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Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

Profile Title: Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture Also known as: Yangjamoolrihak Hangul: 양자물리학 Director: Lee…

Battle of Jangsari

Battle of Jangsari

Profile Title: Battle of Jangsari Also known as: Jangsari: Yitheojin Youngwoongdeul Hangul: 장사리: 잊혀진 영웅들…

Cheer Up, Mr.Lee

Cheer Up Mr.Lee

Profile Movie: Cheer Up Mr.Lee Also known as: Himeul Naeyo, Miseuteo Lee Hangul: 힘을 내요,…

Tazza One Eyed Jack

Tazza: One-Eyed Jack

Profile Movie: Tazza: One Eyed Jack Also known as: Tazza: One Aideu Jaek Hangul: 타짜:…

Bring the soul the movie

Bring the Soul The movie

Profile Title Movie: Bring the Soul: The Movie Also known as: Beuring Deo Sowool: Deo…

house of hummingbird

House of Hummingbird

Profile Movie: House of Hummingbird Also known as: Beolsae Hangul: 벌새 Director: Kim Bo-Ra Producer:…

The Divine Fury Korean Movie

The Divine Fury

Profile Movie: The Divine Fury (English title) Revised: Saja Hangul: 사자 Director: Kim Joo-Hwan Writer:…

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