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Korean Drama Review

Hotel Del Luna [2021] (Korea Drama Review)

88 / 100

Hotel Del Luna tickled the curiosity of the viewers and by hearing the title of the series, fans’ imagination started to fly and can’t help themselves from thinking, what would be the content of the series? Well, I also have the same question at first until I found out.


IU plays the role of Jang Man Wol is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Hotel Del Luna. She had committed a huge mistake many years ago and this is the reason as to why she was stuck at Hotel which is located in Downtown area of Seoul South Korea, The Hotel has an old appearance unlike any other hotels.

Man Wol is not an easy woman, she is the suspicious and greedy type and her capricious attitude is often noticed, but in spite of those attitudes, the fact that she is beautiful cannot be hidden.

Yeo Jin Goo

Yeo Jin Goo is also part of this astonishing series, he is portraying the character of a perfectionist and passionate man who is working as the youngest assistant manager at a multinational hotel corporation (he is the youngest man ever) to hold this position.

By his appearance, other people will say that he is haughty and proud, but he is really a soft-hearted one with a cool disposition, Because of things that arise unexpectedly, Koo Chan Sung will begin working as the manager of Hotel Del Luna.

With his charm and dedication, people look up to him and aside from that, his Good looking appearance also catches the soul of the viewers.

The Hotel’s place of entertainment (Clientele) has ghosts, Scary right, but wait, that’s all part of the excitement. A said drama plays an important role in this series and it is for you to find out the reason why.

From the moment that it was aired (July 13, [2021]) the series became a gigantic topic not only in every viewers and fans household but even in social media.

Hotel Del Luna Review

It is undeniable that this one is really hitting the hearts of every supporter since the marking and ratings impressively went high and, The viewer ship ratings for this fantasy horror drama romance reached a great peak and on July 28, According to Nielsen Korea, “Hotel Del Luna” latest episode scored an average of 8.7 just imagine the 1.7 increase.

It is expected to be aired until September 1, [2021], and I’m sure this series will not disappoint us until it’s last airing day (or maybe fans will demand for another season).

Don’t be outdated and let yourself feel the Romance, heavy drama with a punch of comedy and a pinch of fantasy with this noise creator and trending drama.

IU and Yeo Jin Goo’s performance on this one really deserved a commendation they are showing their versatility and skills as an actor, both of them bring new yet an addictive flavor to this K series.

What else can I say? Hotel Del Luna is a must-watch series and it is really worth taking time to watch with friends, family or even with just your own Company.

Hotel Del Luna Reactions

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