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Another historical event happened in the Araneta Coliseum as IU the Korean Pop Superstar held her first major concert in the Philippines last night December 13, [2022]. The Love Poem in Manila Concert made the crowd roar out so loud as she shares her new songs with her fans.

        IU revealed that she is a big fan of the Filipino band called “MYMP” and as a proof, she sang one of their songs entitled “Say you love me” she even confessed how she used to sing the said song during her childhood years, she also said “This is my gift to you (Philippine Uaenas). I really really love this song” she also stated how fascinated she is with “MYMP” and verbalized her admiration towards them.

Love Poem in MNL

As a support to their ANGEL “IU”. A lot of times they were shouting and yelling because IU prepared Tagalog words that she used throughout the concert. When the audience is singing with her, she said “Ang galing niyo!” After a few moments when she is done singing the song, she told her fans how happy she was by stating the Tagalog word “Masaya ang pakiramdam ko” the excitement and energy of the fans became impeccably astonishing when she asked them if they are happy using the Tagalog word “Masaya kayo?” the fans cheered up and respond with a massive enthusiasm! …

Upon hearing the crowd cheering whenever she’s saying Tagalog words and it seems that she came prepared because afterward, she said the following words “Salamat dahil gusto niyo ako.”, “Iinom lang ako ng tubig”, “Babalik ako” and the last Tagalog word that made every flutter is “MAHAL KITA PHILIPPINES!” in a passionate tone!

           As the concert goes on a lot of mesmerizing moments have been experienced by every people in the Coliseum, people are expressing mixed emotions due to the enchanting atmosphere that IU brings. Because of the overwhelming cheering of the crowd, IU said that the mother of the song “BBIBBI” is the Philippines, this song has been performed during the Love Poem in Manila and IU claimed that the Best Audience responds so far happened in Manila.

According to the Korean Top Superstar, it is the first time that she performed in such a crowded concert where she can’t hear herself while singing simply because the Filipino audience is like giving out their lungs while singing with her, she then added that Manila feels like Korea because of it, Aside from that she also complimented the Filipinos by saying that she knew how good they are when it comes to singing. 

IU Love Poem Manila

IU is not just after about herself, what made the fans admire her more is her humbleness and her appreciation, throughout the Love Poem concert IU noticed a lot of things even the smallest details that the fans have prepared, she noticed that one of her fans wore the “Hotel Del Luna” costume from IU’s recent dramas and even the smallest gesture the Filipino fans are showing.

             Before the concert ends, IU delivered a heartwarming message to her supporters that made others cry, Some of them continually cheered for her and there are some fans who remained standing until the last part of the concert, By calling Manila “The city of Passion and Love” she also told her fans “Salamat, Babalik ako para Makita kayo ulit” and these words made the audience going crazy rooting for her comeback in the PH and it is expected to happen any moment from now on!

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