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When The Devil Calls Your Name [2022] Reviewed

88 / 100

When I heard about the title if this Korean drama, “When The Devil Calls Your Name”, my curiosity was honestly tickled and my imagination started to work while thinking what would be the content of this series and what’s about it that people are being excited of? “Goblin” can be the basis for this series “When The Devil Calls your name”, for it set a high standard in terms of Korean Series and my expectations about it were met or I would say it exceeded my expectations.

When The Devil Calls Your Name KDrama

It is inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Faust” where the protagonist, Faust, sold his soul to the devil. This fantasy, melodramatic drama that also has a pinch of occult and comedy depicts how one could feel so contrived by the society & hopeless in life.

Ha Rib, who is played by Jung Kyung Ho, who also sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fame, wealth and youth. The story revolves around a guy that had a contract with the devil. Seo Dong Cheon (also played by Jung Kyoung Ho) is an old, poor, unknown singer.

After selling his soul to the devil named Ryu, he became Ha Rib. Every song that he releases becomes a hit & he started getting acknowledged in the music industry.

When The Devil Calls Your Name Review

Mo Tae Kang (played by Park Sung Woong), who was possessed by the devil, Ryu, is a well-known actor in the drama. Behind his gentle appearance as an actor lies the shadow of the devil. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Ji Seo Young (played by Lee El) who is Ha Rib’s assistant and is still in love with Mo Tae Kang.

The contract between Ha Rib & the devil lasts for 10 years and by the time it is about to end, Ha Rib finds out that the key to his successful career was stolen from Kim Lee Kyung (played by Lee Seol), a singer-songwriter.

Though she’s been unlucky with how her life is going, her passion for music is undeniably strong. This is when Ha Rib crosses paths with Lee Kyung and tries to help her achieve her goal of becoming a famous singer-songwriter. Ha Rib, out of his guilt, also decided to fix the lives of the people around him due to his agreement with the devil.

I should say, this drama “When the Devil calls your name” has its charm, but it reminds me of “A Korean Odyssey”. Familiar faces like Lee El and Kim Sung Ho can also be seen in this series.

Mo Tae Kang is a lot like Ma Wang’s Character (from “A Korean Odyssey”) who also has a dark side but is soft on the inside. Ha Rib and Tae Kang’s bromance (brotherly romance) gives comic relief to the drama though they also radiate a love-hate relationship.

Also, the love story between Tae Kang and Seo Young gives off a shocking twist to the drama. Viewers could also look forward to Lee Kyung’s side of the story and also the struggles Ha Rib will face ful filling Lee Kyung’s dream.

When The Devil Calls Your Name [2022]

After watching this drama, I realized that it holds a very meaningful message to viewers who are also going through tough times in trying to achieve their dreams or to those who have given up on dreaming. It also shows how desperate humans can be in terms of success, money, and fame. The consequences for all of this is unhappiness and not knowing what living a life means.

Thank you for reading our review “When the Devil calls your name“.

When the Devil calls your Name [2022] Name Trailer

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