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Leverage: Fraud Control Operation [2022] Korean Drama Review

87 / 100

A remake of US television series “Leverage” that was aired last 2008-2012 in TNT will be seen once again in its newest Korean version. It is a story that follows a former insurance investigator who creates a group of thieves and con artists to catch the criminals wearing another personality.

The story of the remake television series “Leverage” centers on different characters. Lee Tae Joon, who was once a reliable insurance fraud investigator became a new person due to an incident that changes his life entirely. Since then, he stops his role as an investigator and quit for his job. He was being influenced by something, aiming to get the desired result through his power.

Leverage Fraud Control Operation Cast

After quitting his job, he started to organize a plan. He recruits talented criminals and some of them are the person in which he encountered during his past job. In continuing to this, Lee Tae Joon starts to create a team of thieves and a group of con artists. There are various negotiations happened before he successfully forms his elite fraud team. He was able to think for a strategy and plans in their chosen person of interest. The exciting part of this is that they don’t tolerate the malicious act of people who think they’re above the law.

They tend to help normal people who were being the victim of a scam. They started to make a clever plan by gaining trust from wealthy criminals that were not yet discovered by the law and scam them. The things they’ve got from criminals will be returned to where it should be. Lee Tae Joon’s group includes Hwang Soo Kyung, Go Na Byeol, Roy Ryu and Jung Ui Sung. Lee Tae Joon creates his best team players that can help him proceed with his plan to catch the real bad guys. He was indeed a clever one for he turns himself into an extraordinary scam strategist who is determined to pursue the true identity of the real enemy.

Leverage Kim Sae Ron

Leverage the main cast namely Lee Tae Joon will be portrayed by Lee Dong Gun. His role was a villain- like a person making him bad in his role but what made it interesting is that the love he has for his son drives him to make an action. He will do everything for his son even it means leading to another path. Jun Ui-Sung and Go Na Byeol will be charactered by Yeo Hoe Hyun and Kim Sae Ron. These two characters are explicit and charming. They can be able to justify their role as they take part in Leverage. Jeo Hye Bin will characterize Hwang Soo Kyung, a funny, adventurous person and extremely talented.L

They are one of the main cast of Korean Version of Leverage. Their characters will surely be carved a memory to the viewers as they prove their professionalism towards their characters. They are trustworthy enough to show competency in their works as an artist.

Although there are many comparisons between the original and the remake, it can’t be denied that their plot has its own furnish of culture and identity. This is an exciting series that must be followed by the viewers. Watching these would remind them of the “Ocean’s Eleven.” Stay tuned for the exciting arrival of this television series remake, “Leverage.”

Leverage: Fraud Control Operation Trailer

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