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Kang Ji Hwan was arrested for Sexual Assault

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Another nerve cracking moments were felt by the fans and supporters of “Joseon Survival” as the news shocked us about Kang Ji Hwan’s arrest due to the charges of sexual assault,

this scandalous moment is putting TV Chosun in a difficult situation but a source said that the episode of “Joseon Survival” for this week will not be aired, reruns will also not be broadcasted as of the moment.


The filming for the remaining episodes of this drama is not yet done
and its supporters can’t help themselves from asking, what will happen next to the series? So far the drama has aired 10 episodes only since its premiere on June 08 and has 6 remaining episodes still.

Since the investigation on the said matter is still on process one of the
sources from the broadcasting station said  “ We need to have discussions with the production company.

Things will be undecided until the production company’s stance is revealed. “As of the moment, even the re-run of “Joseon Survival” has not been disclosed yet but we will surely give you an update with regards to it. “

Stay tuned!

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