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Vagabond [2022] The Hit Action Korean Series Updated

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Surely all of us are asking what else K Drama series can we look forward to watching. Well, the universe has heard your question and now “Vagabond” will soon be aired in your household.

Vagabond kdrama

Another Korean Drama is to be shown this September [2022] in one of the international streaming sites Netflix. This is Vagabond, an Action Drama is featuring Lee Seung-Gi as Cha Dal-Gun, who works initially as a stunt man to become an eventual internationally known actor who encounters a plane crash that changes his life completely. As he is recuperating from the trauma he encountered, he learns that the plane crash is not an accident.

He investigates and finds out those major politicians are involved in exposing corruption in the national government. This conspiracy will be a nationwide scandal and is definitely a risk in his life. In his venture, he meets Bae Suzy, who plays as Go Hae-Ri, a police officer aspirant who wants only the best for her family then becomes a National Intelligence Service officer.

bae suzy vagabond

She was assigned in a very special case as part of the Special Intelligence Unit.

She was assigned to inspect the works of the enemy, watch their movements and communicates secretly to their agency to the point that her morale is put to test.

Cha Dal-Gun and Go Hae-Ri cross their paths along with their secret investigation along with the hurdles of the government forces to stop the eruption of its biggest scandal.

Other actors to star in this Hollywood like Korean drama series include Shin Sung Rok as Ki Tae-Woong, Moon Jeong-Hee as Jessica Lee, Jeong Man-Sik as Min Jae-Sik, Lee Kyoung-Young as a lobbyist, Baek Yoon-Sik, Moon Sung-Geun, Hwang Bo-Ra, Ryu Won, Yoon Na-Moo, Kang Kyung-Hun, and Kim Dae-Gon.

lee seung gi vagabond

This series to be exclusively shown, as mentioned, in Netflix, will be played in different parts of the world by September [2022] with run time by 10 in the evening, Fridays and Saturdays.

This is shot in Morocco as well as Portugal, showcasing a Hollywood grade action scenes which are the trend now of the evolution of Korean Dramas as of the Moment.

The protagonists in this series are not new to their tandem as they previously worked together in the 2013 Series Gu Family Book to which Bae Suzy won the Top Excellence Award Actress in a Miniseries and Best Couple with Lee Seung-gi in the MBC Drama Awards. Lee Seung-gi, on the other hand, also won the Popularity award on the said body.

This highly nominated and award-winning singers and actors get together again to test their chemistry on this upcoming series. It won’t only showcase the series plot and twists by showing a story different from the political story dramas involved, but also the stunts which you can compare to scenes like in movies, Fast and Furious Series.

The explosion scenes in the teaser, the aerial scenes, and the showcased scenes in the international community truly show an anticipated world-class and another award-winning body.

Vagabond review

Noticeable, though is the acting of Bae Suzy in the teaser as her portrayal of becoming a black detective.

As compared to the other main protagonist Lee Seung-gi, her facial reaction, stunts, and acting are already amazing. We won’t be surprised if Lee Seung-gi will be noticed in different Hollywood firms as Korea’s Famous Actors.

He could be typecast as to the likings on the roles of Daniel Henney on the shows X-men Origins: Wolverine, Shanghai Calling, The Last Stand, and The Spy: Undercover Operation; episodes NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds Series. Lee Seung-gi has really great potential, especially, if provided with roles like these. With his versatility, he could be that far.

As we would not want to be too critical with Bae Suzy’s acting prowess, and as we have only seen the teaser and is much to be seen, her facial reactions and failure to be seductive on her part of roles have to be improved. There are scenes where it is highly noticeable not at par with the scenes need of a reaction.

Nonetheless, this is one of the most awaited Korean Dramas and will be another pride of the world-renowned talent of the Koreans. Vagabond will again premiere on Netflix this September [2022].

Let us all feel the excitement while waiting for this great series.

Vagabond Korean Drama Review [2022] Trailer

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