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Chief of Staff [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

86 / 100

Have you ever tried to compete for something? Well, if yes, this Chief of Staff Korean Drama I think you will surely do and exert a lot of efforts for it of course to win the competition and to make sure that you will be shining from that day on and the spotlight will always at your front then you’ll often receive honor and glory for your works after all.

Sadly, there are times that will fail to win against your competitors and your life will just be revolving in that kind of situation. Well, if you have a mindset like this come and join me to watch out this new South Korean TV Series it will lend you some tips on how to win and you will give you the courage to rise up on your competition, skills as it was filled with some timely and relevant issues as well as jurisdiction.

chief of staff kdrama review

Even though the series will just revolve inside of the politics still, it has a higher standard than the other political inspired movies A new and fresh intensive drama that talks about politicians and their rightful hands that will spend as much of their efforts in life to climb up higher in the political ladder. Starring Lee Jung Jae, Shin Min A, Lee Elijah and Kim Dong Joon.

Lee Jung Jae (Jang Jae Joon) is an ambitious person and has a strong desire to win in every battlefield that he will be destined, he graduated from the prestigious University in Korea called “Korean National Police University” because of his talent in the competition, he easily handed up every difficult situation and his school journey starts and ended up smoothly after he graduated, he worked as a detective and he fulfills his duty with a wit and intelligence in solving mystery cases and undeniably cases.

chief of staff kdrama review

So as it is mentioned, he is very competitive and ambitious and he wants to gain more strength and power to conquer. He lends his feet finally in the National Assembly there, he became a chief of staff aide to a four-time and a famous lawmaker. An intelligent lawmaker who posses a surpassing intuition, a cold-blooded guy the way he talks and has a strong desire and fierce to win. Jang Jae Joon was able to place him in the higher position, luckily to the party represented, without knowing the truth that Jang Jae Joon has higher ambitions and a great plan to accomplish than him.

To the contrary, a new elected Shin Min A (Kang Sun Young) is a first-year lawmaker through proportional representation she was elected and assigned to be the spokesperson of her party. Even though she worked as a lawyer and host in some current affairs TV programs concurrently, she develops an awkward relationship with detective Jang Jae Joon unintentionally and coincidental for the reason that their boss is great rivals.

She is an ambitious woman with a full of dignity and honor and does her job so well, even a single mistake can’t be seen in her paper world cause she’s doing all of them carefully. This drama deeply focuses on the problems around the political world and the level of competition from the political ladder or the rankings that is now timely and relevant in some countries.

The said drama “chief of staff” is a full of rivalry and formality against the r colliding teams and the one who won on the battlefield will have a choice to climb up higher on the ladder. Even the characters stuck in that kind of situation they managed to develop a relationship with each other while their allied are currently developing a heated rivalry against one another.

Let’s see what’s going on in the chief of staff in the second season that will be aired in November [2022]!

Chief of Staff [2022] Trailer

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