Perfume 2019

Pefume 2019 Korean Drama was revealed and destroyed and that certain happening infuriated her whole being Min Jae Hee (Ha Jae-Suk) is a woman who drastically dedicated herself to her family. However, As she was so devoted to her family, she did not find a lot of time for herself.

Until she found a mysterious perfume that returned her into her youth, but this time she had a better appearance and she became a model for the successful but nasty fashion designer Seo Yi Do (Shin Sung Rok)

He has 35 allergies and 52 phobias that made him hard to cope up with. Yi Do is a very handsome and popular designer, but his appearance on the outside is opposite with his traits on the inside. Though he’s admired by a lot of girls because of his attractive look, he’s not capable of starting a romance, but everything changed when he met Min Jae Hee.

This romantic comedy-drama will be released this June.

Recently, it gained media attention because of the changes with its casting. Its final main casts are Shin Sung Rok, Cha Ye Ryun, Kim Min Gyu, Go Won Hee, and Hyejeong of AOA.

Shin Sung Rok is the striking lead actor of the drama. He debuted in 2003 but it was hard for him to be cast so he started his career as a musical actor in Moskito in the year 2004 and Dracula in the year 2006.

From those musicals, he was then seen in several films, TV series, Theaters, and Korean Dramas. Overall, he has acted in 9 Films, 16 Korean dramas, 20 Television series, and 25 Theaters in his entertainment career.

He’s one of the actors of the recent successful series titled as “The Last Empress” and it became a hit in SBS. For that reason, the series was extended to 4 episodes from its original number of 48 episodes. Furthermore, Sung-rok will also take part in the upcoming drama “Vagabond.” The other main casts of this upcoming drama are the stunning actress, Go Won Hee who was also part of the popular drama in 2018, Welcome to Waikiki.

She arose from being a commercial model in 2011 and from then, she started her acting career and she has taken part in several Films and Korean Dramas such as Natural Burials in the year 2012,Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers in the year 2013, Medical Top Team in the year 2013, Cheo Young, My Dear Cat, and Tabloid Truth in the year 2014, Saturday Night Live Korea in the year 2015, The King’s Face in the year 2015,

The Best Moment to Quit Your Job (2017-2018), Your House Helper in the year 2018, and for this year, her newest project is Perfume 2019.

Cha Ye Ryun is the other female main role. She began her entertainment career in 2005 and blossomed as an actress by the year 2007 (debut year).

She’s been part of 12 Films and some of these are Voice in the year 2005, Do Re MiFa So La Ti Doin the year 2008, My Black Mini Dress in the year 2011, Actress Is Too Much in the year 2014, and Twin Spirit in the year 2015.

After being married and having a child in 2018, she had her first project and it is the upcoming Romantic Comedy Drama, Perfume 2019.

The other Male lead is Kim Min Kyu. He is known for having a refreshing vibe as an actor. He’s been part of three films, twelve television series, two web series, and three music videos.

Some of these are the Five in the year 2014, Who Are You? School 2015, The Sound of Your Heart in the year 2016, Because This Is My First Life in the year 2017, Drunk in Good Taste in the year 2018, and this Drama will be one his projects for this year.

With the combination of these 4 actors and actresses, expect a satisfying and remarkable outcome. This Drama will surely give a tender-crisp in comedy and squeaky goosebumps in romance. with its creative twist, it has also garnered the curiosity of people and as they wait for its release, the excitement and expectations that they’ve expressed in the media gave a noisy buzz.

This Perfume 2019 will surely give intense and noisy squeals to its viewers because of its romantic scenes. Also, expect the laughter and satisfaction from its actors and actresses as it will be released on KBS2 this coming June!

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