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Man of Men [2022] (Korean Movie Review)

85 / 100

If you’re up for some light comedy vibes with a mix of some drama, then you should watch Man of Men. It tells us the story of two men from two completely different worlds. The story starts with the character named Yeong-gi who is a good-for-nothing gangster.

He dreams of becoming rich that’s why he used his boss’s money in stock investment which later on turned horribly wrong. He will then meet Jang-Su, a rich man with a terminal disease. Jang-Su will offer big money to Yeong-Gi if the latter will be able to make his bucket list complete.

The Cast

Man To Men Review

The character of Yeong-gi is played by the famous South Korean actor Jo Jin Woong. Jo Jin Woong is known for his acting role in the 2016 drama signal. Jo Jin Woong also starred in numerous dramas such as Romance Hunter in 2007, My Too Perfect Sons in 2009, Flames of Desire in 2010, Tree with Deep Roots in 2011, Beyond the Clouds in 2014 and Entourage in 2016.

In movies, Jo Jin Woong starred in My Brother (2004), A Dirty Carnival (2006), My New Partner (2008), A Barefoot Dream (2010), The Sheriff in Town (2017, The Spy Gone North (2018) and Jesters: The Game Changers this year.

The role of the rich man named Jang-su is played by the multi-awarded actor Sol Kyung Gu. Sol Kyung Gu won numerous award-giving bodies such as Grand Bell Award, Bratislava International Film Festival, and Golden Space Needle Award.

Sol Kyung Gu studied film and theater at Hanyang University. After graduating, he began his career in theatrical productions. Soon after, he finds himself in several supporting roles in some of the most popular dramas such as Public Enemy and Shilmido.

Some of Sol Kyung Gu’s most notable roles include Min Soo in Rainbow Trout (1999), Kim Yong Ho in Peppermint Candy (2000), Kim Bong Soo in I Wish I had A Wife (2001), Yu Jae Pil in Jail Breakers (2002), Shim Jae Moon in Cruel Winter Blues (2006), Kang Chul Jung in Public Enemy Returns (2008) and Kang Te shik in the movie Troubleshooter (2010).

He also starred in Ari Ari the Korean Cinema in 2012, The Spy: Undercover Operation in 2013, The Long Way Home in 2015, The Memoir of a Murderer: Another Memory in 2017 and 1987:When the Day Comes in 2017.

The other stellar cast of the dram includes Heo Joon Ho, Kim Sa Rang, Jin Sun Gyu, and Ji Seung Hyun.

Man to Men Korean Movie

This will be the first time the two award-winning actors will star in one epic drama. Man of Men can be seen as similar to the plot of the French movie The Untouchables, but with a twist. The roles of the two main actors will be full of comedy with a twist of dramas on the side.

The story of the two will be an epic story of friendship, love of money, and social status. Sol Kyung Gu’s on and off-screen charisma will be felt by the audience. Everyone can relate to his role. While in Jo Jin Woong’s character and superb acting skills, he is undoubtedly one of the best actors in today’s generation. His natural attack on his character is a symbol of his true professionalism and years of experience in films and even in TV series.

The story of two completely different men starts when the low-life gangster (Yeong-Gi) met a man with a terminal disease rich lawyer (Jang-su). As the gangster accepts the offer of the lawyer, this will lead the two in an epic and unexpected journey of friendship and even the love of money. In the end, will the two be able to finally achieve what they want? That is what the audience will need to find out.

The drama made no female leading characters. Thanks to its impressive directing by Yong-Soo. He will be able to reveal what it looks like to play a film without any female character included. Man of Men, as its name suggests, is indeed a male-dominated drama. This will serve as another exciting point to its audience.

Man of Men is directed and written by the talented Yong-Soo. The cast began filming in November 2018 and finished on January 21, [2022].

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