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The Best List of Top 10 Popular Korean Dramas RANKED & REVIEW [2021] UPDATED

87 / 100

The popular Korean drama now a days, we can say that the world of dramas dominates by the Korean series, considering the beauty and uniqueness of their fictitious characters and story lines and the Depp wild imagination of playwrights.

Even the story lines are sometimes cliché the actors and actresses can easily brought up the emotions needed to level up the Drama and acts Dramas are sometimes mixed with fantasy or fictional stories from the shows My Love from the Star and  Descendants of the Sun that gave the world a full blast heartfelt romantic excitement and set the bar so high.

Below are the Top 10 Most popular korean drama and all-time favorite that was popularized by the fans in random genres, we begin with:

List of Popular Korean Drama of all Time

1. Secret Garden

Secret Garden

This story is all about in a rich young CEO whose heart was fall in a low-class stunt woman and get married to each, despite many barricades along their way and the man’s objecting mother.

The conflict begins when the two magically and unexpectedly switch up their bodies.

This drama is full of surprises, revolvings including slow-mo / fast turns and blended with some iconic moments in the midst and this can catch up the audience tickle.

2. Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

A girl was charmed because she transfers to an exclusive school for riches only Jan a heroine character poor girl, but has a bright and vivid future and full of warmth.

While there, she meets the four richest boys and finds true love and friendship. This series can annoy you sometimes it has scenes that deal with bullying and thus can arise your emotional distress.

However, this drama is full of romance and friendships as you go through it, and a little bit of comedy.

3. The Legend of the Blue Sea

The Legend of the Blue Sea

The story was started when a Beautiful mermaid from Joseon Era accidentally traveled in modern-day Seoul, she was caught by a doppelganger fisherman.

Shim Chung’s only hope for surviving in the strange world was only HeeJoon Jae the fisherman.

How can she manage to live and interact with other people that don’t originally come from the deepest part of the sea? Week, this drama tells about the fate, reincarnation, and love from the last going to the present times.

4. I am Not a Robot

I am Not a Robot

Kim Min Gyu is a successful man and has everything in life is suffering from an allergy through skin contacts that end in extreme rashes and rapidly spread all over his body that’s why he is isolated from many people.

He then meets an ambitious woman Jo Ji ah that is twisting her life again and again. After the first meeting, she ends up in pretending as a human-robot as a placement to Aji – 3 robots.

5. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

The drama centers a guy Lee Young Joon whose family has a successful business and he was anointed as the Vice President Young Joon has everything in life but seems to be arrogant.

The problem arises when his secretary Ki Mo So decided to leave the job after spending nine years with him.

6. Are you Human Too

Are you Human Too

It is a Sci-Fi TV series that revolves around a boy, Nam Si Jin that was involved in a horrific and massive car accident and slipped into comma His Mother tries to make an Al or Android robot modeled with Nam Si Jin namely Nam Si Jin I, II and III. Oh Ro Ra sends Nam Si Jin III to take the vacant place of her original Son.

This drama will tell you how great the love of a mother is to her Son, and this is filled with some heartbreak moments with the Son and Mother.

7. My Love From the Star

My Love From the Star

Do Min Joon is an alien who landed on Earth that comes from the Joseon era.

He possessed a nearly perfect fave and has supernatural abilities like visionary, hearing and speed.

His life was changed when GE meet Cheon Song Yi, a famous Korean actress and the biggest Hallyu star in Korea.

He is almost able to return home, but finds himself falling in love with Cheon Song Yi. This drama is balanced of romance and comedy and it had a local adaptation in the Philippines.

8. Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun 2016

Descendants of the sun one of the best and popular korean drama that brought us to different dimensions of life because of its wonderful story which talks about the love story of Yoo Si Jin, who is also known as the big boss that handles the Korean special forces who is also good looking and passionate.

Meanwhile, Kang Mo Yeon is a doctor who is dedicated to her job and really loves what she does, her beautiful appearance is a bonus asset, however, because of her promise and devotion to her profession, her life is always at risk and always facing such troubles.

Their call of duty is totally different because the armies are to kill (especially enemies) and doctors need to save lives.

This series gave us a roller coaster ride in the comfort of our own home. Surely uncountable amount of tears we’re shed because of the touching moments and romantic vibe filled our hearts because of the scenes that really moved us.

9. Sky Castle

Sky Castle

This series is deeply focusing on high-quality education in college.

A housewife in a sumptuous residence called Sky Castle in Suburban Seoul desires her children to attend the Seoul National University. They pursued and rushed their two children for them to live someday like a crowned Prince and Princesses.

10. Still 17

Still 17

Woo SeoRi (Shin Hye Sun) was 17 Years Old, She fell into the  Deep Coma, after of couple of years (13 Years)
She Awakes from her coma, But her mental age is Still 17.

Going Woo Jin jin (Yang Se Jong) a set designer met Woo Seo Ri, during his pass relationship he has bad experienced in being a realation ship.

We Hope You Enjoy Reading the Top 10 Most popular Korean drama & all-time favorite. We Will Update it!