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Never Twice [2022] Korean Drama Review

88 / 100

Never twice Korean Drama or No second chances tell the story of guests who stays for a long time at Paradise Inn. The Inn is located at the heart of Seoul. The story started from the owner of the Inn, Bok Mak Rye and her guest.

The room five was the room of Gam Poong Ki. Gam Poong Ki has an attractive look and has a good sense of humor. In-room six, Bang Eun Ji stayed at that place. She is a single woman having a beautiful appearance.

Never Twice [2022] Review

She is a good person because she has this honest being and a warm heart. Geum Bak Ha also stays at Paradise Inn in room 4. A woman who lives in a village before, near the sea. Geum Bak Ha has a bright personality.

Just across the street, there is Na Hae Joon a successor of Koosung, a five-star hotel. He was the grandson of the chairman. The characters who settle in the Inn have different personalities. They have stories that must be learned. The story simply revolves around a group of people staying in an Inn owned by an old woman.

Each character has different diversities that will enable us to intertwine a sense of mix emotions: laughter, pain, heartwarming moments and romance. The guests who stayed at the Inn will eventually create a bond and together, they will appreciate an important thing.

The story has many touches of emotions either joy or sadness. Audiences will be mesmerized with this kind of plot as stories are revealed as the narration goes by.

Never Twice Korean Drama

Never Twice or also entitled as “No Second Chances” will be directed by Choi Wun-Suk from the writer’s creative imagination, Koo Hyun-Sook.

The story of Korean drama entitled “Never Twice” is a hotel story that tells respectively the moments of each character and the supporting roles involved in the plot. The characters who have an important role in the series will be lead by some of the most rising actors and actresses of South Korea who recently made an effort to be recognized in the industry.

Yeon Yeo-Jung will be characterized as Bok Mak Rye, the owner of the Inn where other characters will settle in. The role of Gam Poong Ki will be acted by Oh Ji Ho, an attractive witty man living in room 5. Oh Ji Jo was once remembered in his past appearance in Hotel Del Luna.

YeJi Won will be also playing the role of Bang Eun Ji, a charming single woman who has a pure heart.

She also appeared during her past series in Love Affair in the Afternoon as she executes a wonderful role. In continuation of the cast, Park Se Wan who has the spotlight of her previous role in Joseon Survival will give life to the character of Geum Bak Ha, a bright village girl who will occupy room 4.

Kwak Dong Yun will also give importance to the role of Na Hae Joon’s character, the successor of Koosung Hotel and the grandson of the hotel’s chairman.

Never Twice [2022] KDrama

The characters in the story will be brought to life by these talented actors and actresses from South Korea. They will be a part of a huge interesting plot of Never Twice. The video trailer having a fun ride sequel was released last October 26. There are certain parts of the story that will move audiences to another memorable experience as they get involved with the fascinating stories of each character.

It’s releasing dates of Never Twice was scheduled to air on November 2, [2022], via MBC. The episode’s run time will occur during Saturday, 21:00-23:00 KST. Each episode lasts for about 30 minutes. There will be 4 episodes scheduled to play every Saturday. It will take over the MBC’s Saturday 9 pm slot of Golden Garden. A must watch the episode that will premiere on November 2.

Never Twice Also Known as No Second Chances / Trailer