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My First First Love Season 2

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This romantic South Korean series My First first Love Season 2 is a Netflix Original series, which was created by the great Hyung Jung, among all the beautiful K dramas on Netflix.

Who among here felt sad when the series of My First First Love ended? A lot of fans were ranting about how dismayed about their thoughts of not watching this trending series. I’ve been a personal witness of some people I know who even created Netflix accounts just to watch the series. Fans of My first First Love have been screaming, crying, and laughing after that hanging feeling when the first season had ended.

My First First Love Season 2 is the fifth South Korean original created by streaming services and looking at the result, I can say that it reached or even exceeded the expected outcome. Numerous subscribers have expressed their feelings through demanding a second season of this wonderful drama. Let’s find out if Netflix will renew the contract in airing this in-demand series.

My First First Love Season 2

The first season was aired on April 18, and it really became a big hit as it is also a way to shake off the boredom of the winter and an usher in the spring season.

Even when the moment that you wanted to lay on your bed the urgency to watch it will make you up and after each episode you will be more excited to wait for the next one and that routine will be you routine when watching this one, addictive as other people may say, anyway they will not understand it till they experience the magic that “My First First Love” brings.

The Season 2 of this series has not been announced yet, but a lot of fans assumed that it will happen anytime soon, including yours truly, Assumedly, the next season will feature the remaining eight episodes, as per Netflix it is a story of Yun Tae O, a college student whose friends Including his closest friend Hang Song-i moved into his house with different and personal reasons. They began learning the lessons of love and life as they were twisted in the reality of being at early 20 somethings.

Jung Chae Yeon

A said series cast we’re absolutely great and carefully picked, Many K Pop stars are part of it as the Good Looking and charismatic Jung Chae Yeon of DIA whose talent and impact to the audience has been proven already, Music influence of B1A4 Jung Jin Young is also included and surely the same as their effectivity in drawing audiences in large hall he can also make it happen for the said series.

Kim Ji Soo

Kim Ji Soo who is a well known Korean actor is portraying the role of Yun Tae O, His legion of fans were pleased by knowing that he is one of the cast, with those names alone, it is not hard to say that once the season gets released it will surely be added to the language of Koreans.

The information that we have gathered may not be enough to satisfy and please the fans and supporters of “My first first Love 2” But since we wanted to sympathize with you in requesting for the next season at the earliest possible time we have decided to publish this one!

Official Trailer of My First First Love Season 2

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