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Golden Garden [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

85 / 100

Having a garden at home is something that makes people relax and experience a refreshing fresh air from a tiring day, but Golden Garden isn’t just about a simple garden that talks about plants, grass, flowers, and butterflies.

Golden Garden [2022]

Last July 20th we were all moved to the premier of this Romantic Drama series because every minute of the episode is really a blasting feeling and it is an understatement to say that this drama is great because it is more than that.

Golden Garden is being aired on the MBC network and I would say that this one is really a wonderful offer to every viewer.

The story of the Golden Garden series center about the life of Eun Dong Joo and Cha Pil Seung, who both experienced unfortunate events from their childhood.

They both have a burdensome past that is still in their hearts and it is haunting them up to now.

Han Ji Hye is playing the role of Eun Dong Joo whose experience in life can be to Cinderella, she was a girl who was abandoned at an orphanage when she was six years old, aside from her name there’s nothing more she can remember which is a bit odd but it’s for sure has a reason why. Dong Joo grew up as a joyful and jolly person, brave and she endures every hardship that life throws at her, she is always striving hard to live her life to the fullest way. Unlike Cinderella, she is not that noticeable or appealing, but there is something about her that will make a draw to her especially when you get to know her more.

The Golden Garden Drama

Though she can’t remember, she had a wonderful childhood with a shoe factory owner’s father, but things got rough when her mother passed away and her father married another woman and brought it to their house. After a few years, her father died and that caused another complicated moment to Dong Joo because her stepmother has a biological daughter who steals all of her assets and took Joo’s place, after which dong Joo was left at an orphanage.

A great lead actor Lee Sang Woo is playing the role of Cha Pil Seung in this Series, A bachelor Detective who has enjoyed a comfortable life ever since, His father is a doctor who made sure that their family is always so Pil Seung is really fortunate to have an almost perfect family, but because of an accident (hit and run) he lost his parents in just a glimpse while they are on their way home from the Golden Garden Festival, he was just seven then.

His grandmother took care of him after and gave him a good life, but the incident keeps on haunting him, the happy memories and traumas of yesterday keep knocking on him through nightmares.

The Golden Garden Korean

Because of his appealing looks, she has dated women, but doesn’t want commitments and doesn’t want to start his own family, because of this person think that he is really enjoying his life, but deep inside Pil Seung is being consumed by Loneliness Dong Joo was distressed emotionally and physically because of what happened to her life, it leaves a hole in her heart but she will meet the person who can patch it, Pil Seung they share the same nightmare and they actually met 27 years ago. Pil Seung will find out that Dong Joo is a part of the hit and run because her stepmother caused a car accident just to abandon Dong Joo.

I’m sure you are all excited to know what will happen in this series, Golden Garden has started the series in a superb way and I can’t help myself from getting excited to see the next episode.

Golden Garden Trailer

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