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Justice [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

86 / 100

Each of us believes that Justice should be served to all of us equally and fairly no matter what your status in life is, it’s still something that everyone deserves to have. On July 17 we were all surprised when we saw the premiere episode of the ‘Justice‘ which story circles the story of a Lawyer Lee Tae Kyung, Song Woo-young.

Justice KBS2

The title itself speaks a broad subject and as expected netizens and viewers have shared their personal thoughts about it by discussing it online, several opinions were given, but what I’m sure about is that most of them agreed that the series is doing well and how it is going so far really makes the audiences satisfied and happy.

Others may be wondering why it really sounds familiar to their ears, Yes you are correct because This series of Justice is based on the 2017 web novel which has the same title, and based on the praises that the series is getting it is well deserved of having the same title and is expected to establish a good standard just like the web novel which is I think is something that is achievable because of the support of the avid fans.,

Aside from that the cast are really doing a wonderful job in delivering an effective and efficient way of acting by fulfilling the emotions needed for their roles and characters, I’m sure all of you wants to know more about the drama so lets get started with this.


Lee Tae Kyung is a star lawyer who is being played by Choi Jin-Hyuk who has the best winning rate among all the elite lawyers, he is well known for handling the cases of well-known ad elite individuals who are willing to pay the price just for the sake of getting acquitted and Tae Kyung do it for them.

He becomes powerful and wealthy person because of his clients but behind this image that he has he is carrying a different reason as to why he decided to be a lawyer and that is to take his revenge for his younger brother and seems to forget it because he’s been focused on making money, with his sharp logical mind and well intelligent way of speaking He became successful but things will flow differently when Tae Kyung deals with a series of cases which involves missing actresses and we will all witness how he will work on it.

Justice KDrama Review

Behind Tae Kyung success is a man named Song Woo Yong being portrayed by Son Hyun Joo, he is the CEO of a construction company, his success is because of referring wealthy people’s criminal cases to Tae Kyung but he is not just a typical businessman, He desires to be more powerful for his family and he is willing to do what it takes for him to be in much higher position, However, when the cases involving the actresses arises he will get into conflict with Tae Kyung.

The story of the ‘Justice’ may sound cliché but from my personal point of view, I think the attack of the series is full of intense and surprises so stay tuned and keep yourself updated!

Justice [2022] Trailer

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