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Everybody Say Kungdari [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

84 / 100

When taking pictures we often hear the word “Say Cheese” as a sign that the photographer is about to click the button and is ready to take some beautiful portrait or pictures, but this newly aired Korean Drama called “Everybody Say Kungdari” we will not only feel the usual feeling when taking pictures where our initial reaction is to smile in front of the camera to show that we are happy.

In this series of Everybody Say Kungdari, we will get to encounter several emotions as it centers on the life of people who experienced different trials and circumstances in life.

Everybody Say Kungdari KDramaThe pilot episode of the said drama have received different types o reaction from its audiences and as expected it went viral in the online world where people can freely express their thoughts in regards to the series, July 16th [2022] when it was first aired at the MBC network and it didn’t fail to amaze every fan for the successful unexpected and warm welcome of its supporters who are already looking forward to witnessing how the series will progress from the very high standard that it has set from its premier, Since it is expected to air a total of 119 episodes (as of yet) viewers can’t hide their excitements to see the rest of it and more than willing to take some time to watch till the final episode.

The story of Everybody say Kungdari revolves around Bo-Mi who is being played by Park Si Eun, an adopted Korean girl in the United States, Things will come to her life and she will get involved in such circumstances and unexpected case, However, Bo-Mi does not have a U.S citizenship which will cause her other trouble which causes her to be kicked out in the U.S and she will return to her Hometown which is in Kungdari, South Korea, as expected sorts of adjustment will hit on her but how she faced all of the situations in her life will leave us a dropped jaw.

She will also meet the person who will bring another flavor to Bo-Mi’s life story which is, of course, a must watch and wait in this series.

Everybody Say Kungdari Review

Soo-Ho who is being portrayed by the great actor (Kim Ho Jin) He a man who used to work in the U.S as a successful individual in the field of finance, He has a daughter who is the primary reason as to why he decided to settle in Kungdari. Despite his successful and promising career, he still chooses to prioritize his daughter who is sick and Soo Ho wants to develop a natural remedy to treat her daughter’s disease. Let us see what will happen when Bo Mi meets Soo Ho.

A round of applause should be given to all the staff and cast. The series is just starting to impress us all and I must say that they are successful so far for giving each of us an interesting story, this one should be added on your list and I’m sure you will all agree if I say that I’m giving this series a thumbs up.

Everybody Say Kungdari [2022] Trailer

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