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Bring the Soul: The movie [2022] Korean Movie Reviewed

84 / 100

Bring the Soul The movie will certainly give us a variety of emotions. Bangtan Sonyeondan is indeed well-known for its K-POP Music as a boy band group.

Internationally recognized as BTS from their fans worldwide! As the group released one of their second full-length movie entitled as Bring The Soul: The Movie on August 7, [2022].

The said film hit a Box Office Gold record with over $13 Million in just one week of its release on the big screen.

In Bangtan Sonyeondan’s movie, they have discussed their experiences as a group and individually speak up as one about their local and international tours, such as their concert film Love Yourself in Seoul, South Korea. Kim Nam-Joon, known as RM shared his sincere thoughts to his fans saying “I don’t know what this movie will make you feel.

It was weird for me. And I just wanted to improve.. Why is it so far away?” He shared with his fans wholehearted. In the movie, they’ve talked about numerous things as a Korean Idol and what it feels like to prepare for their concert.

As they share a bond with their fans every time they hit the stage and bring their all to the crowd. It was another successful route of the group as they hit the stage and the big screen.

BTS UNITE AS ONE, Bring the Soul: The Movie

Bring the soul the movie review

The movie also showed the touching moment of the Army fans, and BTS as they jammed with their idol, bias perhaps as what they call their favorite idol. You’ll also see the glimpse of lightstick waving in the darkness as the group joins them with their hit song leaving a glorious light of inspiration on their Army fans. The group shared their life lessons as an idol and what it is like to live as one. Every time they sing a song for their Army fans.

They couldn’t help but feel emotional of the unconditional support of their Army fans every time they release their comeback, announcing their tour, and their movie as BTS and the unconditional love of their Army fans. The group also taught their fans to love themselves.

As inspired by their concert film “Love yourself.” It connected them with their Army fans even more. Kim Nam-Joon also said to his Army fans during their Love Yourself concert film saying “You guys taught us to love ourselves.

You guys taught me to love myself. You find me, you discovered us.” Touching as it is, RM brought the emotion from his fans and they love how he was true to himself and his Army fans. They sang their Love Yourself Tear Album in their concert film showed in the Bring The Soul: The Movie. I may not be a complete fan of this group but I adore the passion shared by both worlds.

My friend who’s an Army shared the same value to her favorite idol, Jeon Jung-kook, best known as Jungkook for the past three years of her undying support. Since she discovered this group by hearing one of their songs “We are bulletproof pt.2” And, to this day she had helped me review this movie that I have been hearing since July.

It was the month where they have announced another of their famous creation hitting the big screen.

The movie itself is inspiring. It brought tears of joy or pure emotional love from their Army fans worldwide who share the same support and love for the group. Bring The Soul: The Movie indeed will teach you to love yourself as a fan as you embrace all of your fears and conquering your wildest dream.


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