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Moonlit Winter [2022] Korean Movie Reviewed

86 / 100

Surrounding covered in ice and has a beam of life due to the moon’s appearance was not that bad. Sometimes the most exciting one is when you are able to appreciate the true message of life that even coldness can turn into something peaceful with the accordance of nature’s way to give hope through the light of the moon.

Moonlit Winter simply explains that coldness will be embraced by the moon creating a perfect scene of life’s motivation. In the 24th Edition of Busan International Film Festival, another film and artists were presented in the public during the Asian Film Festival.

Moonlit Winter Movie

The festival actively engaged in different industries as it promotes the capacity of an artist to be globally competitive as an Asian talent.

The selected film in 2018 BIFF was entitled “Moonlit Winter.” It tells the story of a mother and daughter reconciliation. The character named Yoon-hee was a middle-aged woman in her 40’s. She lived together with her daughter, Sae-Bom. Yoon-Hee was a secretive one because she doesn’t share anything that runs into her mind especially her emotional status to her daughter. The connection between these two seems very distant. One day, her high school daughter, Sae-Bom accidentally found a love letter for Yoon-hee.

The letter was sent from Hokkaido, Japan. In this event, after she discovered that letter, she started to ask or wonder herself about what happened in the past. In that case, she found an excuse to know her mother better and so, she can help her mother to overcome her post-divorce depression. Sae-Bom was a determined young one. After she repeatedly asked her mother, finally she got approval to go on a trip with her mother in Hokkaido.

Moonlit Winter Korean Movie Review

Yoon-Hee doesn’t know anything about Sae-bom’s plan. Eventually, they will arrive in Otaru, a silent village with white snow. In there, the story will start to rise to its appealing and climatic performance that will be enjoyed by everyone. As the story goes by, they will meet this woman who had just lost his father and currently living together with her aunt. The true story will start to unfold as the characters intertwine their paths without knowing that there is that secret character or ‘someone’ who will be the key to revitalize their living of life.

The characters will start to create a bond as they understand each other’s feelings and burdens. Together, they will create another exciting memory throughout the film and in the end, it will enable them to grab the chances to start over again and improve their interaction with each other. In continuation of this, Yoon-hee’s character was portrayed by Kim Hee-Ae. She will justify the character’s identity who was stalked by the events that happened to her from the past.

According to her, as she gives her own point of view about the character, it seems that the woman was trying to figure out the real her than struggling to move on about love. Short but precise.Kim So-Hye was also given the chance to portray as the daughter of Yoo-Hee, named Sae-Bom who would eventually reconcile to her mother.

That amazing, heartfelt film was directed by Lim Dah-Hyeong. He gained a chance to feature his film during the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). It is his second feature after the successful premiere of his first film entitled “Merry Christmas, Mr. Mo.” His first film tackled the issue of death but somehow in an alluring way.

Moonlit Winter Review

The film has a humorous yet sorrowful atmosphere. However, in his second storyline “Moonlit Winter” it talks about the restoration of love that once loss as it was healed in its simplest and loving manner again.

It would definitely give the audience some feels. Dah-Hyeong’s film was chosen to close the Biff as it plays for a 10-day run. According to him, it was a great experience that his film was featured during the 24th editions of the Film Festival. He added that it was a total privilege that his film was watched by 5000 audiences.

Moonlit Winter has its premiere in Busan Cinema Center. The consistency of the production to attain this kind of heartwarming film was indeed very amusing. Audiences can learn a lot of lessons from different scenes that could entirely change their perspective on the definition of love.

Moonlit Winter (2019) 윤희에게 Movie Trailer 2

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