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Top 10 Korean Drama 2019

Korean dramas have alienated the world especially Asian countries because of their heartwarming stories and incredible series, The Top 10 Korean Drama 2019 included in this article are the most mentioned and awaited series since the year 2019 has started.

Top-Listed Korean Drama

It is indeed mesmerizing how people embraced and patronized different genres of Korean dramas, well it is not surprising at all because it offers a bunch of flavors and variety of choices which tickles and touches the heart and emotion of viewers from all ages.

Aside from the wonderful series, one of greatest factors as to why Korean Dramas became popular is because of the Actors and/or Actresses, their looks and charisma make the viewers more in love and attached to every single episode and details.

The following are the top 10 Korean Drama 2019


Abyss KDrama

are about a gorgeous female prosecutor and an average looking man who tragically died and are given another chance to live through soul-reviving marbles in a magical abyss,

Go Se Yeon was a tough, well-accomplished prosecutor working in the Seoul District public office but she gets into a fatal accident and died.

However, because of the magical marble “abyss”, She was revived but with a new common appearance based on how good her spirit was in her previous life.

A man who is wealthy and intelligent with a humble attitude and kind heart named Cha min was the heir to Korea’s top cosmetic company considers himself unattractive and has self insecurities also gets into an accident and unfortunately died,

due to the mysterious ”abyss” he came back to life with an impeccable appearance as a wonderful handsome man as bright as his spirit in his previous life.


Arthdal Chronicles KDrama

A unique story about the fictional land of Arthdal during ancient times will give us a full blast of emotion and will surely captivate our hearts.

Eun Som is a cursed child born in Blue Stone Village destined to bring disaster in Asadal, growing up he became a great conqueror of Asadal.

Ta Gon is a war hero among the Saenyeok Tribe and master of strategy, His ambition is to become the first king of Asadal.

Tan Ya is a woman born under a cursed sign who overcomes difficulties and struggles just to become the first female politician of Asadal. This upcoming K Drama will give us a Goosebumps.


Love Alarm KDrama

It is the stuff of every hopeless romantic, an app that notifies you if there’s a secret admirer within 10 meters of your reach.

Sparks started flying around high school student Jojo, who gets tangled in a complicated love triangle with two of her fellow classmates courtesy of the dating-equivalent app.

Get ready to experience butterflies on your stomach.


Romance is Supplement KDrama

is another drama worth watching, The series is about Cha Eun-Ho (Lee Jong-Suk) a handsome genius writer who became the youngest chief editor ever at his publishing company.

Aside from being a smart and intellectual person he also has a good heart and well mannered working ethics, but he is also tempered at work with reasonable personality.

Meanwhile, Kang Dan-Yi (Lee Na-Young) is a former famous and popular writer who became broke and unemployed and is unable to find a job because of her impressive career and Education background,

but after lying about her background she finally found a job at the publishing company where Cha Eun-Ho is the Chief editor, Their romantic feelings to each has begun to develop.


So I Married an Anti-fan KDrama

is a nerve cracking series which gives us a new approach of a love story,

A Superstar Hoo Joon is one of the famous Idols of his time while a magazine reporter Geun Young writes a potential news article, Geun decided to attend a club opening ceremony where she witnessed Hoo Joon’s inappropriate and violent behavior,

Geun also vomits on Joon by accident which led her to lose her job and strongly believing that It is Hoo Joon who’s the reason why she got fired.

She decided to play revenge to Hoo Joon by demonstrating to his management office.

Afterward, she started receiving a media coverage about her demonstration and became popular as an anti-fan, was offered to be part of a reality show where the concept is all about The top-star and anti-fan living and due to unemployment she accepted the offer,

Hoo Joon, on the other hand, was also offered the same reality show which he accepted for the sake of improving His image.


My First First Love KDrama

I’m sure most of you will agree with the statement “First love Never Dies” because of I
personally, do.

The story of My First First Love will surely become a big hit to the teenagers who
are wondering about their first love. It is a story that will let us reminisce the feeling that we felt when we first fell in love, A cute yet outraging story about the five adolescence who lived together because of the unpleasant situations in their lives.

While living together, they also learned how to love and how to deal with their first loves.

This Drama will give us an amount of Romance and Comedy which will certainly bring tears and romantic feeling in our heart.

This well-casted series enjoyed the moments where they had their bond and cheesy scenes and everyone will surely agree if I say that every single scene is undeniably great.

It has a simple yet quite realistic plot and although it is not too heavy, it has lessons, it can cause cringes, and it
can surely satisfy a teenager who wonders about love.


He Is Psychometric KDrama

After the fire destroyed the family of Lee-Ahn (Park Jin-young), he acquired the psychometric ability that enabled him to read the people or objects’ past through physical contact.

He used it to turn down the evil people and as he did, he met Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-Eun) who was hiding her painful past.

As they resolve each other’s’ conflict, they also uncovered the mystery that connects with their lives and with the lives of their supporting characters which are Kang Sung-mo (Kim-Kwon) and Eun Ji-Soo (Kim Da-som).

The Drama nailed the emotions that are needed for the scenes and for the story itself.

The combination of the four characters is really appraisable for it brought the story to life and made the viewers root their emotions and curiosity to the whole story of the series.


Dazzling KDrama

certainly, you will be impressed and feel the title of the series itself, This Drama is about Kim Hye Ja (Han Ji Min) who’s hoping to become an announcer.

However, she loses her time before she was able to use it up, instantaneously she became a 70-year-old woman and now has the ability to control the time.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon Ha (Nam Joo Hyuk) a man who worked so hard and lived in a sluggish life to achieve his dream to become a reporter is now living a hopeless life, he will meet Hye Ja and that’s when they will experience the dazzling moment of their lives.


Her Private Life KDrama

is a very tickling Romantic Drama that could make you shrill in delight.

Every flavor of jealousy, small fights, sweet scenes, and the role of fans in an artist’s career were shown in a way that you’ll have a lot of reflection towards them.

Also, the chemistry between the two leading roles is superb and very squeaky! All and all, this Drama has a very beautiful story that a lot of fangirls and uninspired artists can watch,

From being failures as artists, Sung Deok-Mi (Park Min-young)and Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-Wook) found their new art through the various circumstances that eventually led them to a twisted but worth it journey as lovers.

Sung Deok-Mi is an art gallery curator and a die-hard fan of an artist named Cha Shi-an.

When the director of the art gallery resigned, Ryan Gold, who mysteriously stopped painting, came.

Ryan is Shi-an’s friend and he was also the reason why Deok-Mi and Shi-an met personally. However, the bliss was followed by an issue that Deok-Mi and Shi-an are in a relationship.

To save Deok-Mi from the issue, Ryan offered her to use him as a fake boyfriend and as they did the act, they truly fell in love with each other.


Touch Your Heart KDrama

Often times, we say that we are touched by how other people treat us. Let us all be moved by The wonderful Korean drama which will give us a roller coaster ride.

This drama talks about the life of an actress Oh Jin Sim (Yoon In-na), popularly known as Oh Yoon Seo, she was once involved in a drug scandal which impacted her career in an enormous way and affected her as the “Korean Wave Goddess”.

Two years of being inactive are the show business because of the scandal, Jin-Sim was finally offered but it comes with one condition, that she needs to work in the field of a Law Firm to have new experiences and for her to improve her bad acting skills.

Jin Sim came worked to the ALWAYS Law firm where she was assigned to be the secretary of
the Kwon Jung-rok(Lee Dong Wook) a good looking lawyer with a cold personality which will bring a twist to Jin Sim’s life.

As Jin-Sim continue to work with Jung-Rok who seemed the old her who seemed to have a foolish, clumsy started to change and her soft personality developed a romantic feeling with the cold
and rude, Jung-rok.

The two leading characters of touch your heart did a great job by portraying good chemistry that causes the fans to quiver because of romantic excitement.

So much opinion has been provided and people are saying that the character’s personality is a platitude in the field of the Romantic Comedy Dramas,

Dong Wook and In-na still managed to give their best shot in a way that people could pin it as one of the best dramas that they’ve watched. Let your heart be touched. Thank you for reading our Top 10 Korean Drama 2019

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