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Gracious Revenge [2022] (Korean Drama Review)

88 / 100

A revenge is about to start.  The story of Gracious Revenge revolves around two characters in which one tries to put things back to one another and the other one who tries to destroy the things that were once been built. An act of revenge is about to unmask.

The center of this drama, the main character named Koo Hae Joo, is a successor of a huge cosmetic group, J. Cosmetics. Koo Hae Joo will take over the company as he tries to save the company from the worsening state. However, a person will start to distract his plan after an odd situation. Han Yoo Jin will start to invade his life as she tries to set up her revenge to the company.

Gracious Revenge [2022] Cast

It was a drastic love and relationship between Koo Hae Joo and Han Yoo Jin, who share different interests in the plot. A character who pursues his plan by fixing the mess and one who creates a mess. It is an exciting one of a kind story, knowing there is a plot twist at the same time, unexpected conflicts between these two.

Viewers must divert their attention to this drama, whether love blooms in an unexpected way in the middle of messiness or just put into hatred and is bound to a drastic situation.

Where will the story end? Will it create a happy ending? Will there be a chance to turn revenge to love? Will they be a burden to each other’s plan? What could be the next thing that happens after knowing that these characters are having the opposite plan? What could be the possible end of this story, it will lead to a bitter or better finale? The viewers and supporters must follow each episode. The producer of this drama introduced Kim Heung Soo as the main character of Gracious Revenge.

He will take part in the character as Koo Hae-Joo. Kim Heung-Soo’s supporters are excited and happy giving him all-out support seeing Kim Heung Soo in his new drama. He is being idolized by some fans because of his looks, having a handsome and charming aura most especially his acting skills.

Gracious Revenge [2022] Review

Once in a while, he was remembered and have been embraced to his last role as he appeared in different Korean dramas such as School 2, Quiz from God 4 and Risky Romance. Aside from that, he appeared in some films including Like Father, Like Son and Lady Daddy.

It is worth seeing for especially to those supporters who wait for the comeback of Kim Heung-Soo’s appearance on television. The other revelation of characters especially the girl who will take her revenge will be portrayed by Cha Re-Ryun. The other main casts include Choi Myoung Gil, Baek Seung Hee, Kim Myung Soo, Ji Su Woon, Lee Hoon and many more.
It is a drama full of exciting scenes.

After knowing that the characters will be portrayed by these awesome artists, indeed, the characters being assigned will be act accordingly and would be brought an effective way to connect audiences in their homes. The drama will surely create a great impact as it shows different sides of hatred, love growth and can be related to the spice of life.

Gracious Revenge will be acted by one of the greatest artists who remain in his hiatus for a long time and will be supported by the cast that will surely hit attention, either young or old.

Gracious Revenge will take over the time slot of “A Place in the Sun” after its wrap up the episode on November 1. The said drama will be aired on November 4 via KBS2 in home theaters from Monday to Friday in 19:50, Korean Standard Time (KST).

Gracious Revenge [2022] [Teaser 1]

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