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I Wanna Hear Your Song [2022] Great to Watch on Netflix?

83 / 100

Are you the type of person who feels so relaxed when hearing melodies that the music brings? Or maybe you’ve dreamed to become a musician or an instrumentalist, well if yes, I’m really certain that you are going to enjoy this new Korean Drama called I Wanna Hear Your Song, and even though you’re not the type of a person who’s into music you can enjoy it still for the series is not only focussing on that said matter, its concept is really broad and you can definitely appreciate the different types of genres that they have included in this series of I Wanna Hear Your Song such as the Drama, Romance, Music, Mystery and Comedy, no wonder why people are too excited to see where the series can take them.

I Wanna Hear Your Song Review

From its premier which happened on August 5, [2022], did not fail to surprise its fan by showing consistency and sincerity in every episode that they are releasing the series made sure that they are competitive enough to be compared with other series, which also premiers on the same time that it was released and yes, I would say that they so far nailed it and no amount of words can express how admirable the first few episodes are.

Kim Se Jeong

The storyline of I Wanna Hear Your Song revolves around Hong Yi Young (Kim Se Jeong) who accidentally witnessed a murder case but does not able to remember any information about the things that really happened on the day of when the murder had occurred, Yi Young is a timpanist or the person who plays timpani, which is an instrument in the percussion family and it is categorized as a type
of drum.

Yeon Woo Jin

She is a simple-minded woman, however, she is suffering from insomnia. Her passion for what she does will encourage us. She is looking for a job and aside from just getting one she also happens to meet Ja Yoon whose character is being portrayed by Yeon Woo Jin is terrible at singing.

After meeting Yi Young his life will not stay as how he used to spend it because he will be very diligent in making calls every night just to talk to Yi Young and together they will try to find the truth behind the murder case. Woo Jin might be a bad singer, but he really is a part of an orchestra and is a pianist.

Let us all find out if their resemblance as a music lover can make us scream in delight. I Wanna Hear Your Song is not the typical series that we are all looking forward to watching, but with the great start that it showed us no doubt that each episode really deserved to be viewed and supported.

I’m so excited to see how the climax and plot will progress, but one thing is for sure its ending is something that I’m not gonna wish to happen. A lot has been said and we know that you also have something to say about this series, let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments! Stay Tuned.

I Wanna Hear Your Song Trailer

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