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Korean Drama Review

Level Up [2022] Korean Drama Review

85 / 100

A lot of people want to “Level Up” from their current situation right now, some want to improve themselves and want to see their 2.0 version, how about you which part and aspect of your life you want to upgrade. Well, there is one thing that I wanted to tell you, “allow yourself to grow and allow your potential to improve”.

July 10th, [2022] when the new Korean series “Level Up” was released, the viewers and fans were also mesmerized with its pilot episode when they saw the versatility of each character, especially in the lead male character Sung Hoon, how he impressed the audience through portraying a hard role of a man whose not showing emotion is really outstanding and no doubt, He received praises and compliments from the viewers.

Sung Hoon

Sung Hoon will play the role of Ahn Dan Te Director at YooSung CRC, He specializes in restructuring companies aside from this he is also a cold-blooded person, a Cold City Man with a poker face and not into expressing his emotions, He is also a perfectionist and professional in what he does.

His harshness and sharpness with a cold charm are what make him different from other leading actors that everyone is dreaming of, but the uniqueness of his character is what made the viewers hooked and captivated that they would willingly give their heart to this series.

Level Up Korean Drama Review / 레벨업

Han Bo Reum

Han Bo Reum will take the role of Shin Yeon Hwa that will add a twist and excitement to this drama, she is working as a chief development officer and will start to develop a new game just to satisfy the CEO of restructuring company Ahn Dan Te, however, things will not go as how she expects it to be instead they will end up quarreling with each other which adds an interesting flavor to the story of the series.

Level Up Review

This Drama circles the story of a gaming company which is already failing that’s why Ahn Dan Te who has the credibility of 100% rate in restructuring companies will take place for he was sent to help the gaming company and he will team up with the passionate, hard-working and game lover Shin Yeon Hwa.

Dan Te will try to save the Joy Buster Gaming company using his proven techniques and get ready for their chemistry that will create a loveable comedy for the viewers which is already a big hit in the social media today.

After seeing a few episodes of this drama I have an assumption that Dan Te will have a leveling moment because of Yeon Hwa and Vice Versa, Lastly, the company might “Level Up” too from where it is as of this moment.

Level Up KDrama

I’m not trying to spoil it, I’m just sharing my thoughts and assumption about this great series “LEVEL UP”.

How about you? What are your thoughts about it? Go on and feel free to comment down below or leave a message. For more updates please stay tuned for your favorite Korean dramas


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