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12 Best Korean Disaster Movies of All Time UPDATED [2021]

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We are pretty sure all of you have their list of the Best Korean Disaster Movies.

Since we know that you love them, we have listed the Best Korean Disaster Movies of all time. Let’s take a look on the following:

The All Time Favorite Korean Disaster Movies New Updates [2021]

1. The Tower

The Tower

One of best Korean disaster movies to date. In the first part of the movie, it differentiates the lives of two worlds, The Wealthy, who lives a luxurious life, and the Average, who works for the Wealthy.

Sometimes in our life, we rather live extravagant than Safety and that gives the lesson of this movie. As the building owner, Cha In Pyo, who is responsible for all the problems of the building disregard it for a Christmas Eve Party.

Later on, as the fire broke out, the problem with the sprinkler system wasn’t fixed at all. Many lives have made their way to survive and some waited to be rescued from the building.

The source of the crisis of the movie is the recklessness of just one character. This movie gives a good lesson that no matter where you came from, you can be a hero in your way. Making the scenes more realistic with the help of sequences of the story and the intense fire outbreak.

It gives bravery and heroism that brought a good outcome to the story. The actions that the individual characters give unique support to the other characters. The action-packed movie has created a good impact on its audience that will make you watch till the end.

2. The Flu

The Flu

This movie is said to be similar to “Train to Busan” but maybe it is because they have the same Disaster themed movie, whereas this is the most well-known storyline to Korean films. This is made of great tension and drama to keep up the storyline.

Every character in this movie made a good impact on the story, Especially Kim In Hae, performed by Soo Ae, who gave an impressive acting skill, alongside the well-known actor Hyuk Jang, who played the character of Kang Ji Koo. These two gave really great chemistry to the story, they acted like the real characters.

The Cinematography of this movie was well organized according to the created scenes. The Crisis in the movie, which is the outbreak creates a magnificent flow of a series of events. It didn’t just showcase how the outbreak started, but it also gives a happy ending to everyone in the movie.

It also showcases the alertness of the government to the issue of their country. How South Korea handles such disasters, creations of the solution to fight and makes everything into control despite the situation.

This movie will make your knees weak because of the intense actions and will make you focus on the movie itself, especially the actors who give life to a disaster movie.

3. Exit [2021]

Exit Korean Movie [2021]

Exit is a [2021] film directed by Lee Sang-geun starring Jo Jung Suk and Im Yoon Ah. The movie is considered as one of the best Korean disaster movies that tells about a rock climber who tries to save the day when a mysterious white gas envelops the entire district of Seoul.

Jo Jung Suk plays the character of Yong Nam who used to be one of the best rock climbers in college.

Despite his ability to do well in rock climbing, he struggles to find a decent job after he graduated. Yong Nam only depends on his parents just to make things end. On his mother’s 70th birthday celebration, Yong Nam insisted on having the venue set up at Dream Garden convention hall because his long-time crush Ui Joo (played by Yoon Ah) works there.

Back when they were in college, Yong Nam and Ui Joo used to be members of the rock climbing rock. When Yong Nam confessed his feelings for Ui Joo, Ui Joo rejected him.

During Yong Nam’s mother’s birthday celebration, a mysterious white gas suddenly covered the entire district of Seoul. With the help of his rock climbing skills alongside Ui Joo, Yong Nam will do everything he can to get everyone back to safety.

Because of its great plot and storyline, Exit got favored  by several movie review critics including Rotten Tomatoes.

4. Ashfall (2020)

Ashfall Korean Movie [2021]

Ashfall is a South Korean movie that talks about the disaster occured when Korea’s tallest volcano erupted.

When Mt. Baekdu suddenly erupts, seismologists warn the public that a devastating supereruption is on its way. Yoo Kyung (played by Jeon Hye Jin) puts up a team to execute a countermeasure for the impending disaster.

She then meets Bong rae (played by Don Lee), a renowned Korean-American seismologist. He presents a way to possibly stop the upcoming supereruption.

Meanwhile, In Chang (played by ha Jung Woo) who is only a few days away from completing his Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit service, recruited to take part in the operation.

During their operation, an accident occurred which led In Chang to be the one incharge to carry out the said operation along with his few members of the squad.

The operation takes place in North Korea, where they will meet Lee Joon Pyeong (played by Lee Byung Hun), a former soldier in North Korea.

Lee Joon Pyeong and In Chang will now work together to stop the volcanic eruption. Back in Seoul, In Chang’s wife Choi Ji Young (played by Bae Suzy), hopes for her husband’s return while struggling to survive the upcoming disaster with her expected baby.

Because of its high approval rating, Ashfall surpassed 2 million moviegoers in just four days. The film had reached 1 million audience just one day after its release.

I know you’re enjoying the list so far so let’s continue checking on the Best Disaster Korean Movies of all time.

5. Train To Busan

Train To Busan

This Korean movie has shaken Asia with its unique storyline. The outbreak crisis came from a virus that made South Korea alerted.

This movie will not only make you scream but also cry with the outcome of the story.

The storyline is not just to showcase its characters but also the beauty of their country, South Korea, they show the difference of every City that was shown in the movie. The characters are well portrayed, with emotions and actions.

As the movie goes on, the intensity goes on too. The scenery and cinematography were well played but one of the best Korean disaster movies, it became more likely to be a drama because of the outcome of the story in the end. Their survival was mixed with emotions by losing their loved ones.

It may be a disaster movie, but they didn’t focus on solving the crisis, but only fight back without any solutions to take action about the outbreak of the virus. In the end, a lot of areas of South Korea were affected, moreover, the movie focused on survival.

It is a good movie to watch for a zombie apocalypse-themed movie. It gives a new outline of a story that will captivate your emotions and. Breathless because of the actions made by the characters.

6. Pandora


This creation will toy your emotions that will make you heartbroken at the end of the movie. It will make you hate, realize and intense with every scene that this movie will showcase to us.

Earthquakes are unpredictable even in the 21st Century where technology has already improved and almost changes the world with its innovations. This movie gives us a feeling that disasters can happen all the time without us knowing about it.

This movie is one of the Best Korean Disaster Movies that gives us a big lesson to every audience or viewers that already have seen it, only when you focus on its hidden messages.

We, ourselves, are just like the government in this movie, selfish. We make selfish decisions that will favor us.

We will hate the government and Kim Nam Gil is a character we will idolize in this movie, for sacrificing himself for the lives of many people but have you ever thought that, the people he will save are the ones just like the government? It will make you cry but gives a big impact on one’s selfishness.

The lesson that this movie gives is that not all people will be Kim Nam Gil but will be the government in the future.

7. Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

In the line of another disaster Korean movies this may not be one of the best you could ever see. It doesn’t evolve too many actions, unlike the other Disaster, themed movies.

Behind the camera, the scenes cast took much effort in focusing on audience emotions to have reactions to the scenes that involve family, friendships, and relationships which created the heart and soul of the movie. It gives a feeling that will make you one of the casts of the movie.

It gives real-life lessons in every little detail of small or short scenes into it. These short scenes create a good impact on different viewers that have different views in life, it can play with your emotions in a good way.

This movie also indicates the ignorance of people when it comes to a disaster, it indicates real-time, it creates a movie that shows the real world.

Maybe not all of us may be happy or satisfied with this movie, because of viewing too many situations with different characters with a different perspective in life.

It may not reach our expectations about a Korean movie. But ignoring this movie and not finding out the small details why this is a good one, it will be a waste especially that it views the real people in the real world.

8. Taegukgi

Taegukgi Korean Movie

Taegukgi tells the story of two brothers who are forced to go to battle during the outbreak of Korean War in June 1950.

The older brother named Jin Tae 9 (played by Jang Dong Kun) is a shoemaker who provides for his family’s everyday needs. He also works to send his younger brother Jin Seok (played by Won Bin) to college.

When a Korean war outbreak occurs, the two need to be away from their family to join the military team. Jin Tae vows to protect his younger brother at all cost. A military official promises Jin Tae that if he wins a medal of honor, they will send Jin Seok home.

Meanwhile, Jin Tae’s fiance Young Shin (played by Lee Eun Ju) awaits her boyfriend’s comeback while trying to get food for her family by joining the communist party.

Taegukgi has a melodramatic feel  with an emotional storylines equipped with power of tales of the war.

it will put its viewers in their seat as it will give them a story of faith, love and trust to be tested in time, making taegukgi one of the best Korean disaster movies of all time

9. The Terror Live

The Terror Live Best Korean Movie

The Terror Live is about a former news anchor who’s been rigged with a bomb after having an exclusive interview with a terrorist.

Young Hwa Yoon (played by Ha Jung Woo) used to be a top news anchor when he demoted to radio news. One day, a phone call from a terrorist threatens the blow up the Mapo Bridge.

When Young Hwa Yoon thought the call is just a prank, the bridge suddenly blows up 10 minutes after the phone call. Because of this, Young hwa Yoon takes advantage of the situation get his career back as news anchor.

Instead of working with the police investigators, Young Hwa Yoon tries to conduct an exclusive interview with the terrorist.

The said terrorist is one of the construction workers of Mapo Bridge who demands the President to apology for his coworkers who died while on their job.

The government, on the other hand, thinks they are not to blame for the death of the terrorist’s coworkers. Because of this, the government dismissed the demand of the terrorist, making the latter go awry.

Soon enough, Young Hwa Yoon finds out there is a bomb rigged on his earphones and the terrorist threatens that if he doesn’t get what he demands, the bomb will explode in Young Hwa Yoon’s ears, love on air.

To be considered as one of the best Korean disaster movies, you need to put your audiences in real emotions. This is what The terror Live aims to do as it earns not only good reviews from film critics but also from the word of mouth of its moviegoers.

10. Deranged

Deranged Korean Movie

Deranged tells the story of a disastrous drowning epidemic which causes a national panic in the entire South Korea.

With thousands of victim’s life at stake, Jae Hyuk (played by Kim Myung Min) finds an antidote that may be stored in his warehouse supplies area through the help of his brother Detective Jae Pil (Kim Dong Wan).

Deranged is also considered as one of the best Korean disaster movies because of its great plot and cinematography.

The movie sells 1.13 million during its premiere episode in 2011. Deranged also earned numerous awards including Best Supporting Actress and Most Popular Actor in 2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards, respectively.

11. Vanishing Time

Vanishing Time Korean Movie

Vanishing Time is about a 30-year old man who suddenly appeared after he mysteriously went missing in a forest. The boy’s name is Sung Min (played by Lee Hyo Je).

He and his other friends including Su Rin (played by Shin Eun Soo) ventures out into a cave in a forest when they discover a glittering egg to which according to folklore, the egg can turn a child into an adult.

When the boys took the egg out of curiosity, Su Rin tried to stop them, however, the boys suddenly disappeared. Later, a mysterious man in his 30s suddenly shows up and tells Su Rin he is Sung Min.

Vanishing Time is considered as one of the best Korean disaster movies because of its plot that transcends from the borders of drama and science fiction.

According to film critics, the movie shows an intricate combination of sci-fi and melodrama which results in a more entertaining movie.

Vanishing Time takes viewers to a magical experience that will capture the fleeting innocence of childhood, alongside with the harsh world of adulthood.

12. The Tunnel

The Tunnel Korean Movie

When Lee Jung Soo (played by Ha Jung Woo) drives home for his daughter’s birthday, he enters a tunnel and suddenly gets trapped inside. When he regains consciousness, Lee Jung Soo finds himself in his car buried under tons of concrete debris.

With his cellphone, two bottles of water and his daughter’s birthday cake, Lee Jung Soo tries to do everything he can to get out of the trap and be on time for his daughter’s birthday.

The Tunnel earned a 100% rating on some popular film critics because of its fantastic survival drama-type film.

By analyzing this list of Best Korean Disaster Movies, in the end, People are raised to save themselves in every disaster they encounter in life, and that will never change to be added here are the best korean dramas on netflix.

There you go! Let us know if you have enjoyed our list of the Best Disaster Korean Movies of all time by leaving a comment below or you may also sign up with your email address or other social media accounts to receive the latest updates for your favorite Korean Dramas and Movies.

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Is Vanishing Time Disaster Korean Movies or Fantasy Movies?

Yes! It’s Fantasy Korean Movies but in our case we will include it on our checklist since they had a unique storyline and setting!

Where can I watch some of the best Korean disaster movies?

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Will there be an upcoming sequel to Train To Busan?

Train to Busan was a huge success when it was first released in South Korea. The film broke the audience record of 10 million moviegoers in South Korea alone. While fans are asking for a sequel, reports revealed that a sequel might be on its way in [2021]. The sequel, entitled “Peninsula”, which is “Bando” in Korean,  is said to be released in August [2021]. The main cast Gong Yoo is also said to return along with new casts including Kang Dong Won, Lee Re and Goo Kyo Hwan.

What are some of the upcoming Korean disaster movies this [2021]?

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