Life on Mars

How many of you were intrigued when you heard the news of having the chance to Live and Stay in Mars and will be the subject for experimenting if people from Earth can start up a new life on Mars? Here’s another type of crime-science fiction Korean drama series. This series is all about the life of a great and intelligent detective who is efficient in his job, but carrying a bunch of responsibilities on his shoulders.

Han Tae-Joo (Jung Kyung-Ho), plays the main character who is wise about data, leads the top crime investigation team in 2018 and after the unpredicted accident, he was shocked the moment he opened his eyes and found himself living in the year 1988. The reason behind the time wrap is still unknown, but one thing is for sure, he has to solve a serial murder case back in that year for him to go back to the present day.

14. The Guest

The Guest

When we are expecting a guest we often feel excitement, however, this series called “The Guest” is a Korean Drama series that will frighten us. The horror-thriller-drama-mystery genre of this series is about the violent demon called “Sohn” (Guest). The powerful demon has the ability to control another demon and people that makes them kill themselves and their families.

Three teenagers met one another while their families are killing each other. They are Yoon Hwa-pyung, a psychic who was born in a Shaman Family, Choi Yoon, who came from a religious clan and Kang Kil-Young, who is a daughter of a great detective. After 20 years, these three men will meet each other and will decide to work together as a team to defeat the demon. Now, are you ready to invite “The Guest?”.

15. Voice 2017

Voice 2017

This one is my top favorite Best OCN Drama. This enchanting Korean series was aired in 2017 and it really established a good reputation and received a lot of respect from the viewers. It is a story of the two people who both experienced a dark history of their loved ones who were killed by a serial killer.

Moo Jin Hyuk is playing the role of a detective who blamed himself for the death of his wife while he is fulfilling his duty and Kang Kwon-Joo, who serves the people as a policewoman also has the same predicament as she is working when her dad was killed. The two were destined to meet each other after 3 years’ time and they formed a team called “Golden Time Team” and they are on the same boat; to chase the serial killer, dead or alive.

Thank you for reading our Best OCN Drama. You can also watch the best korean dramas on netflix. We love to hear your feedback about this article.

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