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Crash Landing On You The First Romantic Series of the two Award winning actors [2021]

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Expected to air later in [2021], Crash Landing On You is the first romantic drama of the two award-winning actors.

Almost a year after their movie, “The Negotiation”, was released on September 2018, actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will team up once again in a new romantic drama series.

This has stirred attention earlier because the two legends and pioneers of the Hallyu wave will collaborate with writer Park Ji Eun who also penned My Love From the Star, Legend Of The Blue Sea, The Producers and You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly.

Crash Landing On You Review

They had their first script reading last July. Reports said that they have started filming since last month in ZÜrich, Switzerland. It will air on tvN and will be their last weekend drama of this year.

Crash landing on you finale

The story of Crash Landing On You revolves around a rich heiress named Yoon Se RI, played by Son Ye-Jin, who crash lands in North Korea while Paragliding due to high winds.

Hyun Bin plays the North Korean military officer who finds her and helps her safe return to her homeland. In the process of protecting her, they fall in love.

Another controversial actor who is joining the cast is Kim Jung-Hyun (Time). This is his comeback drama series after taking a one-year break from acting due to physical and mental health issues. Fans are excited to see him back to a small screen and hope that his conditions will be better.

Earlier this year, Hyun Bin (Memories of the Alhambra), 36, and Son Ye Jin, (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food), 37 were seen spending time together in the United States.

They had photos together, circulating online and the netizens were speculating that the two were dating. They were seen together on separate instances in New York doing grocery shopping together and in L.A.

Playing golf and having dinner at a restaurant with her parents. The dating rumors surrounding the two were denied by their agencies, commenting that they are only friends.

According to the agency, they were with other companions at the time, but their pictures were publicized only because they’re the only celebs in the group. Meanwhile, The Son’s agency claimed that her parents currently reside in Korea making it completely impossible to have dinner with the pair in America.

Just looking at the cast of this upcoming K-drama entitled Crash Landing On You, I can conclude that it’s going to be another success for the K-drama fandom. There is no doubt that the actors can give justice to their roles as they are good suspense in their own rights.

Love Emergency Landing - Hyun Bin

Their romantic chemistry on (and probably off-screen) will be gauged here as their roles in their last movie together did not revolve around a romantic plot.

Apart from its distinguished actors, it is likewise a collaboration of a prolific writer and a notable director so we are looking forward to finding out how a North-South romance and all its conflicts will unfold in the narrative.

On the dating rumors, I would say that this a nice promotional tactic to build up the anticipation of the viewers.

Whether there’s truth to this tittle-tattle or not, the plot and the actors themselves are the ones to be carefully reviewed if they can add something new to the typical boy-meets-girl-and-falls-in-love storyline.

For a big-budget TV series Crash Landing On You that will be filmed in Europe, we want to see how the characters will blend in with the culture and the place and how relevant this setting is to the story.

This is directed by Lee Jeong-hyoof Romance Is A Bonus Book and Life On Mars among others.

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