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Korean Movie Review

The Divine Fury [2022] Korean Movie Reviewed

83 / 100

The Divine Fury is a new Korean movie that will surely make us want to watch more When we say the word FURY it only means rage or wrath.

This word THE DIVINE FURY exactly, defines a martial artist who earned a black belt. After losing his Father several years ago due to a terrible accident, his hatred for people has crafted and displayed.

The Divine Fury Role as Yong Hoo

The Divine Fury [2022]

Yong Hoo now as an adult works independently for himself after the terrible things that we’re happened to his family,

He chooses to abandon his Christian faith and devotion to God. Instead, he just accepts the thing that this world us Grim and he has to believe in himself. Working passionately, with that he easily gets anything he wanted.. Until such time, He wakes up confused and afraid, when he sees the to wounds that have a stigma in Hus respective palms and the origin was unknown.

Because of the fear to scattered and Put Forth the wounds all over his body, he immediately runs faster having the speed of a Vampire to his Local Priest Friend Ahn (Ahn), hoping that he could cure the wounds for Ying knows that this has a deal with the Paranormal Activity.

That’s it, the Priest who is also an exorcist and Yong Hoo is involved in a black journey and must have to fight tooth and nail in a powerful force that comes from the darkness and seeks to betray and deceive the world.

The Divine Fury Cast

This chill is perfect for those who seek in an Action and adventurous battles between the paranormal beings and a martial artist.

Can an ordinary human fighter beat the supernatural and powerful forces if darkness? Starring Park Seo Joon as Yong Hoo the professional martial artist that was tripped off by the evil doers,

Other Role and Participants

Ahn Sung (Ahn) as the Priest who is also an exorcist and has the confidence to defeat the darkness and Woo Do Hwan as Ji Shin. The company has been officially released the first poster of the “ The Divine Fury “, featuring Joon’s character that shows off his two palms and with a force look at the camera lenses.

If you will notice, the poster exactly reflects his character and role as a great fighter. And it follows to release the second and so far the newest poster as Park Seo Joon partner up with the Midnight Runners.The Divine Fury Review

The second poster shows their three hands with rosary and sharp objects.

Priest Ahn’s character holds a Rosary that shows his strong character as a Priest from the Vatican. A firmed and has a confidant to fight the darkness and seek for justice.

Woo Do Hwan as Ji Shin, displays his poise holding a sharp tooth a-like object, he could see people’s advantages and disadvantages as well as their skill.

Kim Joo Hwan, who served as the scriptwriter and directs this movie is expected to gain honor and respects as he will lift once again the industry.

The Divine Fury will have a screening at the end of July, to review scenes, check the scripts, assure the actors and actresses and the content itself. To make sure that it will catch the eyes and captures the heart and fighting spirit of their viewers.


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