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Live Like That [2022] KBS Drama Special

88 / 100

A new drama that is set to capture the hearts of its viewers. Live Like That is definitely a must-watch. The story is about a retired detective named Choi Sung-Eok (played by Jeong Dong-Hwan) who lives in an old apartment with his wife. He struggled to make ends meet because he invested all of his retirement funds into his son’s business.

In order to meet the needs of his day to day expenses along with his wife, Choi Sung-Eok applied as a janitor of a shopping mall. Until one day, Choi Sung-Eok came face to face with one Park Yong-Goo (played by Joo Suk-Tae), the man he arrested multiple times.

The Cast

Live Like That Cast - Review

Live Like That is the latest drama of KBS2 written by Choi Ja-Won and directed by Kim Shin-II. The main actor in the drama is played by the award-winning actor Jeong Dong-Hwan. Jeong Dong-Hwan is part of numerous dramas on TV and movies.

He was part of several TV dramas including Flower That Never Wilt in 1991, Scent of Love in 1994, Until We Fall In Love in 1996, Look Back in Anger in 2000, You’re All Surrounded in 2014, This is My Love in 2015, The Bride of Habaek in 2017, About Time in 2018 and the Fiery Priest this [2022].

Going Dong-Hwan started doing movies since 1982 in the movie entitled Late Autumn. Since then, his career in movies blossomed. He starred in numerous blockbuster movies such as The Street Musician in 1987, Mother’s Field in 1993 and The Story of Two Women in 1994.

He took a break on the big screen and came back in 2001 in the film The Rhapsody. He also starred in Wet Dreams 2 in 2005, 26 Years Diary in 2007 and Svaha: The Sixth Finger in [2022].

Joo Suk-Tae played the character of Park Yong-Goo in Live Like That, the long-time enemy of the main character played by Jeong Dong-Hwan. He is his long-time enemy because, during Choi Sung-Eok’s job as a detective, he used to arrest Park Yong-Goo numerous times. Faith will lead them together as these two mortal enemies come face to face, only this time Choi Sung-Eok is no longer a detective.

Joo Suk-Tae also starred in numerous dramas, films, and series. Some of Joo Suk-Tae’s notable performances in big screen include The Perfect Couple in 2007, No Mercy in 2010, Friend The Great Legacy in 2013, Steal My Heart in 2013, Elephant in the Room in 2016, Ordinary Person in 2017, The Great Battle in 2018 and By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture in [2022] where he played as the department head moon.

Live Like That Main Cast

Joo Suk-Tae also played several well-loved characters on a small screen. Some of them include Detective Lee-Jong Min in Mrs.Cop 2 (2016), private investigator in Blow Breeze (2016-2017), Detective Park Ji-Hoon in Children of a Lesser God (2018), God in That Time When Time Stops (2018), Lee Do-Jin in Kingdom (Netflix [2022]) and as Oh Tae-Suk in Secret Boutique in [2022].

Another great actress included in Live Like That is Lee Kan-Hee. The South Korean veteran actress is no stranger to drama series as she starred in several drama hits.

Some of them include Boy Meets Girl in 2010, Hair Day in 2015 and Snowy Road in the same year. In the big screen, Lee Kan-Hee starred in Prison World Cup (2001), Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), Dance with the Wind in 2004, Bravo my Life in 2005, Someone Behind You in 2007, Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle in 2010, Neverending Story in 2012, The Artist: Reborn in 2017 and The Chase in 2017 where she played as Na Jung-Hyuk’s wife.

Live Like That Teaser

On the small screen, she also played some well-loved characters. These include Splendour of Youth in 2009, The True Colors of Gang and Cheol in 2012, Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist in 2016, My Secret Romance in 2017, and Ms. Hammurabi in 2018 where she played as the mother of Park Cha O Reum.

The last cast included in this article is Kim Ki-Cheon. The well-known South Korean actor infamous in his roles in several dramas such as Taebak Mountains in 1994, Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie in 1998, Happy Funeral Director in 2000, Marriage is a Crazy Thing in 2002, Save the Green Planet in 2003, The Big Swindle in 2004, What Happened Last Night in 2008, That Woman and That Man’s Inside Story in 2013, Case Amor: Exclusive for Ladies in 2015 and this year in The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale where Kim Kim-Cheon played as the toupee elderly man.

Live Like That was released on October 18, [2022]. The director of this drama is Kim Shin-II and written by Choi Ja-Won.