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Update: Kang Ji Hwan was arrested for Sexual Assault

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Korean actor Kang Ji Hwan blew the entertainment industry not just because of his great Korean Drama “Joeson Survival” but because of the news that he got arrested on the 9th of July after allegedly committing a Sexual assault and indecent assault, It was on the evening of July 9 when two female employees from his agency claimed that the actor invited them for dinner and drinks at his house and saying that’s when the said assaults happened.

It is creating a huge impact to his career especially he is leading a role in the series “Joeson Survival” about Han Jung Rok, a former top national archer of his team and currently works as a deliveryman, he is having a hard time to make for a living, after losing the power of his status as a player his relationship with his first love Lee Hye-Jin (Kyung Soo-Jin) also ended and she’s now a resident at a rehabilitation medical department.

Because of a dramatic event, a twist came into his life and Han Jung-Rok (Kang Ji-Hwan) traveled back in time (1562) where he meets historical figure I’m Kkeok-Jeong (Song Won-Seok) a smart and handsome guy who works as a butcher and who belongs to lowest class in Joseon.

In this series, they will show how they would be more than willing to put their lives at stake for the people they love and will showcase astonishing friendship.

As of this moment, TV Chosun decided to cancel the airing of the series for this week’s episode and has not broadcasted any updates as to when the series will resume.

A lot of both supporters and haters gave opinions with regards to the said accusation about Kang Ji-Hwan, it’s a combination of good and bad comments which is, of course, inevitable in this kind of circumstance.

Reports say that one of the girls texted her friends in Seoul and informed her that they were drunk and was trapped at Ji-Hwan’s residence before the incident happened she asked her to report it.

Based on the accusation, Kang allegedly entered the room where the two girls are staying at and proceeded to assault one of them sexually and the other women indecently, The actor said he cannot remember anything after he drunk himself and is now being held for questioning.

The award-winning actor Kang Ji-Hwan has been active in the Entertainment industry since 2001 and continuously proves his talent even before the scandalous news happened and we are hoping for good updates any moment from now.