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Kim Ji Young Born 1982 Korean Movie Review

83 / 100

Kim Ji Young Born 1982 was published in 2016 and sold more than a million copies across the boundaries. This book was once the subject of controversy for it hailed as feminist novels in Korea but led to an argument with anti-feminist in Korean society.

Kim Ji Young Born 1982 Korean Movie

Recently this book comes with a movie adaptation that will be aired in theaters in the month of October. Jung Yu-mi performed the title character and Gong Yoo’s role as her husband, Dae-Hyeon. The two were once remembered during their 2016 blockbuster hit zombie apocalypse, Train to Busan.

They began to form a reflection about gender issue as it arises from a different perspective. This film, based on one of the best-selling books of 2016 narrates the gender issue in Korean society. The story revolves around the stages of the life of the main character; birth to motherhood of Kim Ji-Young who experience discrimination.

Kim Ji Young Born 1982 Review

The story of Kim Ji Young Born 1982 started in a way where having or growing in a patriarchal family, a baby girl was not often being considered as fortune or can be relied upon to a certain thing in the family. Discrimination started when the mother of the main character, apologize to her mother-in-law for bearing a baby girl. Kim Ji-Young happened to be violated in her own will for just being a student in school, in the job, in marriage, as a mom and having a baby.

She received deep-rooted discrimination from different persons. Every stage of her life was being demarcated by the people who surround her. Being a female citizen in Korean society, there are these ethics, beliefs, and morals that women can’t be as productive as men. Although South Korea was considered as one of the most advanced countries in Asia, they are socially conservative.

Gender discrimination was often been the main and most sensitive topic across the world. People are discriminated not just their type or skin color but in their identity as well. Knowing the fact that there are many bylaws that protects the rights of every member of the society, there is a certain thing that remained unsolved; unspoken.

Kim Ji Young Born 1982 Movie

Kim Ji Young Born 1982 was not about someone special or particular miserable woman. It is just like any other woman who experiences the bitterness of life along with discrimination, exclusion, and violence.

This movie adaptation will catch a viewer’s heart and attention about the current status of each citizen in the society. The character in this movie grows up studying hard, working hard and playing hard but reality set in their careers progressed.

There is something more than watching. It is about learning lessons that can be effectively used in facing world criticism. There are many queries in the society we built in but it doesn’t have to be very crucial that will greatly impact lives to devastation. In the movie, Kim Ji-Young experiences the treatment wherein women face the time when they do choose to have a baby. What was very sympathizing in this part is when the main character mistakenly spills coffee because of her baby.

The people start to whisper that she is a mother who lacks manners in public spaces. Gender issues towards freedom are still strained. Viewers must definitely watch this movie. It will engrave understanding, another attention that can be voice up when words are scrambled into someone’s mind making them voiceless.

This movie Kim Ji Young Born 1982 will ensure to touch the hearts of every individual not just be merely understanding but having critical thinking of every culture of each society. It is a must-watch, must be followed, how the character will be able to deal with all the burden and criticism in regards to facing people’s judgment.

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