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Behold! Kingdom Season 2 Is Set to Arrive on Netflix Today ! [4PM]

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The moment has arrived for fans of the original South Korean zombie-horror series Kingdom. Behold, for Kingdom Season 2 is about to arrive in just a few hours today!

The original Netflix series took viewers by storm on its first season. Based on Land of the Gods which was an original screenplay by the talented director Kim Eun-hee, Kingdom tells the story of a crowned prince who was forced to investigate a mysterious plague and the cunning political conspiracies lurking inside his kingdom. 

The main character in the series is Lee Chang (played by Ju Ji-hoon). He is the crown prince of the Joseon Kingdom. In season 1, the story starts with an announcement that the king, crown prince’s father, is dead and that he should be crowned as the new king immediately. 

Kingdom Season 2 Scene and Cast

Little did the public know that the king isn’t dead yet and that he is being treated for a mysterious disease. No one, not even the crown prince is allowed to visit his own father due to his severe illness. One night, as the crown prince sneaks into his father’s room, he sees a silhouette of a beastly monster. 

With the help of his most trusted companion, crown prince Lee Chang is set to investigate and prevent the advance of the mysterious plague while trying to address a sinister coup masterminded by the kingdom ministers. 

While the soon to be King investigates the rise of the mysterious disease, he learns that the man behind the rare illness is none other than his father’s doctor.

He learns that the doctor’s work led to the creation of a zombie-like creature that eats human flesh. As the pandemic threatens to spread all over Korea, crown prince Lee Chang is motivated to unite his people and save his entire kingdom. 

Kingdom Season 2 Cast

Kingdom Season 2 is expected to be bloodier than its first season. In a trailer released by Netflix, scenes of undead hordes can be seen moments away from attacking the city of Sangju. Prince Lee Chang and his other defenders were all in shock upon learning that the undead are still alive at nighttime, which raised the stakes even more. 

Meanwhile, a newborn is about to steal the Crown Prince his rights to the kingdom planned by the desperate Queen Cho. Just the trailer alone, too much information is already revealed. Viewers, fans and audiences expect the same stunning visual effects as well as the overall picture that made audiences swoon in season 1. 

The drama The Kingdom  is based on the Korean webcomic written by Kim Eun-hee entitled Land of the Gods. Upon its first release, critics were already captivated by the show’s ability to pull off such a creative yet wild storyline while trying to maintain an impressive visual effects. 

Kimdom Season 2 on Netflix

Fans are expecting an even more epic fight scenes, both with humans and the undead. In addition, fans can expect the Battle of Upo wetland in the opening scenes of the Kingdom Season 2.

Aside from the human-zombie battle, fans can also expect royal palace battle scenes like the Hanyang as Prince Lee Chang is determined to fight to what is right. 

Fans can also expect even more spectacular visual representations of these battle scenes. 

According to Director Park In-je, Kingdom Season 2 clearly portrays how Prince Lee Chang’s character mature and become a true king for his entire kingdom. 

In addition to the casts of the Kingdom Season 2, new casting announcements were made which included Park Byung-eun as well as Kim Tae-hoon. Jun Ji-hyun is also part of the series finale! Kingdom Season 2 is the latter’s first role on television after four long years. 

Kingdom Season 2 is set to arrive today, March 13 on Netflix. Its first season aired on January 25, [2021] with a total of 6 episodes. 

Kingdom Season 2 Main Trailer Netflix