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The Divine Fury [2022] Korean Movie Reviewed



Divine fury 2019
83 / 100

The Divine Fury is a new Korean movie that will surely make us want to watch more When we say the word FURY it only means rage or wrath.

This word THE DIVINE FURY exactly, defines a martial artist who earned a black belt. After losing his Father several years ago due to a terrible accident, his hatred for people has crafted and displayed.

The Divine Fury Role as Yong Hoo

The Divine Fury [2022]

Yong Hoo now as an adult works independently for himself after the terrible things that we’re happened to his family,

He chooses to abandon his Christian faith and devotion to God. Instead, he just accepts the thing that this world us Grim and he has to believe in himself. Working passionately, with that he easily gets anything he wanted.. Until such time, He wakes up confused and afraid, when he sees the to wounds that have a stigma in Hus respective palms and the origin was unknown.

Because of the fear to scattered and Put Forth the wounds all over his body, he immediately runs faster having the speed of a Vampire to his Local Priest Friend Ahn (Ahn), hoping that he could cure the wounds for Ying knows that this has a deal with the Paranormal Activity.

That’s it, the Priest who is also an exorcist and Yong Hoo is involved in a black journey and must have to fight tooth and nail in a powerful force that comes from the darkness and seeks to betray and deceive the world.

The Divine Fury Cast

This chill is perfect for those who seek in an Action and adventurous battles between the paranormal beings and a martial artist.

Can an ordinary human fighter beat the supernatural and powerful forces if darkness? Starring Park Seo Joon as Yong Hoo the professional martial artist that was tripped off by the evil doers,

Other Role and Participants

Ahn Sung (Ahn) as the Priest who is also an exorcist and has the confidence to defeat the darkness and Woo Do Hwan as Ji Shin. The company has been officially released the first poster of the “ The Divine Fury “, featuring Joon’s character that shows off his two palms and with a force look at the camera lenses.

If you will notice, the poster exactly reflects his character and role as a great fighter. And it follows to release the second and so far the newest poster as Park Seo Joon partner up with the Midnight Runners.The Divine Fury Review

The second poster shows their three hands with rosary and sharp objects.

Priest Ahn’s character holds a Rosary that shows his strong character as a Priest from the Vatican. A firmed and has a confidant to fight the darkness and seek for justice.

Woo Do Hwan as Ji Shin, displays his poise holding a sharp tooth a-like object, he could see people’s advantages and disadvantages as well as their skill.

Kim Joo Hwan, who served as the scriptwriter and directs this movie is expected to gain honor and respects as he will lift once again the industry.

The Divine Fury will have a screening at the end of July, to review scenes, check the scripts, assure the actors and actresses and the content itself. To make sure that it will catch the eyes and captures the heart and fighting spirit of their viewers.


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Lee Si-Eon Plays a Framed-Up Husband in Killed My Wife [2022] [Korean Movie Review]



Killed My Wife
82 / 100

What will you do if you wake up with bloody hands, a dead wife and no memory of what happened at all? This is exactly what happened to Chae Jung-ho, played by Lee Si-eon in the upcoming film Killed My Wife. He found himself being questioned by the police and named him as his wife’s primary suspect. 

At the beginning of the movie, audiences will see a man and a woman entangled in a dark bedroom. The next morning, Chae’s Jung-ho’s character wakes up with no memory of what happened the night before. He hears someone knocking on the door. A police officer named Lt.Choi came to question Chae Jung-ho. With his dead wife on his side and blood all over his hands and clothes, Chae Jung-ho became the primary suspect for the alleged murder. 

Chae Jung-ho doesn’t remember anything that happened the night before. This made him clueless whether he is the real culprit or not. Because of this, Chae Jung-ho turns out to be a fugitive while trying to find out the real truth of what really happened. He then searches for his best friend whom he had a late night in a bar. Eager to find out the truth, Chae Jung-ho collects more details and how he got into a fight by defending a pretty bar waitress. As he gets closer to all his answers, Chae Jung-ho also faces another problem, financially. 

How Killed My Wife Depicts Real Economic Status in Korean Society

The character of Chae Jung-ho in Killed My Wife is struggling with the financial crisis. He is a gambler and believes that this might be the reason his wife separated him. Losing his white-collar job, Chae Jung-ho never had the courage to tell his wife he was fired. He turned out to be a laborer instead of trying to make ends meet. 

In order to provide his and his wife’s needs, Chae Jung-ho finds himself in a bunch of gangsters and gamblers. He borrows money from a gambler named Mrs. Kim to be played by Seo Ji-young. Mrs. Kim threatens to cut off his hand if he doesn’t pay his debts. 

Killed My Wife Complete Cast

The main character in Killed My Wife is played by Lee Si-eon. The 37-year old South Korean actor recently starred in films My Love, My Bride in 2014, Tough As Iron in 2013 and Perfect Game in 2011. His first drama series was in 2009 where he played as Kim Jong-ho in Friend, Our Legend. 

Some of Lee Si-eon’s most notable performances as an actor include The Player (2018), Man Who Sets The Table (2017) and W: Two Worlds Apart (2016). In 2015, he played the characters of Shin Chung-Jae in Ho-Gu’s Love and as Psychiatrist Park in Kill Me, Heal Me. 

Lee Si-eon was nominated in several award-giving bodies. Some of these include New Actor as SBS Drama Awards (2016) and Male Rookie in Variety Show in MBC Entertainment Awards (2016). In 2017, Lee Si-eon won as Rookie Award in MBC Entertainment Awards for his performance in I Live Alone. 

Killed My Wife [2022] Review

The role of Police Lieutenant Choi Dae-Yeon in Killed My Wife is played by the actor Ahn Nae-sang. He is one of South Korea’s multi-awarded actor. Some of his nominations and awards include Golden Actor Award in 2014, Best Supporting Actor in 2017 and as excellent Actor for his performance in Band of Sisters in 2017 SBS Drama Awards. 

One of Ahn Nae-sang’s first-ever film was in 2000 in the movie Masterpiece of Love. Some of his most notable performances in big screen include The Last Princess (2016), The Pirates (2014) and Hoichori (2011). Other films where he starred include Someone Behind You in 2007, Once Upon A Time in a Battlefield in 2003 and The First Amendment of Korea in 2002. Ahn Nae-sang also made a cameo role in Thirsty, Thirsty in 2009. 

Another role in the film is Jung Mi-young played by the beautiful actress Wang Ji-Hye. The 34-year old actress recently starred as Jin-Su in Le Grand Chef 2 in 2010 and in The Fox Family in 2006. Some of Wang Ji-Hye’s drama series include The Player (2018), Love is Drop by Drop (2016) and in the Birth of a Beauty in 2014. She also starred as  Yoon Song-Hwa in The Suspicious Housekeeper (2013), as Seo Na-Yoon in Protect The Boss (2011) and as Choi Jin-Suk in Friend, Our Legend (2009).

In 2009, Wang Ji-hye appeared in the drama series Friend, Our Legend. She also played the role of Ko Hye-Mi in Perfect Neighbor in 2007. In 2003, she starred in two drama series Beijing My Love and Something About 1 Percent. 

Killed My Wife Korean Movie

Kim Ki-Doo is also part of the film. The 37-year old actor recently starred as Choi Maeng-Ja in New Old Story in 2018. He also played as Kim Sang-Sun in Ownerless Flower Uhwudong in 2015. In 2008, he starred in A Tale of Legendary Libido and in 2000, he starred as a male high school student in Masterpiece of Love. 

Some of Kim Ki-Doo’s most notable performances in the small screen include 100 Days My Prince and Mysterious Personal Shopper both aired in 2018. In 2017, he played a cameo role in Go Back Couple. In 2009, Kim Ki-Doo played the role of Cheon-Man in Splendor of Youth.

Lee Sung-Woo also plays as one of the detectives in this film. The 36-year old actor first played as the young king’s bodyguard in A Frozen Flower in 2008. In 2018, he starred as Doo-Sik in Unstoppable. In 2017, he appeared in several films such as Forgotten, The Outlaws and in Fabricated City. 

Some of Lee Sung-Woo’s drama series include Ms. Ma, Nemesis in 2018, Partners for Justice in 2018 and Oh My Ghost in 2015. 

Lee Sung-Woo is also an award-winning actor. In 2008, he won as New Star Award in SBS Drama Awards. In 2009, he won Male Star Award in Andre Kim Best Star Awards. In 2012, he won as Excellence Actor Award in MBC Drama Awards. 

Killed My Wife is written and directed by the very talented Kim Ha-ra. It was screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival for the Asian future section. It is expected to hit the local cinemas on December 11.

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Bring Me Home: A Movie Not for the Faint-Hearted with “Lee Young-Ae” is Back! [2022]



Bring Me Home Korean Movie 2019
84 / 100

Bring Me Home is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It will keep moviegoers on the edge of their seats. The movie is full of unpredictable twists with tightly knitted script enough for viewers to want more. 

The story began when a distraught mother’s son went missing six years ago. Despite her son being gone, she never loses hope that someday she’ll be able to see him. Her husband died shockingly while hoping to follow up on their son’s potential sighting. 

The mother did not give up despite her sudden loss of her husband. One day, the news broke that a young boy resembling her son lives somewhere near the city. Hoping that she’ll get the answer she needed, the mother rushes to the place to find answers. However, things will not be easy for her. She will find herself in the midst of strange surroundings and corrupt officials covering up child abuse. Will she be able to handle all the trials come her way? That is what movie viewers will have to find out. 

Bring Me Home is shot in a dim light equipped with superb plot turns. The psychology in this film is beyond anyone can imagine. Plus the fact that the main role is portrayed by the talented Lee Young-ae.

The Stunning Casts of Bring Me Home

After 14 years of being out of the big screen, South Korean actress Lee Young-Ae is back with a bold mystery thriller about a mother in search of her lost child. 

The famous South Korean actress made her mark for her 2005 film Lady Vengeance. After more than 10 years, she is back with a vengeance as she portrays the role of a distraught mother in search of her kidnapped son. Lee’s portrayal of a distraught and desperate mother searching for her lost son is truly remarkable. 

Lee and her husband are sticking up missing boy posters every day just to know if there’s an update for their son. Her husband drives every day searching for clues about the whereabouts of their child. One day, an unknown email ends her husband’s search when he died in an unexpected accident. 

Her motivation to find her son took her determination to the next level. Upon hearing of a potential sighting, Lee did not think twice and went to the said place right away. A typical and admirable trait for any caring mother. 

The news about their son’s potential sighting takes place in a fishing community near their city. However, the place is being run by ex-convicts and criminals torturing young children like slaves. Two young boys have unclear origins, one of them resembles Lee’s lost child. The older child named Min-Su is being chained and abused by his master. 

Lee Young Ae is one of South Korea’s sweetest actresses. She played the well-known character of the enigmatic Lee Geum-Ja in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. In 2003, she starred in the hit drama “The Jewel in the Palace” which earned local and international success. These two major roles took Lee Young Ae’s acting prowess to the next level. Based on the movie’s audience and critic’s responses, the challenge to the famous South Korean actress was well met. Her role in this upcoming film will also become one of her most challenging roles yet. 

Lee accepts the main role together with Yoo Jae-Myung. Yoo Jae-Myung plays the role of a compromised police officer. 

Enters Sgt. Hong, played by the veteran actor Yoo Jae-Myung. He plays the character of a compromised cop trying to do good by saving the abused children by their abusers. Yoo Jae-Myung is no stranger to these types of films. In 2018 alone, he starred in several drama films similar to this stunning film. Some of these films include Broker, The Drug King, Young, Feng Shui, After My Death and Golden Slumber. In 2017, Yoo Jae-Myung played four characters in films including Man-Je in Merry Christmas Mr. Mo and Detective Ko in The Chase. He also starred as a señor manager of the North Korean Ministry of People’s Security in VIP and as Kang-Sik in A Day. Both of these dramas were aired in  2017.

Also starred in Bring Me Home are Park Hae-Joon, Lee Won-Gun, Kim Lee-Kyung, and Choi Hyung. Park Hae-Joon is known for his characters in several films and dramas. These include Warriors of the Dawn and Heart Blackened in 2017. In 206, he played in the dramas Missing, Fourth Place and Unforgettable. His first drama series is Jeon Woo-Chi back in 2012. 

Lee Won-Gun is also no stranger to dark series such as this film. In 2018, he starred in two films In Between Seasons and Feng Shui. He was also part of several drama series including Jugglers in 2017, A person You May Know in 2017 and The Good Wife in 2016. 

Kim Lee-Kyung also joins the cast of this latest film… She is just starting her career in drama series and films. She was part of recently aired films and drama series. These include 12 Nights in 2018 and Unasked Family in [2022]. 

Choi Hyung also joins the cast of this upcoming film. He plays the character of one of the fishermen in the village. Choi Hyung was part of several films including Tattoo in 2015. he was also part of the movie Doctor in 2013 where he played the role of a police officer. 

Bring Me Home is written and directed by Kim Seung-Woo.  He previously worked on Traces of Love in 2006 together with Kim Dae-Seung and Secret Sunshine together with Lee Chang-dong in 2017 before writing and directing this film. 

Bring Me Home has a world premiere on September 5, [2022]. Its release date is November 27, [2022]. The film is expected to run in 108 minutes and it is distributed by Warner Bros. Korea. The filming began on May 14, 2018, and ended on July 31, 2018. The film is a drama/mystery/thriller and its original title is Na-reul cha-ja-jwo.

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Black Money [2022] Upcoming Korean Movie to be Release Soon!



Black Money
84 / 100

Another movie is bound to release soon. It respectively tackles an issue that arises in every part of the world. In the long process, its sequel is very informative that will give the audience a hint about the current issues in society. Black Money is set to air in theaters soon. Its plot talks about a prosecutor, Yang Min-Hyuk, who works in the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office.

He was working for a case about the involvement of a suspect to such conflicts who just committed suicide. Due to that incident, it made his job very hard to operate that lead to a difficult situation. Just like what other detectives series do, he will attempt to find the reason why the suspect commit a suicide. He will whack the truth behind those happening as he consecutively solves the case slowly.

Black Money

Later on, he discovered that the suspect can be a witness in a case that involves a money infringement in an anomaly at Daehan Bank. He will be involved with that case as he gives immediate and special attention. Yang Min-Hyuk is a headstrong prosecutor who ended up in an odd situation. He faces the true discovery of a huge financial scandal while he was involving himself to investigate his suspicion. It simply tackles an ongoing multi-billion dollar case between the government and private foreign companies.

The role in Black Money will be characterized by Choi Jin-Wong. He was known in his role as Sejong’s bodyguard in Deep Rooted Tree, a mobster in Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time and a mysterious villain in A Hard day. Recently, he received praise and recognition for his excellency as a detective in television series, Signal. Assurance is in that he himself was given the chance to became part of it.

Black Money [2022] Korean Movie

He will give his very best after knowing that he was nominated for numerous awards. In addition to Black Money Korean Movie, Lee Ha Nee will be also working with him as a cold-blooded international trade lawyer, Kim Nari. Her character has perfect and fluent long use of English speaking was way too challenging. In certain to this, she has to flex herself out and exert much effort in order to justify the lines successfully in economic and English terms in the movie.

Lee Han Nee was once seen in the best years of her career after she received a triumphant airing of her movie, Extreme Job and SB’S drama, The Fiery Priest that attracts a million viewers that climb to the top rating. Her new character was way too far from her previous having a charming personality that she usually portrays. This time, she will show the audience the other side of her as she expresses performance splendidly.

Black Money [2022] Review

Black Money will be directed by one of the legendary directors of Korea, Chun Ji Young. He is known for his movie works such as National Security, Unbowed, Life, and Death of Hollywood Kid, Black Jack White Badge and North Koreas Partition in South Korea.

Black Money narrates certain issues about Korean citizens paying taxes wherein money are brought to oddment. It is scheduled to release on November 24, [2022], starring Jo Jin Woong, Lee Ha Nee, Kang Shin-II, Choi Duk Moon, Jo Han, and Heo Sung Tae. The movie runtime is approximately 113 minutes and is distributed by AceMaker Movie Works. The objectives are clear and the artists who were chosen to act in this movie is reliable enough to justify their roles as they fascinate every viewer their one of a kind talents as an actor and actresses. This is something that people will look forward to watching so keep on track!

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