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Doctor Detective [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

89 / 100

How will you handle to become a professional and doing your calling at the same time? Well, in this series of Doctor Detective [2022] Korean Drama we will witness the passion and dedication of our great Doctors who are also a Detective in their own way.

Be enticed with the unique flavour that we are all about to witness because this SBS’s Accident mystery investigation Korean DramaDoctor Detective [2022]” stars will definitely give us a roller coaster feeling and it has been confirmed that three of the most promising stars of this generation will be leading the said series, Park Jin Hee, Lee Ki Woo and, Bong Tae Gyu.

This series will teach us to raise our flag of bravery to stand for what we know is true and right, “Doctor Detective” is a social drama about those people who will divulge the concealed truths behind Industrial accidents and job-related hazards.

The teasers open with new footages regarding the infamous cases, like the “Guui Station Accident” wherein a maintenance worker mysteriously lost his life.

The said news widespread is superb and eventually opens the subject of taking responsibility, now while you are reading this, I want you to silently ask yourself is your workplace safe? The yearly average number of victims to industrial accidents in Korea is 92,769,

That would be the time that our three leading characters will be finding themselves at strange as a warrior of justice the story will reveal the dark side of the society and will give us an encouragement that doing what is right will always bring a great result, the second teaser of this series will make us cry due to another heartbreaking moment.

The main poster of the series which shows all three characters says: “I will save them until the very end, and uncover everything.” The background and copy hints at possible industrial site accidents that can occur and be covered up without any attention.

Park Jin Hee

A said series is really setting the standard bar so high and is promising to be an intriguing social commentary, it is a combination of Sleuth (Detective) and medical drama, so just imagine how great this drama would be.

Starring three of the finest actors in the entertainment industry, no doubt that this upcoming series, which will be aired on July 17 will could move us and will surely bring us mixed emotions.

Park Jin Hee plays the role of (Do Joong Eun) works as an industrial health doctor who believes that abiding by rules is what makes a doctor, and is thus what governs the medical principle,

Bong Tae Kyu

On the hand,  Bong Tae Kyu who plays the role of Dr. Heo Min Ki a Doctor who has a cool personality and flexible mindset, He believes that “wealth, appearance and a way with words” are the only three things that the Republic of Korea needed Lastly, to complete the set we have Lee Ki Woo, who will be playing Ryu Hyun Kyunh who is not ambitious man, Indeed he is skillful and gifted but doesn’t have a desire or an ambition about anything.

He is actually being defined by the feeling of longing because he got separated from his wife.

Despite their differences in many aspects including their personalities and mindset still these three will come up together because of this one case, Be enticed with the power of unity that we will witness in this series,

They make a powerful team to reveal the hidden truths and to destroy the power of those people behind the mystery of illness and deaths.

What I truly and personally love about Doctor Detective is its theme which promotes the equality that each of us deserves to be treated fairly and no hand is entitled to decide whose life should remain and who should not.

Doctor Detective [2022] Trailer

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