Top 5 Best Korean Disaster Movies RANKED and Reviewed [2020] Updated

I’m sure all of you have their list of the Best Korean Disaster Movies since we know that you love them we have listed the Best Korean Disaster Movies of all time, Let’s have a look on the following:

The All Time Favorite Korean Disaster Movies [2020 Updated]

1.The Flu

korean disaster movie, The Flu

This movie was said to be similar to “Train to Busan” but maybe it is because they have the same Disaster themed movie, whereas this is the most well-known storyline to Korean films. This is made of great tension and drama to keep up the storyline.

Every character in this movie made a good impact on the story, Especially Kim In Hae, performed by Soo Ae, who gave an impressive acting skill, alongside with the well-known actor Hyuk Jang, who played the character of Kang Ji Koo. These two gave really great chemistry to the story, they acted like the real characters.

The Cinematography of this movie was well organized according to the created scenes. The Crisis in the movie, which is the outbreak creates a magnificent flow of a series of events. It didn’t just showcase how the outbreak started, but it also gives a happy ending to everyone in the movie.

It also showcases the alertness of the government to the issue of their country. How South Korea handles such disasters, creations of the solution to fight and makes everything into control despite the situation.

This movie will make your knees weak because of the intense actions and will make you focus on the movie itself, especially the actors who give life to a disaster movie.

2. The Tower

korean disaster movie, The Tower

To be honest one of best Korean disaster movies that I watched. In the first part of the movie, it differentiates the lives of two worlds, The Wealthy, who lives a luxury life, and the Average, who works for the Wealthy.

Sometimes in our life, we rather live extravagant than Safety and that gives the lesson of this movie. As the building owner, Cha In Pyo, who is responsible for all the problems of the building disregard it for a Christmas Eve Party. Later on, as the fire broke out, the problem with the sprinkler system wasn’t fixed at all. Many lives have made their way to survive and some waited to be rescued from the building.

The source of the crisis of the movie is the recklessness of just one character. This movie gives a good lesson that no matter where you came from, you can be a hero in your way. Making the scenes more realistic with the help of sequences of the story and the intense fire outbreak.

It gives bravery and heroism that brought a good outcome to the story. The actions that the individual characters give unique support to the other characters. The action-packed movie has created a good impact to its audience that will make you watch till the end.

I know you’re enjoying the list so far so let’s continue checking on the Best Disaster Korean Movies of all time.

3. Train To Busan

Train To Busan

This Korean movie has shaken Asia by its unique storyline. The outbreak crisis came from a virus that made South Korea alerted.

This movie will not only make you scream but also cry with the outcome of the story. The storyline is not just to showcase its characters but also the beauty of their country, South Korea, they show the difference of every City that was shown in the movie. The characters are well portrayed, with emotions and actions.

As the movie goes on, the intensity goes on too. The scenery and cinematography were well played but one of the best Korean disaster movies, it became more likely to be a drama because of the outcome of the story in the end. Their survival was mix with emotions by losing their loved ones.

It may be a disaster movie, but they didn’t focus on solving the crisis, but only fight back without any solutions to take action about the outbreak of the virus. In the end, a lot of areas of South Korea were affected, moreover, the movie focus on survival.

It is a good movie to watch for a zombie apocalypse-themed movie. It gives a new outline of a story that will captivate your emotions and. Breathless because of the actions made by the characters.

4. Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

In the line of another Korean movie, this may not be one of the best you could ever see. It doesn’t evolve too many actions, unlike the other Disaster, themed movies. Behind the camera, the scenes cast took much effort in focusing on audience emotions to have reactions to the scenes that involve family, friendships, and relationships which created the heart and soul of the movie. It gives a feeling that will make you one of the casts of the movie.

It gives real-life lessons in every little detail of small or short scenes into it. These short scenes create a good impact on different viewers that has different views in life, it can play with your emotions in a good way.

This movie also indicates the ignorance of people when it comes to a disaster, it indicates real-time, it creates a movie that shows the real world.

Maybe not all of us may be happy or satisfied with this movie, because of viewing too many situations with different characters with a different perspective in life.

It may not reach our expectations about a Korean movie. But ignoring this movie and not finding out the small details why this is a good one, it will be a waste especially that it views the real people in the real world.

5. Pandora


This creation will toy your emotions that will make you heartbroken at the end of the movie. It will make you hate, realize and intense with every scene that this movie will showcase to us.

Earthquakes are unpredictable even in the 21st Century where technology has already improved and almost changes the world with its innovations. This movie gives us a feeling that disasters can happen all the time without us knowing about it.

This movie is one of the Best Korean Disaster Movies that gives us a big lesson to every audience or viewers that already have seen it, only when you focus on its hidden messages. We, ourselves, are just like the government in this movie, selfish. We make selfish decisions that will favor us.

We will hate the government and Kim Nam Gil is a character we will idolize in this movie, for sacrificing himself for the lives of many people but have you ever thought that, the people he will save are the ones just like the government? It will make you cry but gives a big impact on one’s selfishness.

The lesson that this movie gives is that not all people will be Kim Nam Gil but will be the government in the future.
By analyzing this list of Best Korean Disaster Movies, in the end, People are raised to save themselves in every disaster they encounter in life, and that will never change.

There you go! Let us know if you have enjoyed our list of the Best Disaster Korean Movies of all time by leaving a comment below or you may also sign up with your email address or other social media accounts to receive the latest updates for your favorite Korean Dramas and Movies.

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