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Find Me in Your Memory [2022] Korean Dramas Must Watch? Definitely!

86 / 100

Another heart-warming melodrama is about to be released this March. Find Me In Your Memory is set to grace the audience with its romance filled with heart-wrenching scenes. 

The drama is about a news anchor named Lee Jung Hoon (played by Kim Dong-wook) who has a rare condition called hyperthymesia.

Hyperthymesia is a condition wherein a person allows him to fully remember everything in his past in full and vivid detail.

A person living with this condition remembers every moment in his entire life and usually collects an immense amount of memories in a very distinctive detail. 

Mun Ka-Young Cast of Find Me in Your Memory [2022]

On the other hand, a popular actress named Yeo Ha-jin (played by Mun Ka-young) has forgotten an important part of her past and has overlooked the most significant events of her life. 

When these two individuals meet, can they heal each other’s hearts together?

The Characters in Find Me In Your Memory

In the story, Lee Jung Hoon is a 36-year old news reporter. He has a special condition that allows him to recollect a huge part of his memory. Because of this, he is able to incorporate his special condition to his job that’s why his news reports usually get the highest rating in South Korea. 

Find Me in Your Memory Main Cast

The role of Lee Jung Hoon is played by the versatile actor Kim Dong-wook. The 37-year old actor was born and raised in South Korea. He graduated from the University of national University of Arts and likes to play soccer and gymnastics.

The well-loved actor is known for his superb performance in the hit series Coffee Prince in 2017. Some of his notable performances in big screen include Trade Your Love (2019), Along With the Gods (2018), Romantic Heaven (2011) and Living Together, Happy Together in 2008.

Some of his popular drama series in the small screen include Unstoppable Marriage (2007), Like a Dandelion (2010), Korean Ghost Stories (2009) and The Partner (2009).

Because of his superb performance as an actor, Kim Dong-wook received several awards such as Grand Prize Award and Best Actor Award in the [2022] MBC Drama Awards for his performance in the series Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo.

Meanwhile, a beautiful rising star named Yeo Ha-jin struggles to find her top spot in the acting world.

Though she has talent that allows her to stay in her career for over six years, the 30-year old actress still encounters several critics and controversies regarding her acting ability. Yeo Ha-jin 

The character of Yeo Ha-jin is played by the beautiful and talented actress Mun Ka-young. She was born in Karlsruhe, Germany and her family moved to South Korea when she was 10 years old.

Mun Ka-young started her career in acting when she was just 10 years old. She starred as the young Eun-young in the movie To Sir With Love.

Since then, numerous dramas and movies have been offered to the beautiful young actress. Some of her notable and well-liked movies include Shadows in the Palace (2007), Do You See Seoul (2008), Salut D’ Amour (2015) and Twenty Again (2016). 

Some of Mun Ka-young’s recent drama series include Welcome to Waikiki 2 (2019), Live Up To Your Name (2017) and Jealousy Incarnate (2016).

In 2018, Mun Ka-young received an Excellent Actress Award for her performance in the drama Tempted during the 2018 MBC Drama Awards. 

Find Me In Your memory will be Kim Dong-wook and Mun Ga-young’s first team up as main lead of a drama.

In a recent interview, Kim Dong-wook expressed his gratitude to his fans and to everyone who supported and watched him.

He also mentioned that he will do his best to not disappoint his supporters. 

When asked about how he prepared for the role, Kim Dong-wook said that he made a research on how a news reporter works around and talks in front of a live television.

he makes sure his age and his overall appearance really matches to what a real anchorman looks like.

Kim Dong-wook also contacted several news anchors to ask particular questions about their job. Aside from this, he practices voice recordings and makes sure he asks for recommendations and advice from professional news reporters. 

Mun Ga-young, on the other hand, also expresses how grateful she is that she was casted as the female lead role in the drama.

She said in an interview that both of them are professional at work but also loves to bring good vibes and happiness during their taping on set. 

Aside from the two main characters, several well-loved celebrities are also part of the drama.

These include Cha Kwang-soo who will play the role of Lee Dong-young, Gil Hae-yeon as the character of Seo Mi-hyun and Lee Joo-bin as Jung Seo-Yeon.

Other characters in the story are Yoo Tae-eun, Yoo Sung-hyeok and Yoo Ji-won which will be played by celebrities Yoon Jong-hoon Kim Chang-wan and Jang Yi-jung, respectively. 

Other supporting casts include Yoo Ji-soo as Jin So-young and Lee Soo-mi as Park Kyung-ae.

Kim Seul-gi as Yeo Ha-kyung and Park Ji-won as Kim Hee-young, Jang In-sub as Park Soo-chang and Lee Seung Joon as the character of Kim Cheol-woong. 

Find Me In Your Memory is written by Kim Yoon-joo who also wrote the drama Duel, Nine: 9 Times Time Travel and Queen In-Hyun’s Ma. 

Find Me In Your Memory is directed by Oh Hyun-Jong who also directed numerous drama series such as Two Cops, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, A Daughter Just Like You, 7th Grade Civil Servant and A Thousand Kisses. 

The Trailer

Find Me In Your Memory has released two teaser trailers for the K-drama fans. In the two trailers, the male lead can be seen walking along the streets of Seoul when he meets a strange yet familiar background of a woman (Yeo Ha-jin).

The man can be seen uttering in his mind the phrase remember the time that passed”. Meanwhile, the woman walked in a slow motion towards the male lead (Lee Jung-hoon) and mentioned the phrase “everything will get better”.

The trailer seems to depict that the two have met each other in the past and will heal the wounds of each other’s hearts together.

The drama Find Me In Your Memory as set to be released on March 18, [2022] on MBC network. It will have a runtime of 35 minutes each and 2 episodes daily from Wednesdays and Thursdays.