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Goodbye Summer [2022]

87 / 100


  • Movie: Goodbye Summer
  • Revised: Gootbai Sseommeo
  • Hangul: 굿바이 썸머
  • Director: Park Ju-Young
  • Writer: Park Ju-Young
  • Producer: Kim Tae-Hoon
  • Cinematographer: Lee Ji-Hoon
  • Release Date: July 25, [2022]
  • Runtime: 71 min.
  • Genre: Melodrama / Romance
  • Country: South Korea


  • One – Hyun Jae
  • Kim Bo Ra – Soo Min
  • Lee Do Ha – Byung Jae

How many of you find it hard to say “Goodbye Summer?”. I’m sure most of us can relate with different experiences that we had during this season, some of us had an enjoyable moment some had a great one, some had a tough one and some might have experienced it all! We cannot hide the fact that summer has imparted a lot of things and brought unforgettable memories in our lives.

Jung Jae Won

This July, we will all be amazed by the new upcoming movie called “Goodbye Summer”. Starring some of the most mentioned names in the entertainment industry, Jung Jae Won (ONE) and Kim Bo Ra are back together in this new summer film and numerous praises are being thrown to them because of their chemistry on screen.

The two actors are individually great and putting them back together on screen makes their supporters excited overwhelmed because of romantic feelings. One and Kim Bo Ra seems to be in demand in today’s generation because ONE is also part of the great hit K series “Arthdal Chronicles” who played the role of the young Ta Gon, which is currently airing right now while Kim Bo Ra shot to fame after being cast in the dark thriller drama called Sky Castle. I know that fans of her private life are also thrilled by the excitement to see One being paired with Kim.

Kim Bo Ra

The story of Goodbye summer will surely bring tears to everyone’s eyes as it tells a tragic story of two high schoolers, Soo-Min (Kim Bo Ra) and Hyun Jae played by one. Hyun Jae suddenly dropped out of school when he found out that he was diagnosed of having a terminal illness and keep it from his friends, at the age of 19 he was advised that he does not have much time to live because of his illness, He then decided to leave the hospital and get back to school.

When he gets back to school, he fell in love with Kim Bo Ra as Soo Min, whose playing the role of a student with too many worries about the future to enjoy the present, After developing a strong connection Hyun Jae have decided to confess his love to Soo Min and things will begin to change. But, how Soo Min will react after finding out Hyun Jae’s situation will give us mixed emotions.

The trailer of Goodbye summer has been officially released and from the way I see it, It looks to be a film with both heartwarming and nerve cracking one, It brings a nostalgic vibe and with the great chemistry that the actors have surely this will be a big hit in the movie industry.

Goodbye Summer Trailer

Goodbye Summer [2022] has been one of the most talked-about Korean films in Social Media and it promises to bring a satisfying result, Be enticed with the timeless teenage romance and let your self be part of this Movie, I know you’re all excited and I know the long wait will surely be worthy.

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