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The Best 17 List of Romantic Korean Movies REVIEW RANKED [2021] UPDATED

91 / 100

Are you bored? Stop whining! This another chill has finally arrived, old but GOLD Best Romantic Korean Movies of All Time from different times and settings.

A full blast of romantic korean movies that rise the image of South Korea as they were successfully produced and slowly but surely taped and nourished by the skills of their aspiring actors and actresses.

The emotions, cries, happiness and loud voices are sensational to its viewers all over the world. Spending time to watch these movies isn’t a nothing or a regret. Don’t forget to bring your handkerchiefs and hand your emotions.

The 17 List of Best Romantic Korean Movies of All Time and Highest Rated [2021] UPDATED

Below are the completed checklist of romantic movies from Korea in a random genre support, but centers the so called “Romantic” as their heart. Beginning with.

1. My Girl and I (2005)

best romantic korean movies

This movie entitled my girl and i was one of the most unforgettable romantic korean movies of 2015.

The story begins when a girl named Su Eun prevents her fellow student to Drown in the ocean for an unknown reason, the guy who is Su Ho didn’t notice the sacrifice that Eun did so that, he would not completely Drown in the ocean and suffocate.

Maybe that she can’t bear it anymore, he tells Su Ho about the incident and thanked her. The two develop a romantic excitement and their love grows to each other. A story of a beautiful girl and a man approached by the playful destiny to meet each other.

2. My Sassy Girl (2001)

romantic korean movies

A cute and a drunk young wan was seen by Gyun Woo closely to the train and unconsciously, of course, he pulls out the Girl and she vomits, everybody assumes that he’s was her boyfriend since there are on an awkward position.

After that incident, the Girl changes his fate, he finds himself attached in a relationship that he didn’t ask for. For Gyun Woo’s part, it’s just okay as he is known as a WOMANIZER in the night for he is interested in girls, he always unwinding and chilling with his buddies at night.

The woman he met, is his new bliss, whatever he does the woman is still on his mind and unable to forget it My Sassy girl 2001 is one of the best in our checklist in romantic korean movies.

3. A Moment to Remember (2004)

A Moment to Remember

The pure romantic korean movie a funny love story that all starts in a 27 year old fashion designer Soo Jin (Son Ye jin), she goes to purchase a soft drink in a convenience store, but because of tiredness she accidentally leaves it to the counter.

While Remembering the Coke she goes back there in the convenience store and accidentally bumps a Carpenter Chul Soo, who is dreamin’ to be an Architect someday.

While surveying in construction that her Father is in charge of. With that, the two develop a relationship just because of leaving coke on the counter. Sadly, Chul Soo has to face an undeniable fact and that is his current status in life.

4. Mood of the Day (2016)

best korean romantic comedy

Soo Jung is with her boyfriend for more than 10 years, but their relationship says nothing but just a “Lukewarm” relationship. She planned to go to Busan for Business Purposes and trip, but she heard that her best friend will gonna married her first love man so, she feels distracted with them.

On a train to Busan she sits next to Jae Hyun, a guy that did nothing but to pick up girls e every night and sleep with them overnight. Hyun feels so attracted to Jung’s beautiful legs so he joins her to every journey that Jung’s eyeing for.

She tries to push h away, but she failed Ay times he still n there, sitting beside her. While in the midst of the road Jung learned the true nature of Hyun and the truth inside of him, in short, she finds herself attracted to him.

5. Always (2011)

romantic korean movies list

A passionate man sometimes could also get tired, Chul Min a former star boxer retires from his career and starts a new job as a Parking lot attendant.

In the first seven nights of his duties, he failed to assist some customers as he gets tired off, he thinks that if he will go back to his career it will give him a bright future, calibers, and names.

The fate, however, sends an impaired woman named Jung Hwa, Min’s eyes capture her attention while walking in the toll booth alone then he invited her to watch television.

Finally, Chul Min caught his heart and smile and it shines a ray of hope to them, but it seems like that their love life will live short.

6. Love Forecast (2015)

romantic korean movies review

A true in love man could do everything to make his crush to satisfy and bloom, and that’s what exactly happens! This romantic korean movies entitled love forecast talks about with a man that did everything for his girl, even though he looked like a dump after.

His girl works as a weather forecaster, Sadly, she talks excessively and tough in a manner unlike her beautiful appearance and what is expected of her. Upon watching this, a blast of bliss romance and several temperament attitudes will burst out.

7. A Warewolf Boy (2012)

A Warewolf Boy A wolf boy that is living in a rural village in South Korea hides from the group of people, for he is scared of what they could do him There, Suni and her family moved into the village also for some reasons, as Suni is walking and wondering the beauty of the village, she suddenly saw the wolf boy that hides there.

She taught him how to write, eat, wait for a flesh, dress like a human. As usual, he develops a love for Suni but a threat appears in the village due to his bestial instincts, he becomes the villager’s subject. One day, Suni leaves him for a cause and she promised and said: “ Wait for me, I’ll come back for you “.

8. Once Upon a Time in Seoul (2008)

romantic korean movies

After the war has ended in Korea, a shaking and scared war, A two Refugees are doing their best to survive in those harsh conditions. Despite this, they are still happy and by trading some goods to others, it is their way to survive.

But one day a group of gangsters taken away their goods and the business to them, so they could do nothing but to fight and kill as they have hungered in flesh to survive.

9. On your Wedding Day (2018)

On your Wedding Day

All of us male or female want to see their loved ones on their wedding while man is standing in front waiting for her Goddess looks like the Girl while walking on the red carpet and the flower girl is scattering the glamorous petals and there you see the beautiful Tuxedos and Ball gowns.

The Violinists are playing romantic song and tears begins to fall, all eyes were wide open and teeth shines upon.

But for Woo Yeon, it’s just only a dream, a dream that sometimes makes him fool because his first love and the only girl he loves the most has fled away to pursue greater studies and jobs.

After more than 10 years of waiting, he received a wedding card invitation from… non other than, Seung He, his first love. This romantic korean movies was of the saddest movie you probably want to watch.

10. Be With You (2018)

Be With You

No one can match the heartbreak feeling of losing a family member. Imagine, you exactly know the date when you will pass away what will you do and why would you do? So Ah makes a promise to her husband before leaving in this land, an unbelievable promise you know, that she will appear once again after a year in a rainy day season.

Miraculously that’s actually happened! She sees her husband and Son once again, but it seems like she had a memory loss.

It still has a silver lining, they enjoy the moment with her and make new memories. Tragically, the moment will end sooner as So Ah, has to leave her family one again.

11. Man in Love (2014)

Man in Love

An action romantic korean movie debt collector Tae il life just revolves is collecting debts to his neighborhood in Gunsan.

Then he meets Ho Jung, a Bank Clerk and is taking care of her terminally I’ll Father.

As she has an unsettled bill and contracts to Tae il she forces to sign a contract in which, if she failed to settle the debts, she will sell her organs in order to pay it.

But then again, Tae il experiences a so-called “conscience “ as he knows, he offered an unfair contract to Jung.

He writes a new contract and offers it to her, Jung forcefully agreed and signed it as it was properly stated on it that he will exempt her to debts if she will date the collector and every date lessen her payable debts.

And later, both have found that they already fell with each other despite economic status.

12. More than Blue (2009)

More than Blue

They said that “Love and Hope are the two greatest inventions” but what if a disease called Cancer has landed on you to come into an end? How will you manage to keep in touch with the girl you love if you had this? “K” developed a romantic feeling for a girl he met as they were close to each other already, he keeps his love secret to her and tries to find her a new mate before he dies. So, there will be a new man that will fulfill his absence.

13. My Captain Mr. Underground (2006)

My Captain Mr. Underground

The soft hearted kids of our checklist in romantic korean movies started on robber Dae Cheol stole a precious Budhha for his own will either to make an act of revenge nor to sell it.

But the problem arises when the Two kids stole the Budda from him for enjoyment, they hide it somewhere and when Cheol ask the statue, they said “ I don’t know “ but he never believes in them instead, he tells the kids a lot of beautiful stories and later formed a family alike relationship.

14. Miracle of Giving Fool (2008)

Miracle of Giving Fool

Seung Ryeong gets involved in a massive car accident, his Father suddenly killed, but he surpassed the incident and the cerebral injuries.

They found out later that the accident has a massive impact on Ryeong’s mental and intellectual capacity, he’s already 27 years old, but he has an intelligence if a six years old child.

Jee Nin her younger sister sees him as nothing and disgusting. Years have to pass Ji Ho, a childhood friend of Ryeong came back to the village and helped him to overcome poverty by selling the famous and delicious toast in the village.

After that Ryeong realizes that Ji Ho captures his heart and emotions already.

This romantic korean movies tells us how strong and deep all kinds of love. It doesn’t matter if one of you suffers on a disease, but the most important is you both know that you really love each other no matter what happens and what the fate can do to lend a barricade on your ways.

15. Love 911 (2012)

Love 911

It’s very painful if we lost our wife or husband in an accident, and that’s what exactly happens in a firefighter and a Doctor who doesn’t open her mind to others. Both were destined to meet in a beautiful place and develop an extreme romantic relationship.

Hoping that they can cure the wounds they got from the past and starts a new life, with a new companion. This movie focuses or centers the passed, a past that could affect your future if it is not settled. One of all time favorite romantic korean movies beacause of the unique sweetnes.

16. A Man Who Was Superman (2008)

A Man Who Was Superman

Maybe some of us, are dreamin’ to be a Superhero someday. Those have wings, Ability to fly, save the family who needs help and protects Childs from culprits and killers! Sadly, those things won’t happen and exist.

But what if someone assumes that you are a real Superhero? Would you mind it and feel so proud? A boring and snobbish documentary producer produces a film/movie about to his neighbor who believes he is Superman.

Actually, he called him a “Crazy“ and the movie he was made can affect Hus’ personality and interaction with others. Maybe the producer, it’s not his intention to Attached his neighbor to embarrassment, about admits it PR not, others could make a criticism to fly anywhere.

This drama tells a lot of moral lessons, one of them is, we could be a Superman in our own ways and we don’t need to have or to possesses the power and skills of Superheroes to be one of them.

17. Hot Young Blood (2004)

Hot Young Blood

Jong Gil falls in love with a newly transferred student, In their school, she’s not like the usual girls we see, she has the intellectual ability, wisdom and of course the glamorous beauty.

However, a feared Gang Leader and a rival of their school, Young Sook try to prevent the newly transferred girl to Jing Gil and a problem arises, when they develop a heated rivalry and a feud with each other. This could also make the reputation of their school to look down.

I hope that you enjoyed reading the 17 list of best Romantic Korean Movies RANKED [2021] reviewed by yours truly! Stay Tuned for more updates.

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