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Chief of Staff Season 2 [2022] Korean Drama Review

87 / 100

JTBC announced for the Chief of Staff Season 2 a political drama series will be now seen on television this November.

Chief of Staff Season 2 is a political drama that narrates the life of a detective turned to political aid becoming a high profile maker as he does various tasks assigned by his boss.

He accomplished in different tasks including dirty work wishing to create a name as he climbs on a political ladder. The main character of these series has a titular role. Even the dirty job was being executed in order to proceed with his plan.

His love interest in the drama was a rookie lawmaker in the National Assembly. There are many possibilities circling in the plot. The twist is expected. Having its second season was not like any ordinary previous season because it was way more artistic.

Chief of Staff Season 2 Korean Drama (Lee Jung Jae)

It has different areas of side stories that must be given attention for its explicit creation. From the previous season, Chief of Staff Season 1 contains 10 episodes and was broadcast from June 14 to July 13, [2022]. While the season two will have its return on November 11 during Monday and Tuesday, 9:30 pm; Korean Standard Time (KST). According to the other cast,  Chief of Staff Season 2 is way more exciting and has many touching untold stories to tell.

Chief of Staff Season 2 Korean Drama - (Shin Min Ah)

The character having a nominal role performed by Lee Jung Jae will be even darker, significant and fiercer and was likely to bound to be followed and shared insights with the viewers. Shin Min Ah also takes part as the love interest of the main character. She stated that season two will be more fun and will be more interesting.

Alongside the excitement, the other supporting casts of political series were also given including, Lee Elijah, Kim Dong-Joon, Kim Kap-Soo, Jung Woon-in and I’m Won-Hee. The viewers who wait for the arrival of the Chief of Staff season 2 will be more amaze because the scene creates more exciting stories that would be loved by the audiences.

There are many intertwined scenes that will be the political drama season unique from the previous one. The second season will be acted by some of the talented artists in South Korea who will bring the drama in its successful screen time airing in South Korea. Efforts put in this series will never be put in vain, because both teams and casts dwell so much attention and effort to bring the series to a higher level.

Recently, the first season of this political series became a part of Netflix Original Series. By any chance, if Netflix decided to sum up the second season then definitely it will join the rank of other Netflix Original series. It includes Vagabond, When Camellia Blooms, Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung, Chief of Staff Season 1, Arthdal Chronicles, One Spring Night, Abyss, Possessed and Romance is a bonus book.

However, Korean dramas are known for its strict one-season run, but because of Netflix and other collaboration of TVN, JTBC and SBS, the norm, they usually have will be turned into a multi-seasonal drama soon.

Viewers must mark their calendar for the arrival of the Chief of staff Season 2 happening on November 11 via JTBC at 9:30 pm.

Chief of Staff Season 2 Trailer