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Kim Seul Ki Revealed the Sole Reason Why She Chose ‘People With Flaws” and the role of Kim Mi-Kyung [2022]

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Want to know why actress Seul-ki chose People With Flaws to be her next project? In a recent interview with the famous South Korean actress, she said that the role of Kim Mi-kyung is such a lovely person and that she felt attracted to the character the moment she read the script.

The “People With Flaws” star also added that she chose the show because she thinks she can show the audience a different side of her in her character.

“I was attracted to Mi-kyung, I enjoyed playing her role, she seems to have a different disposition in life,” the South Korean actress said.

People With Flaws is an upcoming romantic comedy series produced by MBC. It tells the story of five individuals who unveiled unique characters. Each of them went into traumas but then learned to love one another as well as their individual flaws. Kim Seul Gi plays the role of Kim Mi Kyung.

According to the actress, her role is an extreme realist and she spends most of her money dressing up. The actress also added that her role wants to marry a rich guy so she doesn’t need to work anymore.

Kim Seul Gi

According to Kim Seul Gi, she chose the said character because it will unveil the real reason and open a new point of view on how to be just humans. She also mentioned that the audience will be able to relate to each character, especially her role.

The actress added, “I want to show the audience and my fans a new side of myself. This is why I chose People With Flaws [2022] as my new project.”

As for the production team of the upcoming drama, they said that Kim Seul Gi puts trademark charms by portraying the role of Kim Mi-Kyung. They said that Kim Seul Gi showcases a refreshing charm from those in her previous characters.

In addition, Kim Seul-ki also monitored she is confident with her on-creen chemistry with the actor Oh Yeon-seo. She believed the two of them.

Kim Seul-ki along with other cast members recently had their character posters out and fans went crazy about it.

“I hope the audience love it, especially my character,” the actress added.