My Absolute Boyfriend 2019 Korean Drama Reviewed

Every person who has experienced the feeling of being in a relationship will surely enjoy and will certainly relate to the series “My Absolute Boyfriend”. This admirable well-cast series will give each of us a reason to fall in love again.

My Absolute Boyfriend Drama

Absolute talks about total or overall and we often heard the question what is your ideal partner? They mean the same thing, but, can we really find a perfect partner in this imperfect world? Is there really an absolute boyfriend or girlfriend? Considering that we all have imperfection which gives us the freedom to become the unique version of ourselves.

I think in a romantic relationship the word absolute is not talking about the perfection of someone’s individuality, but it is the way they handle, response, and value their relationships that make them absolute. Let’s scrutinize the actors and actresses of this Drama.

Yeo Jin Goo (born August 13, 1997) is a South Korean actor who started when he was roughly 8 years young, he debuted in the film “Sad Movie” in (2005) and showed impeccable skills he then started to catch the eyes and attention of audiences and was nicknamed “Nations Little Brother” which is an informal title in the South Korean Entertainment Industry referring to a young female or male celebrity who possesses a cute, bright and innocent attitude and appearance.

He then started playing the younger version of the lead roles in both TV series and big screens or movies some of these are A Frozen Flower in 2008, the Giant in 2010, Missing You and the award-winning Drama Moon Embracing the Sun in 2012.

Yeo Jin GooYeo Jin Goo continuously showed tremendous talent and showed versatility as an actor and one of the recent series he did was the Crowned Clown in 2019 where once more he proved that he got exceptional talent skills.

Bang Min Ahwas born on May 13, 1993. She is also known as Minah and is considered as one of the most influential artists of her generation, she made her acting debut on the TvN variety show, Roller Coaster, appearing in the segment “Frustrated, but Let’s stick it Together” then unyielding success continuously approached her, she was featured in the sitcom Vampire Idol in 2011.

A couple of years later Minah made her debut in the film industry in Holly (2013), she showed her flexibility as an actress by playing an inspirational role of a High school student aspiring to become a ballerina and all of her hard work paid off by receiving the Rookie Actress Award at the Gwangju International Film Festival for her astounding performance, she also became host of music program till 2014.

It is truly Undeniable that her career had bloomed and still blooming, in 2019 Bang Min Ah is set to return to the small screen as the Leading Lady of the romantic comedy-drama My Absolute Boyfriend which is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name.

Hong Jong Hyun 29 year old actor who started as a professional model in 2007, a year later He made his acting debut in 2008 and started proving himself in the spotlight as He embarks a career as an actor, in the year 2010 Hong appeared in the romantic comedy series Oh! My Lady, Vampire Idol in 2011 and as has done supporting roles in Jeon Woo-Chi in 2012,

Jong Hyun became more in demand and has appeared in many shows and series up until this time, because in March 2019 Hong surprised the entertainment industry and as well as his avid supporters when he finally confirmed that he will be part of the weekend drama The Most beautiful daughter in the world and will be part of the said series.

This ongoing prodigious series is a story about Eom DaDa (Bang Min Ah) a makeup artist, she is a cold-hearted woman who happened to meet an android named Yeong Goo (Yeo Jin Goo) who is designed to be an ideal boyfriend.

Surprisingly begin to develop and feel human emotions, As the android bloom feelings towards Dada, they will have a love triangle with Ma Wang Joon (Hong Jong Hyun), a famous actor of his generation and Um Dada’s childhood friend.

A said series has a simple but unique twist that’s made even greater because of the great acting and chemistry between the leading characters.

The romance, comedy, and the science fiction twist of the story made it unique and very worth it to watch. Expect the intense squeals, tears, and undeniable love for this drama. You’ll absolutely love it!

My Absolute Boyfriend Trailer

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