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Secret Boutique [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

86 / 100

Secret Boutique might have a mysterious title, but, I’m telling you it is not your typical series because a lot of elements have been included in this upcoming one!

In a world where money and power dictate your chances of survival, how can a young, orphan girl survive? By playing the gruesome game of politics of the upper-class, of course! Jenny Jang will be beating all odds and she’s coming your way this September!

Secret Boutique Review

This a new melodrama series directed by “Scent of a Woman“‘s Director Park Hyung Ki. And, working along with the director once again, “I Do, I Do” ‘s lead actress Kim Sun Ah, makes a comeback to the big screen by playing the main character in this new series, who goes by the name of Jenny Jang.

The story brilliantly starts in Jang’s boutique, called J-Boutique. It’s a typical yet comfortable looking-shop, with the usual clothes and jewelry beautifully shown on display like any other fashion outlet. The items are probably made by Jang, who knows-but for sure she will be adored by the audience with her ever-so friendly and accommodating demeanor.

But the fans better get ready for this revelation-of the boutique is just a front for an underground business! Underneath the J-Boutique lies what turns out to be a law firm and a secret place for network connections, as it is revealed that Jang is actually, who would’ve guessed it?

A firm and tough lobbyist/shadow ruler of great power and influence that she had earned after helping the upper-class! Doing all sorts of jobs for them to settle their problems and concerns, the young orphan has turned her life around and we will be able to witness her story of suspense and action from here on.

It turns out, Jang wasn’t just merely orphan, for she had her fair share of conflicts early in life. Having escaped the terrors of the orphanage at age 18, Jenny Jang starts her journey and struggle for survival on her own by working in a bathhouse she had stumbled upon after running away.

Secret Boutique Korean Drama

She became an errand girl who gets various jobs done for the Madams in the bathhouse, who grew fond of her and one day she was picked up by one of the Madams and entered her into the world of high society, changing her life forever.

To say more than this will spoil the excitement and suspense, but one thing is for sure, this isn’t your typical K-drama. With the story tackling a rather crucial yet controversial aspect of society-politics and the difference in social statuses-in a sharp and brilliantly written and delivered manner, “Secret Boutique” is sure to have its audience hooked and wanting for more with each episode.

Plus, having a female lead a story of this plot and drama gives off a great sense of woman empowerment and inspire every viewer in ways we couldn’t imagine.

Not only is this lead by a female, but it is played by Kim Sun Ah herself, one of the queens in the pool of actresses who portray strong-willed women, making it all the more enjoyable.

To top it off, with Kim Jae-Young, Jang Mi-Hee, Ryu Seung Soo, Go Min-Si, Park Hee Von, Kim Tae Hoon, Joo Suk-Tae and Han Jung-soo playing as the other characters in the series to add spice in the story, they’re definitely worth looking forward to in the series as well. Frankly speaking, this series is a masterpiece in the making that might even make its way in the rankings to be on par with other well-loved K-drama series.

Mark your calendars, because the heart-stopping “Secret Boutique” will be aired on SBS channel starting this September [2022], with over 30 episodes to stream every Wednesday to Thursday at 10 pm.

If you are the type of person who’s into this kind of drama, then you can claim that this is exclusively made for you.

Secret Boutique [2022] Trailer

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