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SongSong Couple’s Life Fairy Tale is Now Over

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South Korean high packed actors Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have stunned and immobile avid fans in social media in announcing their heartbreaking Divorce proposal, the news spread throughout the internet in no time leaving the millions of fans confused and disappointed with this unfortunate news.

The two were earned the joint name the “Song Song Couples “ indeed, this dominates the Twitter in July 2017 when they married to each other – #SongSong Couples but their wedding just only lasts two years for some reasons including their personal lives.

Song Hye Kyo released her statement through her agency in South Korea to avoid hearsays and criticisms, this is to provide the millions of fans a further knowledge

“We find it unfortunate that we are greeting you with unhappy news. After careful consideration, Song Hye Kyo and her husband are taking the first steps towards a divorce

“Finally, the two agreed to disband their unification, when the law firm filed a divorce proposal on behalf of Song Jong Ki in the Seoul Family Court from Song Hye Kyo.

“The reason for the Divorce is differences in personality because the two were unable to overcome their differences “ Hye Kyo

Agency then added.

The actor apologized, to his avid fans since the airing of the Descendants of the Sun that dominates the domestic countries in Southeast Asia. Though, he promised that he will just repay them in the future. Song Jong Ki also said that he ended up the marriage rather than to blame and criticize each other. According to AFP

Song Hye Kyo asked a favor to the fans to avoid speculative reports and comments through social media.

After the high profile wedding in 2017 the two were now on the different page of their lives just like in the Descendant of the Sun they have different views in life, the army is to kill and the doctor is to save life that’s why they’re always disbanding their team . And for now it seems like the script and their views determines their future.

This could be a painful and early heart-breaking news especially to those who shipped them right from the start of the show. Are you one of them?